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Found 4 results

  1. Tome of Beasts 3 is live on Kickstarter! The final book in the Tome of Beasts series, this tome packs a serious punch with over 400 creatures to delight, surprise, and horrify your players! AND, this time the Kickstarter includes minis!!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/deepmagic/tome-of-beasts-3-full-throttle-5th-edition-monster-mayhem?fbclid=IwAR1ReKdC1cvMQXAS1CTZ_lgDmlXt7GJUXmmSkHw79nhjRvzOmdWgu5llK_E
  2. Expand Your Game with New Demons & Dragons! From the creators of the original Tome of Beasts! Kobold Press is wrangling a new horde of wildly original, often lethal, and highly entertaining 5E-compatible monsters to challenge new players and veterans alike. The Tome of Beasts II will bring 400 new monsters to 5th edition, from angelic enforcers, sasquatch and shriekbats, to psychic vampires, zombie dragons, and so much more. In addition to these lethal creatures to spring on players, if you back the Tome of Beasts II Kickstarter at the $25 level and up you can submit an original monster design for possible publication! The original Tome of Beasts published 40 such backer monsters, including some extremely popular creations! Along with the Tome of Beasts II hardcover volume and PDFs, this Kickstarter will fund the creation of monster pawns, VTT versions for Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds, monster lairs with beautiful maps, and more! Back TOME OF BEASTS 2 on Kickstarter Today! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/deepmagic/tome-of-beasts-2-for-5th-edition-400-new-monsters
  3. Be afraid, be very afraid, for I am building a new world. Shattering the Heavens, breaking the world and bending reality to my will....MAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I intend to use this thread as a help to building a world for use in a PbP, here at Reaper. If you have a comment great, but know I have an idea of where I am going with this. I am open to suggestions, but I may or may not use it, please do not feel that I am not paying attention to your suggestions. At this particular time I wan to use the city of Waterdeep as my starting point. I know there are several PDFs over at Drive thru that will help detail the city, however there will be changes. I am currently thinking of pulling Waterdeep completely out of the FR. While I do love the FR, I want my own world. One that I can totally throw in a blender and hit puree at any time I deem it necessary. Gods The god will change, will the FR has its own gods ready to rock n roll, I have developed my own over many games and a couple of different systems. Deity Alignment of Domains Symbol Anhur LG War & rulership War, Knowledge Lion Aeolus LG Wind Nature Cloud Karina LN Love Life, Light Butterfly Isis LG Life Life Ankh Vulcan LG Forge & Machines Knowledge, Forge Hammer Marius NG Oceans & Storms Nature, Tempest Waves Invictus LG Sun Nature, Light Sun Severus Tullius LG Trade Life, Trickery, Knowledge Coin Artemis NG Land and Animals Nature Bull’s Head Morgan N Dreams & Afterlife Nature, Life Raven Kassandra N Magic, Alcheny and the stars Arcana, Knowledge Broom Kronus N Time & Knowledge Knowledge Hourglass Portunes N Keys, Doors, Ports, and New beginings Knowledge, Life Key Sporin N Healing & Peace Life, Nature Red Cross Thoth N Inventions and Knowledge Knowledge Scroll Turg of Nev N Architectural Planning Knowledge Quill Aesop N Storytelling Knowledge, Life Masks Beanus N Coffee and Mornings Life Cup Thanatos LE Enslavement of all life Death, Knowledge Mailed Fist Bellatrix LE Pain & Torture Death Whip Orcus* CE Undead Death Skull Aeacus CE Hate Death, Knowledge Erebus* CE Chaotic Change Death, Trickery A swirling Mass Carnavorus* CE Slaughter Death,War Bloody Sword Pestulous (Jubilex)* CE Disease Set** CN Mutant Beasts Beast Head Apophis CE Total Destruction of everything Black Circle This is the list of deities for now. The Domains might change as I figure out the what they all are, currently only have the Basic book and it only has the Life Domain. The gods have heralds and I have not decided on how to place them into the world just yet. That is all I have for now any questions and or comments are welcome.
  4. Talking with a few of the fine forum folks whom I consider to be awesome friends and asked the question whether D&D games were going on "after Con" hours in the evenings and where they were meeting up in previous years. Found out that some people like to hang out in the lobby or outside the convention doors and in hotel rooms to play. So, this thread is gauge interest in some 'after hours' D&D 5E games with friends/forum members. This is outside of the Con and not Reaper's game in any way, shape, or form. Just friends playing. I've got the books for 5E (PHB, DMG, and MM) which I'll bring along with me (and some minis hah!). I'd like to gauge interest in seeing how many would want to play and/or DM with me. I don't mind DM'ing a game or two, but I'd also like to play so if there are others that are interested: Please post whether you'd like to play only or DM as well. I'm thinking one-shot adventures with your pre-made characters and I'll have some pre-generated ones in case you forgot yours or something along those lines. As far as #'s of people. I'm personally comfortable DM'ing for up to 6 people in a group, any more than that and it bogs down no matter the system IMO. Anyhow, lets do this and get plans together with characters ready to go beforehand. ETA - The D&D 5E basic rules are available on the WOTC site for FREE, this has the "basic 4" classes and quick rules. 5E is pretty neat because there are less mechanics to work with such as conditions are always about "advantage/disadvantage" so: disadvantage = 2 x d20's and you take the lowest roll advantage = 2x d20's and you take the highest roll
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