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Found 8 results

  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mierceminiatures/darklands-savage-hordes-ii/description Mierce are back to fund missile troops for the kindreds that don't have them yet (and didn't get them in the Savage Hordes KS) Miniatures are available in resin (all of them) and metal (not available for some of the larger creatures) SIgnificant discounts from buying the hosts
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mierceminiatures/darklands-metal-age/description Darklands: Metal Age is a fantastic Kickstarter project from Mierce Miniatures designed to re-tool our miniatures to get you playing Darklands cheaply - for it provides you with an Infantry Starter Host in metal that includes a commander, infantry unit and monstrous infantry unit for just £60 ($90), saving you over 70% from the equivalent in resin. That means you're getting our amazing rank and file infantry at around £2 ($3) each! An example of a metal Ax-Drune, resin Ax-Drune and undercoated metal Ax-Drune A scale comparison between an Ax-Drune and miniatures from other manufacturers Backing Darklands: Metal Age is a great opportunity to get into the dark fantasy world of Darklands for the first time (especially as the Darklands: First Edition rulebook is just around the corner), to expand your existing Darklands collection or maybe just to grab some fantastic miniatures to paint. We'll give you the option to purchase everything in resin, too, if you're more of a painter than a gamer! put off by the fragility of resin for gaming, or the price well if so (or if you just want to have bigger hosts) then this one may be for you (and you can always end up using your pledge on resin items from the webstore too)
  3. Lazy afternoon. Got some cool minis in the mail yesterday... So Naraa from Darklands. She is a Werewolf lord in my Paathfinder game. This is her human form.
  4. I've been painting up miniatures to represent the characters in our Pathfinder game (previous ones include my own character Thula the Witch, Fidrak the Bloodrager, and Tyrax the Slayer). I've now come to the last member of the group; Lucius the Oracle. The Oracle in Pathfinder is kind of a variant of the Cleric class, where the character draws his divine power from some obscure source called a mystery, rather than from a specific god. This character, Lucius, chose "Dark Tapestry" as his mystery, meaning that he draws his power from the unknown outer darkness of the universe, and his backstory is that he's actually a fallen angel who was stripped of most of his memories, cursed and branded by the gods, before being cast out of heaven to walk the earth as a lowly level 1 character. As he levels up, Lucius will be able to grow leathery bat wings and blast his foes with Cthulhoid insanity-inducing bolts. All-in-all, a fun guy to have as a friend. The priestly-looking miniature in question is Caedoc, a member of the Brythoniaid kindred for the Darklands range from Mierce Miniatures. I like the sculpt (can't quite seem to find who the sculptor is right now), but must admit the club is pretty damn oversized (it doesn't look like he could even wrap his fingers around the massive hilt!). Painting-wise, because of the characters story, I wanted to choose a color scheme that could work both for a priestly type, but also a more evilly aligned character like a cultist or sorcerer. Hence, the purple cloak. He was fun to paint, but I struggled with doing anything that looked decent with the face (it's so tiny). Because of the hood, this part isn't very visible on the tabletop though, so it'll just have to do. I'm afraid the photos ended up slightly blurry, but I hope you still like him! And finally, a shot of the whole gang together. Well, actually, there's a fifth character in the group as well, but he was painted by the DM of the game; an arrogant nobleman from Cheliax who is a Gunslinger/Alchemist multiclass. As you might see, there are some scale differences here, most notably the Kingdom Death mini is a bit larger than the Mierce Miniatures one and the two from Red Box Games. I think they still work alright together, though, and tried to compensate slightly by basing the two shortest members of the group on raised steps.
  5. Here is a demoness that I painted up for a client a little while ago. I think she came out rather nice in the end. She's from the Darklands line (Mierce miniatures) and the details is quite good. While I personally find her more grotesque than erotic, she falls on link posting side of things. My client actually requested that she be more grotesque, since she's meant for gaming (and playing with a totally nude army can get a little awkward). I've also put her up on CMON for anyone who cares to vote. angle 1 angle 2 angle 3
  6. Here is Meloda, from the Darklands range of minis. I've painted up a few Darklands minis, and I find that I am very fond of their sculpts. I normally think of them as a line of monstrous minis, but their human barbarians look quite good too. Here is meloda:
  7. In our next session the PC's in my Pathfinder game are about to be hit with some troll action, so I painted up a few more of my Darklands trolls from Mierce Miniatures, to go with the one I already did. Here we have Gamla Bror ("Old Brother" in Swedish), a troll shaman, together with one of his cleaver-wielding goons. They're mounted on 60 mm bases from Dragon Forge Design, who are actually right now running a Kickstarter to expand the number of designs they have in this series of bases (the series is called "Ancient Ruins"). I really love working with these bases; they paint up very easily and for me manage to hit the exact sweet spot between being nicely detailed, but not too busy and also very practical to mount miniatures on. Anyway, pictures! First up we have Gamla Bror, who I think might be one of my all time favorite miniatures (Allan Carrasco is the genius who sculpted this beast). Next, a lowly troll warrior armed with his implement of destruction of choice. I had a rear shot of this guy, but had to remove it as I realised his... manly parts were pretty prominent. Believe me when I say this monster is male, though. Very much male. And a group shot of Gamla Bror urging his hideous minions into battle.
  8. I really love the Mierce Miniatures trolls, masterfully sculpted by Allan Carrasco, and this one was an absolute joy to paint. The paint scheme is nothing groundbreaking, basically just copying what I have seen others do; I consider myself more of an executer than an innovator. Anyway, hope you like him, I haven't varnished yet so still open for suggestions of improvement. I have a couple more of these trolls that I intend to paint similarly, this is kind of the test model, so I really would appreciate critique! The skin was done by basecoating the various parts with Pale Olive, Muddy Olive and Olive Drab, with some blending in between. Then everything was given a wash with Olive Shadow, followed by some highlighting back up with the base colors. Perhaps I need to do more highlighting, what do you think? I do want to keep him kind of grim and gritty as befits Darklands, so I'm unsure. This was the first time I attempted to paint rusted metal. I basically followed this nice tutorial but with Reaper paints; basecoating with Muddy Brown, followed by successive stipling with Chestnut Brown, Phoenix Red and Shadowed Steel. Then the whole thing was given a wash with GW's Nuln Oil (OK, that one wasn't Reaper), and finished off with a little touch up with Shadowed Steel. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Perhaps I went a bit far with the amount of rust, but I wanted to push the idea that these trolls are just absolute savage, nasty brutes. Anyway, painting rust was really fun, I have some skeletons lined up for paint and they're definitely getting the treatment!
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