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Found 18 results

  1. Hello there all your Bones 6 supporting Reaperodytes! So I've been pretty busy since my last finished mini, and I went to Mexico for 11 days to visit my wife's family and to do a bit of vacationing, so I've been been finishing minis as quickly as I've wanted to, but things are slowly going back to normal so I've got a couple minis that I just finished. Being these were a set of four too means I wanted to work on them all together. So here are Ral Partha's Shadowrun Blood Mages, I think sculpted in the second half of the nineties(?) by Dave Summers. They are kind of loosely based on Mexican/Aztec colors, even though the axe wielder I thought originally looked more oriental. As I was actually able to see his little mustache though, it reminded me kind of Cantinflas, but that was after I'd already gave him a more Asian instead of Native American hue and I just kept going on from there. So I took these all this afternoon with my iPhone, because after seeing the photos I took from my normal camera they were kind of dark photos (in all fairness though it was a cloudy day with very blah light) and the iPhone versions were quite a lot more vibrant. I may though wait for another sunny day and retake photos with my other camera. These were actually some very fun figures to paint. With all the feathers I was able to use a lot more colors than I probably would have put on a single figure and I still don't feel the colors are too much. You might have a different opinion, and if so, please let me know. I'd love to hear what you think! Anyhoos, hope you enjoy!
  2. Hey everyone! I completed Dorella last September and just found some time last week to paint and add her pet next to her. Here's Dorella Kreeg and her Giant Rat familiar named "It Tickles". She's a sorcerer in The Hook Mountain Massacre Written by Nicolas Logue, the third chapter in the Rise of the Runelords adventure path published in 2007 for Pathfinder. 60027, Dorella Kreeg the Ogre Shaman was sculpted by David Summers and the 07031, Giant Rats (familiar) were sculpted by Julie Guthrie. There is a magnet under the rat that has no base so it can stay securely on Dorella's base or be removed when the other model is used individually on its 25mm base.
  3. Hello everyone, here's the third Ogre from the series of 4 Hook Mountain Ogre I'm currently working on. This Pathfinder model was sculpted by David Summers. It stands on a 50mm wide base and was produced by Reaper Miniatures under sku: 60037. It was my favorite so far. I really enjoyed painting the maw mask and the skull necklace. It was entirely painted with Reaper MSP paint, with the same colors I used on the two previous ones. The skin tone; 29822 suntan flesh, 09659 ginger cookie and a bit of 29825 tusk ivory. Other color I used are; 09136 walnut brown, 09028 muddy brown, 09029 earth brown, 09284 lonestar leather, 09159 worn olive, 29848 jungle camo, 09084 pale lichen and 29839 maroon red. 60037, Hookmaw Kreeg and Sir Forscale 77008, Garrick the Bold. From left to right; 60008 Hook Mountain Ogre #1, 60030 Hook Mountain Ogre #2 and 60037 Hookmaw Kreeg.
  4. Hello everyone! Major post today, I completed the Cat Critters display base. I went for a simple arrangement this time. It’s a thematic chest-like display board. I opted for a Roman style setup; mosaic pavement tiling, marble pillars and royal purple flowers. It was interesting to work with different product from many companies on this project. The CatCritters are from Darksword Miniatures, they were all sculpted by talented David Summers. Here’s for the technical information; The marble lions are from Reaper Miniatures, 77341 and were Sculpted by Geoff Valley. The pillars are from Wizkids. I made the pavement texture using a Green Stuff World rolling pin. The background wall was made with a Town Square from Tabletop World. The cavalry base I mounted the lion statues on are from Games Workshop. The synthetic grass and tuft are from the Army Painter, Woodland Scenics and Green Stuff World. Lastly, I made the vine-like tree with real roots. To build the board I also used a pine plank, Masonite hard board, Milliput, Jovi Plastilina, Green Stuff natural stones and sand. To paint the models and the display base I used Reaper Miniatures MSP paint and Citadel inks. Each model was mounted on a 50mm base. Black Cat Avenging Thief, DSM7969 Ali Sparrow the Female Cat Pirate, DSM7971 Augustus Tribute the Emperor Cat, DSM7986 King Richard the Lion, DSM7999 Scottish Wildcat Warrior, DSM8006 Pretty Pretty Princess the Victorian Female Cat, DSM8017 Brave Sir Robin the Scaredy Cat, DSM8018 "Bean" the Cthulhu Cat, DSM8028 Ella the Cat Rogue, DSM8077 Archer the Grumpy Cat Warlock, DSM8078 Nom the Cat Paladin, DSM8079 Cat Warrior with Battle Axe, DSM8103 Frankie - Cat Rogue with Dagger, DSM8104 Scottish Fold Cat Cleric with Warhammer, DSM8110 Birman Cat Bard with Ale and Lute, DSM8111 Persian Cat Warrior the Dual Wield, DSM8112 Siamese Cat Wizard with Staff, DSM8113 Asha the Cat Rogue, DSM8114 Sphynx Cat Druid with Staff, DSM8116 Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed.
  5. Hi everyone, here is a picture of the Cat Critter Group. I'm taking a short break and I'll be working on these guys base. I will mount them on 2 inches square base and then build a diorama with inserts to display them. The same kind of display I made for the Fox Critter, except I won't be using magnets. My plan is to build a ruined castle throne room where nature has regained it rights. This why I can manage to blend the miniatures base in the scenery. Let me know what you think about this idea.
  6. Hi everyone, here is DSM8028, Miss Bean the Cthulhu Cat Ninja. This six-piece model was sculpted by David Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms Anthropomorphic Animals line. I glued all the pieces together before painting the model. The different parts are; the body, the tail, the scabbard, the arm that holds the katana and the two wings.
  7. Hi everyone, here's the penultimate Cat Critter, Brave Sir Robin in its shinny golden armor. This three-piece model was sculpted by Dave Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms Anthropomorphic Animals line. I've fixed the tail to the body before painting it, but painted the shield before gluing it to the model.
  8. Hi everyone, here is DSM8113, Siamese Cat Wizard with Staff sculpted by David Summers for the Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals line. It's a two-piece model. I painted the arm holding the staff before gluing to the body. Again, this was a fun model to paint. The cabochon on its dress where large enough that I was able to paint them in like opals.
  9. Hi everyone, here is this weeks Critter DSM8079, Nom the Cat Paladin. This two-parts model was sculpted by David Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals line. I painted it with acrylics before gluing the sword it's holding. It was very easy to assemble.
  10. Hi all, here is this week's Critter. The details on this model are beautiful. The pineapple is nice wink to the Earl of Dunmore and the Scotland culture. I may need to paint a strap to hold these three vials in place. DSM8110, Scottish Fold Cat Cleric with Warhammer was sculpted by David Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms Anthropomorphic Animals line. It's a three-piece model and I've painted the shield and hammer before gluing them to the body.
  11. Hi everyone, here is my latest Critter, Frankie the Rogue. I like the bohemian appearance of this model. I'd say the bardic way of life came naturally for this Siamese Cat. This two-piece model is DSM8104, Frankie Cat Rogue with Dagger from Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms, Anthropomorphic Animals range. It was sculpted by David Summers. I painted the cape and the body separately before gluing them together.
  12. Hi everyone. I managed to complete another Critter Yesterday and took some pictures today. Being a fan of the Viking tv show, I really enjoyed painting this one. I went for orange fur this time, purrfect for a Norse Cat. This two-piece model is DSM8103, Cat Warrior with Battle Axe from Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms, Anthropomorphic Animals range. It was sculpted by David Summers. I painted the fur cape and the body separately before gluing them together.
  13. Good day everyone, here's DSM8114, Asha the Cat Rogue . This two-piece model was sculpted by David Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals line. I've assembled the arm holding the dagger before painting the model. I mostly used my new MSP HD colors on this Critter. The cloak color is a bland between 29813 Bright Turquoise and 29846 Spruce Green.
  14. Hi everyone, here's another Cat Critter I completed this week, DSM8006 Scottish Wildcat Warrior. This two-part 28mm pewter model was sculpted by Dave Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures. I glued the hand holding the sword before painted it. I hope you will like it as much as it was a joy to paint.
  15. Hi everyone, here is DSM7999, King Richard the Lion. This majestic 28mm pewter model was sculpted by David Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals. This miniature is a three-part model. I glued the tail before applying the primer but painted the right arm separately before assembling.
  16. Hi everyone, it is with great pleasure that I present you today my latest project. I just completed the display base for the eleven Fox Critters I painted at the beginning of the year. I used Woodland Scenics ready-made fall colors trees and Bachmann Scene Scapes spruce trees as well as various undergrowth foliage, turf, natural stones, sand and realistic water effect. The base itself is made of wood, masonite hardboard and putty. I made the benches and the tente frame with real branches. For more details see the Fox Critter Rogue Camp Diorama WIP. The camp fire, the two chest and all the Fox models are magnetised to the base and can easily be removed. Every Fox are from Dark Sword Miniatures and were sculpted by Dave Summers. Your comments are very welcome.
  17. Good day everyone. Here are some pictures of the DSM8033, Fox Shaman with Staff and Wand that I completed Yesterday. This Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals is 28mm pewter model that was sculpted by Dave Summers. I painted him as a white arctic fox with Reaper's Master Series Paint.
  18. Hi everyone, good Friday! Here is DSM8020, the Female Fox Mage. This 28mm pewter model sculpted by David Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals. The grimoire and dagger inspired me to paint her as a dark fur Necromancer. I was deligted by the amazing detail of this model, the dagger scabbard, the candle monted on the staff and the textured fabric are impressive and were a pleasure to paint.
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