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Found 18 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'd like to show you my upcoming project, Corrupted Temple 😈 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/admapocalypse/corrupted-temple Gothic themed miniature bases, demon figure, scatter terrain and stretch goal for wargames and ttrpg adventures In addition, 200+ STL files as Add-ons Check the link and don't miss the project launch 🙂 Best Jack
  2. Not my absolute best work, but at this stage I'm just trying to get things painted and table-worthy rather than shooting for showpieces. Since I sort of half-assed (maybe 2/3-assed) this one, I've broken up the mental constipation that was keeping me from painting and now I'm happily back at the desk and perfectly glad to announce that good enough is good enough. I'm hardly the first person to view this "demonic lasher" / demogorgon as a sort of Barlgura-plus, so I used the same colors (reaper highlight orange, twilight blue) on the face as I do for my orange monster monkeys. Torso is the cool greens triad, chest is the undead flesh triad. Base is craft paint along with scattered broken bits from the foolish heroes who tried to stand in this fiend's way.
  3. More demonic fun today. I was in need of some Bulezau to greet my players as they first entered the Abyss. D&D lore describes Bulezau as gaunt minotaur-like creatures. The Beastman Warriors would have also been a great stand-in for this, but I was working with what I had on hand, which happened to be the Minitaurs from Bones 4. I didn't bother with the 4th minitaur as it didn't match the rest of the set, and I had a single evening to get them finished. A little shorter and stockier than described, they still fit the mold as not-quite-a-minotaur. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, I love the newer sculpts that were so prevalent in Bones 4. They're less clutter, have larger smooth surfaces, and in general just lend themselves well to simple smooth paint jobs. Lots of room for letting the paint add detail, and less time spent squinting at strange shapes. More Photos Below Spoiler What unconventional uses have you found for minis? Any monsters you've repurposed to meet your needs?
  4. Every fiendish army needs tiny minions to throw through the meat grinders. Today I've got some assorted imps and quasits (the demonic counterpart to imps for you non-D&D folk). First up, The Quasits These fun little guys are the grunts of the demonic legions. The front two are Quasits from the Nolzur's Unpainted set "Imps & Quasits" #WZK73719. The back three are Reaper Bones Hordlings (77335). More Below the Spoiler: And up next, The Imps These three imps are all Nolzur's from "Imps & Quasits" #WZK73719 and "Familiars" #WZK72563 More Below the Spoiler Was definitely going cross-eyed after painting these tiny guys. What's the smallest mini you've ever painted? (Feel free to share pictures)
  5. New Kickstarter for more Goetia Demons, Furfur, Balam & Purson this time! And also Goetia Demon Seal Rings: Here's the link to the Kickstarter for anyone who might be interested: Hell Awaits... Wave 6 Thanks for looking!
  6. Hell Awaits... Wave 5 - This time featuring some Lesser Key of Solomon Goetia inspired Demons Here's the link to the Kickstarter for anyone who might be interested: Wave 5 Thanks for looking!
  7. About Depending on the amount of orders received for each project, delivery dates might vary. The initial shipment dates indicated are not final, and even though we're committed to giving all our customers the best service we can, sometimes the amount of orders received might make the final shipment date vary compared to our initial estimates. Please keep this possibility in mind before placing your order. Regarding both the bundles and the stretch goals described above, no swaps of model of any kind are allowed. Therefore, please don’t ask us to swap any stretch goal with other add-ons or any perk models with other miniatures, because that cannot be done. * You will receive one free Radoz for evry team you back
  8. Hell Awaits... Wave 4 - XL edition! Featuring some of the larger inhabitants of Hell this time around. Here's the link to the Kickstarter for anyone who might be interested: Hell Awaits... Wave 4 Thanks for looking!
  9. Here are a few new additions to my Bones monster collection: 77262 Vulture Demon. I was going for an ethereal look to these. I know the Vrock has been depicted in red and black in recent editions of the game, but I like these colors better. I painted each a little different so that the can be more easily differentiated when used in a game. 77260 Ape Demon. The Barlgura in D&D does not have wings, but they look too cool the remove. More subtle difference in coloring here. I thought about doing one in brown and one in black, but black so dull. 77117 Vandorendra, Snake Demon (I'm not sure why she gets a proper name and the other two don't... I also don't know why I did not take both front and back shots of her.) I painted the chest area as armored because I might use these in a game at a convention, and I never know what the ages of the players will be at those events. I'm not a prude; I like the human form, honest! There is another from this group that can be found over in the conversion thread.
  10. Hello, and welcome to my first venture into creating a Fantasy Football team! Based upon some of the Demon miniatures I've already produced, it was hard for me to resist making this team, even though having to be proxies for other races/teams was always going to bring its own challenges, but nevertheless, here were are... The team consists of Imps and Behemoths and the idea is to be able to proxy as Halfling, Goblin and Ogre teams (and the Behemoths would totally work as armoured Ogres/Trolls/Monsters in general) and here are some pics of the already created models: Here's the link to the Kickstarter for anyone who might be interested: Hell's Minions There's also plenty of room for input from backers for the rest of the models in the campaign should you decide to join in, thanks for looking!
  11. This is my third small wave of classic Demon minis, and these are some of the pretty things ready for you to summon Hell Awaits Kickstarter Thanks for looking!
  12. The minis from The Gluttony Expansion for The Others 7 Sins boardgame. aka The Greater Deamon of Bloated Body Horror. I call him Tetsuo. 40mm base. and his little mini me’s, the Abominations: I call them the six little pigs. 25mm bases. The Controller of Gluttony I call her Leeloo. 25mm base. All of these are made in board game plastic / Rigid PVC The Others 7 Sins is published by CMON / Guillotine Games with miniatures by Studio McVey.
  13. This year the minis I manage to paint will all count towards the resolutionary challenge. As per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread. With the refurbishment of the old house complete and it now up for sale, I have at last some time to paint a miniature or two. It has been more than a month since I touched a brush smaller than two inches wide, and I have come to the conclusion that I utterly detest redecorating houses, especially everything that involves masking tape. I still have a lot of old metal minis lying about, and since I recently moved house I have dug up quite a lot of interesting minis from boxes I had forgotten I had... This time from old-school Warzone: Muawijhe Karnophages Muawijhe is one of the Dark Apostles (=Chaos Gods) and the Lord of Visions, and his followers tend to go a bit mad. Karnophages are changed remnants of humans that tried to strike deals with His Insanity, and consequently have lost all their marbles and gone completely round the bend. They cavort around the battlefield, tearing into their opponents with abandon. Or something like that. Basically your typical human-sized combat demons/cannon fodder. I also have a few I painted back in the day, these are done in a similar enough fashion so I can make a larger squad if I want. Karnophages Warzone -The Dark Legion / Muawijhe faction Metal 25mm bases
  14. My first reaper exchange was for Keianna. In my hurry to get it out on time I neglected to photo Nabassu. I did however take some shots of his hordling companions. Thought I would post them up. Here was the first one I painted up to test out the red thought I would use for Nabassu. I decided to go with a lighter red but I came out ok. Next up is One in purple. In her request she said something purple. So I decided to paint one up using the RMS Dark Elf skin as the base. Lastly, a mini C'thulu-esque demon. I tried something new for the base and used one of Baugi's examples from here for inspiration. I liked this one the best of the three. Thanks for looking. I enjoyed the exchange and think I'll participate in the next one as well.
  15. Hello everybody! I've been considering my collection of Outsiders, for D&D/Pathfinder. I'm keeping things simple and just doing four main groupings. Combined Angels/Archons (LG), Azata/Eladrin/Fey (CG), Demons (CE), and Devils (LE). I was hoping to get your thoughts/general input on filling the blank slots I've got. Demons are pretty easy as there's a plethora in every edition and in mini form. Type 0 (CR 7ish): Succubus (77067) Type 1 (CR 8-9): Vrock (77262) Type 2 (CR10-11): Hezrou (77377) Type 3 (CR 12-13): Glabrezu (77307) Type 4 (CR 14-15): Nalfeshnee (77308) Type 5 (CR 16-17): Marilith (77393) Type 6 (CR 20+): Balor (77315) Devils are also pretty straight forward. I'm hoping the missing ones will come out in Bones 3. Type 0 (CR 7ish): Erinyes (77281 or 77370) Type 1 (CR 8-9): Bone Devil (77325) Type 2 (CR10-11): Barbed Devil (?) Type 3 (CR 12-13): Ice Devil (77324) Type 4 (CR 14-15): ??? (?) Type 5 (CR 16-17): Horned Devil (?) Type 6 (CR 20+): Pit Fiend (77112) Angels are pretty well covered in mechanically but not in miniature form. Type 0 (CR 7ish) ??? (77364?) Type 1 (CR 8-9): ??? (?) Type 2 (CR10-11): Movanic Deva (?) Type 3 (CR 12-13): Monadic Deva (?) Type 4 (CR 14-15): Astral Deva (?) Type 5 (CR 16-17): Planetar (77363) Type 6 (CR 20+): Solar (?) Azata/Eladrin/Fey is where I'm having a hard time coming up with anything. Type 0 (CR 7ish): "Sylph" (77266) Type 1 (CR 8-9): upgraded Lillend? (?) Type 2 (CR10-11): ??? (?) Type 3 (CR 12-13): Ghaele (?) Type 4 (CR 14-15): ??? (?) Type 5 (CR 16-17): ??? (?) Type 6 (CR 20+): ??? (?) I could possibly work in the Horned Hunter (89033) and Spirit of the Forest (77184) somehow. Would also be up for using the Cloud Giant (77162) and Storm Giant (77179) as they don't really fit with the rest of the giants in my world setting. Sort of as "titans" maybe? *shrugs*
  16. Hello, Last week-end I painted the demons from Bones II (the lesser demons from the core set and the greater demon option). It was a fairly quick paintjob... I can't stand looking at the big pile of White unpainted Bones minis. So i painted them to a 'good enough' standard. But, once finished I decided that they would fit nicely together on a small display board. So i had fun with some foam and a blowtorch to create a little hellish scenery to put those minis in. I built it big enough to have room to add those hellish-looking dungeon monsters still to be painted. And little snapshots of the various minis: C&C welcome
  17. So, I love to paint monsters - I always have really. I decided to have a little fun on the forums and post pictures of various monster minis I've painted at various times (some of them over 10-15 years ago) and start gathering them into hordes. Every so often I'll post a "horde" picture of everyone who's been gathered at the time. I'm going to go with discretely evil monsters, unless I've decided they're enslaved for some reason. Humans count, of course, if they look like they're evil. I'll also post pictures of some in groups. I'll try to throw a picture up here every few days, but I make no promises. Hopefully you'll find it as fun as I do! We should start off with a Prince of Evil, I think. A Demon Prince. I posted this guy in "show off" before, but I love both the mini and the job I did, so I'm going to post him again. This is an old Ral Partha mini - it was released in 1985 and it is altogether possible that I bought it in that time frame. I painted it fall last year. I suspect it was Ral Partha's "not Demogorgon," so I deliberately painted the faces like baboons: Hrm. That picture isn't as good as I thought it was. Ah well, you'll see him again. :) More to come!
  18. And I say "RAUTHUROS" - because, come on, look at this thing. If a gigantic demon from hell deserves anything at all, it is capslock. This is to be my 20th miniature painted*, and I thought - since it's a nice, round, some what meaningful sounding number, that it should be one of my "big" ones that I've gotten stockpiled. Rauthuros is definitely in the "big" category. I managed to pick this guy up for relatively cheap (RSP of 50 bucks, got him for $29.99 over Christmas. I have also never done a WIP before, but will try to stick with it, but hereby assert my right to run away and hide and pretend this thread never, ever existed if this thing doesn't go half-way as good as I'd like. Here is Rauthuros, assembled, by someone other than me: This is a 13 piece model, consisting of four wing pieces, four arms, two body pieces, two tail pieces, and his big fat head. This initial post may look like fast progress but I admit to starting the thread late. I initially started this guy a couple of months ago and got the wings together (I regret not having pictures of that process), but then had a mishap. I had some early confusion as I couldn't quite mash his tail into his butt, and had a last moment realization that my kit was actually missing a tail piece. No wonder the tail didn't fit. Thank God Reaper allows you to order small pieces of a mini; I was able to order his missing tail piece from their site and closeted the progress while waiting for it to arrive. So, this initial post comprises that early effort, plus yesterday, plus this evening. To start, and not photographed, I had the wings together. They're big, giant, smack-you-in-the-face wings, and I did use two pins on one and one pin in the other (should have used two pins), plus used Gorilla 2-part epoxy. They feel very solid, to the point that I believe I could cause a lot of damage if I threw them at someone (this comparison may be used repeatedly throughout this WIP). It seemed logical then to just start assembling small pieces and work my way up. Next is connecting the tail end with the tail middle (the latter being the part I was originally missing). I did stick a pin in the tail end, though I ended up having to clip it pretty short for this to work. The tail end goes in at an angle not really a lot of pin penetration. However, a dab of 2-part epoxy should set it up. Once plugged in, it's a matter of leaning it (precariously) against random crap on my desk and letting it set. And - set! It's ready to jam right into his demonic butt. This was also done with a small pin and more 2-part epoxy from Gorilla. I'm using 2-part epoxy as it just is a bit hardier than super glue, and this thing is big. Plus, if I throw it at someone, I'd prefer it didn't break apart (though the potential for shrapnel damage is attractive). With this done, his bottom half is pretty much set. Here are the wings leaning against a vitamin bottle. They may look like some sort of connection between them is curing and hardening. This is a lie. Gorilla's 2-part epoxy is a specialized high-tech formula that dries in five minutes - so says the bottle. In actuality, it gets gummy in 5 minutes, and then actually dries whenever the hell it darn well pleases, thank you very much. These two wings leaning against the vitamin bottle where not pinned, because I was tired and wanted to go eat cheese. Given the lack of pinning and the epoxy's fickle nature, this ended in tears and ambien. So, after the cheese, and sometime before ambien, I drilled a hole in that sucker and stuck in a .85 mm pin. This next picture actually isn't a lie - that sucker worked MUCH better with a pin in it. This was the end of yesterday, and here's me holding it this morning. It worked! If I throw this at someone, it might strike its target and then spin around and return to my hand. Might. Or, I might be arrested. I'm not sure which but my imagination reels with potential. Okay, so I stuck pins in his little wrists and his big fat head. He also has two fist dagger things, which I forgot to mention that I ALSO already stuck on some months ago. Oh well. Just 2-part epoxy for those; their little handles were so thin that I just didn't feel comfortable drilling in them. Their being light though is a saving grace; they're not going anywhere. The pin system with his two sword arms and his big fat head worked kind of perfectly, and these pieces jammed on with no problem. I dabbed superglue on the tips of the pins and 2-part epoxy around the connections. Blending adhesive like this seems experimental to me but it seems to work; the superglue helps to get it into position, and then the 2-part epoxy dries (whenever it darn well pleases) and then the thing is solid. So, here are the set wings. See anything amiss? Just gaze about the middle of one of the win OMG LOOK AT THOSE HINGES. Yeah, they're huge. Another shot of just one of the wings with a good look at OMG LOOK AT THOSE HINGES So - green stuff! One wing half done. The other demon pieces sitting there, just chilling, giving off demonic atmosphere and stuff. Before and after with the green stuff, showing one half of it pretty smooth and the other half OMG LOOK AT...you get the idea. Rauthuros says "OH GOD, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME, AH GOD THE PAIN, THIS - YOU CRUEL, CRUEL BASTARD." Yeah. He's pinned. With the pin in his middle, I did the superglue/2-part epoxy bit and jammed him together. Here's the current result - annnnnd leaving him for tomorrow.
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