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Found 4 results

  1. I'm attempting to gather some squad composition questions into a single thread. From the rules: Attack squads consist of 4-6 CAV and/or Vehicles. SA: Bulky counts a model as two models when determining squad size Faction doctrines are available only if all models in a force are from the same faction During KS2, a few questions related to squad composition were answered by CAVBOSS: Q: <Reference to some force composition charts> A: ... A CAV/Vehicle squad must have 4-6 models which vary depending on what faction you are or if you choose to go non-faction (merc, pirate, corp security, etc). Bigger models that are bulky count as one model but fill two "slots" and that's were they are off a bit. Q: @CAVBoss off topic from the final push, but does that mean Bulky just limits the amount you can fit in a single squad? Meaning 2 Despots and 2 Malefactors make a legal squad taking all six slots for four models? Three Despots would be illegal since that's only three models to six slots (note: I made a mistake in my question, as the Malefactor is also bulky) A: Yes to both rules questions A few other posters have mentioned that CAVBOSS made comments at CAVCON that mixing CAV and Vehicles in an attack squad (outside of a Specialist squad?) would prevent a faction doctrine from being available. From Question 2 above, there's a slight problem with this reasoning: both the Malefactor and Despot have SA: Bulky. If you can only have 6 "slots" in a vehicle-only attack squad, there would be no legal way to field a vehicle-only attack squad for the Rach. They only have two attack vehicles and they're both bulky, so you can't get to five vehicle "slots" out of 6 with the attack task and have 4 models. The Force Manager matches the three items from the rules above, but does not match the need for four physical models, only four "slots". It enforces a six "slot" maximum by default. So, for CAVBOSS (or anyone who can clarify), could you help clarify what is required for legal squads and what is required of squad composition to use faction doctrines? Thanks!
  2. Okay, I'm game. Let's see how well I can keep up with one WIP per 'project.' We'll start with my Relic Knights minis, and from there, we'll zero in on The Doctrine. (Especially since they're the only ones that are mostly based.) So, Kisa and Scratch, Special Edition Codifier Kisa and Scratch (who fell on the floor and needs to be re-glued), and Super Dungeon Explore Kisa: Delphine and Ekhis: Hasami, Fiametta, Cosplay Zineda, and Codifier Togen and Cecelia (who need a base): The Prefects (a little more work needed here): The Academy Guard: The Librarians: And last, but not least, the Novitiates: I'll be focusing on the Kisa and Scratch models first, since they will share a common color palette. I'm leaning towards something resembling the 'stock' color scheme, but we'll see. I do know that her relic is supposed to look like obsidian, and for this, I have chosen blue obsidian. Wish me luck, I'm going in!
  3. Hello, all. Back into painting after hitting a little bundle of snag during January. As life is stabilizing (a very little bit) I have blown the dust off the brushes and tackled a few of my Kickstarter minis. First up, Relic Knights. Decided to start with the Doctrine and painted up a 35 point force. Hope to have my first game Friday. All together. My knight, Delphyne, and her cypher pal, Ekhis. Del alone. Ekhis solo. I really like the idea of the little girl and her monstrous protector, and as a result these were some of the models I was most looking forward to from the Kickstarter. Librarian. Better return those books. The head on this guy was rather poorly cast, too bad as this was another model I looked forward to getting and which helped me pick Doctrine as one of my factions. Oh well, he's the Libranaut now. Novitiates. Dead kids walking, if you believe the game reports. Silly models. I like 'em. I'm not sure you are ready for that book, junior. Academy guard. More bullet stoppers. I fear they look tougher than they will play. And a boost token! Cute little thing. As several of the boost tokens are rather nondescript, I picked the mine to use for whatever for now as I like the design the most. I also finished off three chumpo Strain from Sedition Wars that were started before the boy was born. Not terribly exciting, but they bring the completed Sedition Wars models up to this: Still not much, really. I wonder if I will ever play that game. It's nice to be working again. More Relic Knights to come (in a separate thread, right?), Noh and Cerci, more BONES, and some MYTH. Thanks for looking!
  4. This is the Doctrine Starter Box from Soda Pop Miniatures game Relic Knights. Not much to show, really. I assembled these guys so that my Black Diamond would have somebody to shoot at. Palomino Gold bases because Doctrine uses yellow (creation) esper. Primed white then washed with Secret Weapon Sepia wash. Something funny happened with the wash on Ekhis and the male Novitiate, but I'm not inclined to spend any time fixing it. Delphyne (red riding hood) and Ekhis (big bad wolf) are the Knight and Cypher combo for this cadre. Ekhis doesn't properly fit on his 40mm base, so he got a cork extension. The big golems are Librarians (the starter box actually only comes with one), and the other humans are a squad of Noviates.
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