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Found 7 results

  1. On a recent trip to my local Dollar Tree I came across something new. As the Starlink "ships" have finally started to dwindle from their shelves a new batch of ships have arrived. Honestly straight out of the box they could easily hit a table. I'm debating if I'll repaint them at all or simply leave them as is. As Sir Forscale shows they're too small beside 25-28mm scale figures but would be perfect for 15mm or less. Then again if you're just using them for space battles size becomes a different conversation altogether. Since first coming across these I've found piles of them in multiple locations. Your mileage with your local shops may vary but I didn't see anyone talking about these so I wanted to get the word out.
  2. I was in my local Dollar Tree over the weekend, and noticed they too had jumped on the Fairy Garden bandwagon. The have an assortment of blister-carded figures, of which this set of mushrooms seemed the most useful. There was also an assortment of poorly sculpted fairies, and another assortment of cartoonish animals. They also have a selection of buildings, like the twig and leaf gazebo above, and those shown below. As is typical, they are a little soft on detail, but may be spruced up a bit with paint. I may go back and get one of those mushroom houses to see if I can improve it a bit with a proper paint job. They also had an assortment of artificial succulents that would make good judge foliage.
  3. Just quick post to let folks know abut these stencils I picked up in my local Dollar Tree this weekend. They are in the school supply section. i thought they might be really useful for applying decorative painted patterns to temple floors, walls, pillars, etc... I forgot to include a ruler, but they are about 6 inches square.
  4. When scouting the local Dollar Tree this past week, I saw this sand mold of the Sydney Opera House. It's part of a collection they have along with other world landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Pyramid, and Leaning Tower of Pisa. I thought it looked like it might be useful as some sort of Sci-Fi industrial structure, like a large generator, pumping station, or engine of some sort. So, after glueing on some bits, and painting this was the outcome: IF you want to read more about the project, and see some more work in process photos, please see my blog: http://onemoregamingproject.blogspot.com/2017/06/dollar-tree-sand-mold-sci-fi-terrain.html
  5. I was impressed with some of the Homer Statues that have been shown on these forums not too long ago, so when I saw these figures in my local Dollar Tree I thought they too might be ideal fodder for a couple idols to the doughnut and beer god. The figures easily popped of their bases, and then I glued them to some scraps of insulation foam cut into rough-hewn pedestal shapes, and then to some MDF bases. My plan now is to paint the foam, and then spray on a little stone texture spray paint.
  6. While shopping in my local Dollar Tree store this week, I noticed these spirograph-like party favors that had some unusual gears in them. I thought I'd do a quick post here just to give folks a heads-up. The gears come in two sizes and you get four in each pack. They looked very naturalistic to me, like something an Elf might carve or create. I'm not sure what I will use these for, but thought they'd be a good thing to have tucked away for just the right project. I think they'd look really cool painted up like wood. I know some of you could probably make use of them for bases, or part of a scenic base. As I look at them, I also realize they might also serve as machinery for some sort of alien or other weird tech.
  7. Figuring it was about the time that stores start putting out their Halloween merchandise, I thought it was about time I finished panting the Tombstone Corner scenery pieces I had bought at the local Dollar Tree store around this time last year. I had painted the gargoyles figures last year, but I still had the bigger pieces to complete. They had been languishing on my workbench for a year now with nothing but a flat black primer coat applied. So, this past week, I finished them up, and here are the results. While not the greatest pieces of scenery, considering their $1 price tag, I think they'll do quite nicely to fill out a table. Before: After: I'm hoping they produce more pieces for this line this year. But, so far I have not seen any in my local stores.
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