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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/female-miniatures/female-miniatures-for-3d-printing-iriel I mean, just LOOK at it. You need this one. Really.
  2. I bought this in July of 2019 when they sent the overstock from Bones IV to the online store. I fell in love with the sculpt as soon as I saw it, but I didn't back Bones IV so I was very excited to get one of the few that were available at retail. Like a lot of hobbyists I let it languish in a box for years, but there was a Dragon themed RCL group and I was coming off the high of getting Kalanzar done so I challenged myself to get him done for the RCL. I always had the color palette for him in the back of my mind which is mostly using the Reaper blue-grey triad, 9019-9021, and the grey triad 9088-9090 for the ventral scales. This is easily the largest "miniature" I have ever painted. I included a standard human miniature in one pic to give a sense of scale.
  3. I just finished the Bones V version of Narthalyssk (metal 02549, bones V 1120) as a gift for a member of my bowling team. My wife and I were randomly paired with him and his mom, and we hit it off great. After we noticed them wearing dragon-themed shirts for a few weeks, I asked, and it turns out that he's a big fantasy geek. He showed me a picture of a dragon that he had someone paint (some WizKid offering) that was, well, more tabletop in quality. We ended up naming our team "Dragon Balls", which 99% of the bowlers were clueless to, and 1% were almost ecstatic... Anyways, I wanted to give him something closer to a display quality, so I've been working on this. I'll be giving it to him tomorrow night! Narthalyssk was just about the right size, but the pose really seems to demand something down below. I figured a horribly dismembered goblin would be suitable. So, fair warning, the last few pictures feature close-up, full-on plastic goblin dismemberment... Comments, criticisms and complaints are welcome!
  4. My first time painting something bigger than a regular size mini. I kind of learned as I went. Lots of dry brushing went in on the scales and the wings. Overall, I'm happy with the outcome, especially given that it's a first time deal. I will definitely try out bigger things in the future. The one thing I'm sort of disappointed in is the black lining on the chest-stomach area. The grooves weren't smooth, and I couldn't seem to keep those lines clean. Maybe there is a better/smoother way of doing it? Some sort of a controlled wash? Let me know! As always, all sorts of comments are welcomed! 🙂 EDIT: I realized that he has a name and a number. Narthalyssk 1120 from the core set. I'll make sure to refer to the KS graphic for the future posts.
  5. A Discord for a YouTube channel I rather enjoy (RisingApe Minis) has a themed challenge every now and then, and this month's was effectively summarized as "paint something green." Having never really done such in the past (it's a colour I seem to avoid for some reason), after going through indecision on a few minis I wound up going "hmmm, this Pathfinder Red Dragon keeps getting put back on my desk," so I looked at my paints, picked a few and decided to just dive right in, and let the brushes dictate things as I went. Y'know, like my usual strategy, as I'm more of a "go with the flow" kind of painter than one that's incredibly organized (despite many seeming to think I'm that way because I'll start with a basic idea, although it's usually nothing more than "I want these guys to be red" or "hubby asked for purple and blue...") Anyways! As far as I can remember, it's had my typical prep of black primer, followed by a Warm Grey drybrush and then a drybrush of Bright Ivory. This one also wound up being a test subject for ProAcryl Black Wash, hence why it looks a touch different than my usual prep. Paints used during initial session: ProAcryl Dark Warm Grey, Dark Jade, Jade, and Turquoise. Initial goals with this were to start with the wings so I could figure out a basic plan for the overall colours, and sketch in the initial lining. Lining started getting rough near the end because hands were shaking a decent amount by the end of it all. Sometimes they cooperate and let me go a long while, other times not as long. Either way, I did manage to get some basics sorted out, and hope to come in with cleaner lining on the next session.
  6. So here I am posting yet another WIP thread. I will probably finish this one this time since it is a gift for my SIL. It is the Bookish Dragon from Wildspire Games. I am currently pre-planning colors with an app on my tablet. I am thoroughly stuck though. I want the main color to be a purple. Problem with this is that green is the complementary color and I don't want it to look like Barney or the Joker. I am currently using swatches of MSP Monarch Purple, MSP Amethyst Purple, and a few different browns/tans that I'm not sure I'm happy with. This is where I'm at so far. Any suggestions are welcome. Under the spoiler are uncolored photos of the pieces.
  7. Painted this fellow up... maybe not as refined as he deserves... need to make him a base definitely... wings need refinement... but he meets my current painting goals and is ready to face a party as enemy/quest giver/ ally.... Body contour shading seems hard to take good photos of....
  8. This will be yet another Undead /Demon Army. ( what can I say? I love evil miniatures). This army has an Asian theme. Undead Samurai Oni Asian Dragons Some living Asian Allies. Kirin Hope you will enjoy it. I created a background story for it, it is on page 2. Have fun reading! I will paint slowly and it may take a while, but I'm putting this out here to start. Since I backed Zentih's Kensei Undead KS I have a few of the Undead Samurai and Demons waiting I also have the Grenadier Wind Dragon ( alas without the two humans) and the Grenadier Imperial Dragon of the Eleven Celestial Dynasties And some Living Samurai. Also a nice Asian Graveyard Set. Some stuff that has to get painted soon..
  9. Finally got around to finishing up Kalanzar. Took some reference from @Sirithiliel Narthrax, and tried to do something similar. I feel like it looks pretty good.
  10. Hi all: I feel like I spent forever working on this guy! I played around with mixing some oil glazes in, and while the wings look pretty good in person, it was really hard to get decent pictures. Anyways, this was a great lesson in patience and perseverance - it really took a while before he looked like he had any volume. I may add a few tufts of bashing to the edges, but otherwise I'm happy to end this particular dragon quest! Comments and criticism are welcome!
  11. This is an old Ral Partha dragon sculpted by Tom Meier. It's supposed to be the Great Fire Dragon, obviously I didn't know that when I painted him or I would have gone with red. I've had him for 20-30 years, so I figure it's high time that he got painted. Please let me know what you think. >Taking decent pictures of something this big is a little difficult. <
  12. I finally finished my Dragons Don't Share! I have another that I purchased to paint sometime next year! For this one, I was inspired by the ruins of Pompeii. I went with the yellowish stones and added frescoes and statues. There is also a bird in a nest, a lizard, butterfly, and bunny in amongst the ruins. I used a lizard photo to design my dragon instead of going with a "usual" color. I thought he fit in with the ruins. You can see the work in progress here: C&C welcome! Thanks for looking! There are lots more photos on my page. The link is in my signature.
  13. Hi: My fall project. I was originally inspired to do the scaling using the parrotfish as a guide, but it just didn't quite work for me. Eventually Ranciziz ended up in sort of an aquatic suit of sorts. The Resin material was really forgiving to prep - I found very light scraping rapidly whittled things down, and the hard/brittle material gave a nice sheen. I wasn't quite prepared for some of the fine pitting on the surface. If I did this again, I would probably fool around with some clear coats to fill some of the pinholes. Trying out marble effects was also fun.
  14. So a month ago or so I was in search of a Reaper red dragon that fit with the other colors I had finished recently. Marthrangul turned out to be the perfect size. It got to the point where I just wanted him finished or I knew he was going to be shelved, so there is some touch-ups to do. But he fits the bill.
  15. My first dragon in many, many years. I painted Rocky back in June. I normally wouldn't choose bright colors for a dragon, I prefer more natural animal colors for my monsters, but since he has a sort of cartoon feel to him, I went with the green. Enjoy!
  16. So this one was kind of a quick paint, especially for me and especially for a dragon, but was still fun. Did a lot of experimenting with color here, trying to be brighter and bolder than normal.....
  17. Is the dragon Lavarath and the rider Kyra? Anyway, the rider's moulding was a bit soft so I binned her. I was going to stick the dragon on a 100mm base but decided to make one instead. It's foamboard and XPS foam, and the columns are 3D prints from Amazon. I also used lots of flock, flower tufts and static grass.
  18. We needed more dragons for our dnd campaign, so we painted some cheap dragon toys from the dollar store! 😄 I painted the red and the green one and my sister painted the blue one. Which one do you like best? Thanks for looking!
  19. Drogoroth, the Winged Death It's a dragon! No, wait, wrong wings.
  20. Topplethrax the Mysterious With a Ral Partha goblin for scale. Also the grid lines are 1 inch squares. Here is a second shot with him leaning on my pet rock. I named him Topplethrax because he topples forward without weight on the tail or something to lean him back just a bit. There are markings underneath one foot. Either: T g h © 8 5 -OR- 4 5 L G 8 5 (If it is a G, it is a G in a circle, like the copyright symbol.)
  21. Definitely one of my favorite inclusions in the Ravenloft board game. Originally, I thought the paint job would be entirely a bone color. After I started prepping him, however, it became clear that there was just as much rotting flesh as there was visible bone. Makes sense, considering the artwork in the monster manual. A quick Google image search shows that people approach this model's paint job in a variety of cool ways. This combines my favorite elements from what I've seen, plus my own spin on the way I like to paint undead/zombie-types.
  22. Another older piece from me. Not much to say about this one...I had a blast painting him. I wanted to make him a little bit darker than most of the other Ashardalon models I've seen. If you have any thoughts or critiques, I'd love to hear them.
  23. February was a productive month. Here is the Dragon and Stocking freebie from this past Christmas. #1631. Here is another little dragon. The Young Fire Dragon (DHL #3332). It's not easy being green. Time for class. How to grow your hoard. Here is the Human Wizard, Vodelis. DHL # 4009. He and Amari have the same broach. I think they are old friends from Magic school. And finally, here is the Bones Kickstarter V hippogriff.
  24. My take on Rocky the Brushholder.... One, maybe the main reason for me to joint bones V.... Hope you like... Kind regard
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