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  1. I have decided to try my luck at a larger piece and see how it turns out. First I Started by giving the main body and all scale parts a wash with Reaper Grey liner followed by a base coat of grass green for the main scales, and Spruce green for the skin parts and back scales. I then did a black wash to shade and tie it all together. Next step I highlighted the main scales with jade green edging one scale at a time. Pics for progress so far: He is watching! Comments are welcome ..
  2. Hello Everyone - We are launching our Kickstarter tonight, April 20, 2015. We hope you all can check it out! It will feature Misaki the Fire Girl, and more minatures will be unlocked along the way. Misaki turned out to be absolutely beautiful, and you can check out close up pics of her on our website. http://www.mkadventures.com/ Thanks for everyone's support! We have been working hard on this, and are ready with Production Metals in hand. Yes, the pictures of the painted Misaki on our website are from the Production Molds... Thanks!
  3. Hi, While checking the Bones KS3, I saw the available option of "Kyra & Lavarath". This really enticed me to have a dragon rider right now (and not when Bones 3 KS ships). So I kitbashed a quick saddle and made Verocithrax (from Bones 2) a ridden monster: I'm imagining Verocitharx's rider to be Evil aligned or undead. But I haven't found/made such rider yet. So, a mountless High Elf Dragon Mage out to do for now: The flexibility of bones material (and the metal tree provided as a support) really make the dragon bend forward quite a bit. Which is not really a bad thing. It looks like Verocithrax is about to swallow from above any unwary adenturer. Look Up Sir Forescale ! C&C Welcome
  4. I think these are what's next for me to practice on. Only way to get better is to keep putting paint to mini!
  5. I came across this mini in one of my dungeon junk boxes. it was an old pile of bones mashed together with some stray pieces of armor in it. my daughter asked if some one had eaten a knight. so I repainted it and added a little GW mud and next thing you know we have dragon poo.
  6. Finished this for a friend. Mostly dark elf triad, with some bone colours and the p3 sanguines, plus a few more. Based on a wood oval from Michael's. I don't have a backdrop big enough for this, so pardon the informal photos. Thanks for looking!
  7. In my Gray Maiden thread, I was asked to post some of my other, non-Reaper stuff here too, so here's one of the more impressive things I have. I bought a Carmine Dragon to use as part of my WFB Wood Elf army, though I've actually had a chance to use her twice, though in one of those, she single handedly wiped out a 2000pt chaos army Anyway... getting off topic slightly, so photos! The base she came with was oddly small, so I mounted her on to a metal plate that I think might have been the back of a light switch Edit - thanks laptop, you managed to start this thread twice...
  8. In my Gray Maiden thread, I was asked to post some of my other, non-Reaper stuff here too, so here's one of the more impressive things I have. I bought a Carmine Dragon to use as part of my WFB Wood Elf army, though I've actually had a chance to use her twice, though in one of those, she single handedly wiped out a 2000pt chaos army Anyway... getting off topic slightly, so photos! The base she came with was oddly small, so I mounted her on to a metal plate that I think might have been the back of a light switch
  9. Decided to do a different take and go with Drogon for inspiration: So.. primer is done on everything but the base
  10. I've only been painting minis since January but I learn a little more with each mini. I got this mini from my local gaming shop.How it hadn't been snapped up already, I'll never know. I had a paint scheme in mind even before I got home. I loved the damage in the wings and knew I wanted to make them really pop out. So I thought what better way to do that then by going with a copper dragon showing it's age in both the copper shades and with the teal patina. It took some playing around with a combination of browns and rosy skin tones to get the different shades of the brown copper and a combination of the ocean and moss paints to get the green patinas. (Oh if only I had known that Reaper was going to be coming out with copper colors in this Kickstarter! But I can't wait to play with them next year. ) I entered it in a Large Monsters contest at my local gaming shop so it's only the dragon without the rest of ruins and minis. I decided to keep the underside cleaner and brighter than the top of it since that would be more protected. So the chest is a light copper with few marks and scratches. I started with matter colors to get the right shades of copper then lightly brushed on a metallic copper to the scales and wings to give it a nice sheen. I did paint the horns and claws solid copper metallic. When I think of dragons being hunted, I thought of what would be treasured and displayed. The head and claws come to mind so I wanted to make them really stand out as a real treasure. The kind of thing that a kingdom would have on display for generations in a mighty hall even when it was nothing but the bones, copper horns and talons. I'm also including a picture of the base minus the dragon so you can see it. I'm really happy with the stone work on it. I added some grass and vines to it to give it more depth and interest. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with it and I really enjoyed painting it. It's the biggest mini I've worked on so far. I'm debating adding some stippling on the wings to age them a bit more but we'll see. For now I'll just enjoy it.
  11. My kids got this for me for Father's Day from the FLGS. The catalog shown below was in the box and has a date of 2004.
  12. EDIT: I APOLOGIZE FOR NOT PUTTING THE PIX IN SPOILER TAGS...NOT SURE HOW TO. Good evening everyone! These are the first miniatures I have ever painted. I picked up the Bones Learn to Paint Kit a month ago or so and painted two of the 3 minis that came with it (the skeleton came broken) and then decided to pick up 3 more off of ebay and have painted 5 total to date. I was looking for a hobby and I stumbled across this site and read everything about minis and what not and decided to give it a try. I added the model #'s in the topic for the ones I remembered. The first mini I started with was the Armored Knight, followed by the Orc, then the Large Earth Elemental, Hell Hound and then finally the Pathfinder Dragon. Hoping to get some feedback on any/all of them as it would be much appreciated. Below are some pics, both with flash off and flash on for comparison. The only paints I used where the ones that came with the painting kit...some I mixed together or thinned out etc... I don't have a table to paint on (I'm not painting on my polished coffee table! nor do I have a fancy white background (or rather just some white paper =P) so I used a white shirt for the backdrop. Some things I noticed after I took the pics and along the way, these of which I still need to do, are: Paint the teeth on the Orc, paint the claws and wing bones of the dragon, fix the bone colored mark on the Hell Hound's left rear leg, eyes on the armored knight. Anyways, hope their good!
  13. Hi folks, my D&D group is still playing through Tyranny of Dragons (D&D 5E) and soon they will encounter a White Dragon. Other people have posted the Bones Silver Dragon as a White before, so here is my attempt. I painted the mini in April but I haven't had time to take pictures until today. I used a 65mm base, but I don't remember the manufacturer... C&C welcome! [edit] Updated the post with a larger first picture. Now you can see that I didn't do a proper job removing all mold lines... ;) [/edit]
  14. My take on the Pathfinder Red Dragon. I wanted to go for a temple ruin in the middle of the Jungle vibe.
  15. I've been a long time lurker and haven't been really good about tracking my painting, but I figured it was time. My current project is a Reaper Bones Red Dragon. So far, I have most of the base coating down (sans base and claws). I've been attempting a bit of wet-blending on the wings, but I think they need more work. Looking at the picture, I also see some more mould lines that could use some work. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the progress. Colors used so far (my base is my darkest color): Body: Blood Red Wings: Dark Elf Skin triad Horns, teeth, etc: Bone Shadow Belly: Tanned Leather
  16. OK well it's time to try this again. Our last Kickstarter did not go the way we wanted it to, and we listened to out backers on why it did not work. We are now back at it again trying to get this off the gorund. This is a dream of ours and we are not going to stop till we get this thing on the gorund becasue we feel we have somethign very special here. So I want to reintroduce you to our Kickstarter MidKnight Heroes Season 0 Reboot! What is Reboot!? Reboot is where we went back to the drawing board and redesigned our idea. We changed for a set idea to a per miniature idea with our primary miniature Leonide as our main miniature. We added more value to you pledges and even redesigned two of our characters the was not very popular, Oda and Hanna. Our Funding level is much smaller, $2000 (Bare bones) that our last Kickstarter and we now offer free shipping to all US backers. Stop by and take a look and hep make our drream a reality! Our Miniatures will be sculpted by Robby Crawforth and Fancagne Didier and will be cast in metal. Our current Stretch goals: go to our website at www.midknighthereos.com to see all our stretch goals. Natakue and the MidKnight Hereos Team. "Thank you for supporting us!"
  17. So, I got this dragon a while back: The only thing I know about it is that it doesn't exist. Even my considerable Google-Fu couldn't turn it up anywhere. I picked it up on Noble Knight Games under the Enigma Miniatures header, and it was produced in the early 90s. I have recently contacted the current Enigma Miniatures to see if they are the same company that produced this mini. She's packaged as a Red Dragon, but with those ears and that nose horn, she more closely resembles a 1e/2e Blue Dragon; so that's where I'm going with her. I've got a bit more filling to do on her, the liquid greenstuff seems to have shrunk a bit since I did my initial gap filling. That's a 120mm base with a Reaper scenic resin Treasure Hoard vignette base and one of the Treasure Packs attached. Since she's a Blue, the sand (and non-treasure parts of the resin base) will be painted as, well, sand. I'm probably going to work on that part first, since the lgs will need curing time.
  18. How To Get Ahead In Dragon Slaying I love this lady dragon slayer's proud stance & cold hard stare, not one to pick a fight with I think! Apologies for the apparent shininess on the figure, I always give my minis a light Vallejo matt varnish coat which looks fine in reality but sometimes a bit dodgy in photos. Comments & opinions are always welcome.
  19. A Fire Dragon, painted up in fiery colors, with tan wings and underbelly. A truly classic color scheme. This also represents my first attempt at basing. It's pebbles, beach sand, and a bit of static grass pulled from a pot topper I purchased at a craft store, all held down with matte medium and a bit of earth color.
  20. As part of the 6 Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge (#6MMRPC) I've decided that I need to take on some of the bigger minis in my collection, the ones I've been holding off on painting till "I'm better" and "can do them justice" since the only way I'll get better is by actually painting them... So, dragons. First up is Ebonwrath. I started it a while ago when I'd spilled some black paint, and needed something to use it up on. Aside from that, I hadn't touched it before this past weekend. This is what it looked like before I really got to work on it. Airbrushed. It's hard to see, but the wings, belly, and spines are now GW Dark Angels Green, while the body is Noir Black. The plan is to add in a bit of purple to the black, and lighten the green toward yellow.
  21. Alright, I'm still new to sculpting but I wanted to replicate something a friend of mine drew. Unfortunately after several failed attempts I haven't made too much progress. What I want is "this" What I made, is "this" I'd like some pointers and words of wisdom and maybe some instructional pictures to help me out with this project.
  22. So. I tried painting some minis without WIPs and found myself having a hard time keeping track of what and how much I had done. So I'm back, although these may be sporadic and really slow to update. We'll see. Anyhow, after painting a lot of tiny figures for the January Bones Beauty Pageant, I decided to move in the opposite direction and tackle some of the big figures from Bones I to clear out room for Bones II. So I am painting dragons. Five of them, if you count the Frost Wyrm. Each one gets its own thread, though, since I don't know how I'm going to progress through them. I'm painting each dragon up as inspiration takes me. I thought this one, 77108, the Shadow Dragon, looked slightly aquatic, like a river deity. So I decided to paint it up in cool, watery shades. Maybe like some kind of frog or sea creature. I don't know yet. Anyhow, first I put on a base coat of Reaper's Brown Liner, the paint which sticks to Bones like gangbusters, thanks to Buglips for the discovery, and then a wash of medium blue mixed from Phthalocyanine Blue and a little Titanium White. I don't expect the final dragon to be straight blue like this, but I needed to give all the dragons a distinct color scheme at the start since none of their wings are glued on yet and I need to keep them straight. The other dragons I'm painting concurrently are Deathsleet, Ebonwrath, the Fire Dragon, and the Frost Wyrm.
  23. And here's Mizuchi Mushu. I worked on my highlighting and shading with this guy, and tested out a marbling technique on his base. (Thanks, Siri!) I also worked with a color that's very difficult for me...yellow. His eyes are very deep set, and you probably can't see that they're green in the photos. Some of these photos are better than the others... As always, C & C welcome!
  24. Anyone have any advice on how to paint scales? I have a smaller dragon figure and I'm trying to paint the scales. However, it's not looking all that great... So some advice would be great!!!
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