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Found 479 results

  1. I finished up Kaladrax a couple weeks ago. He should be arriving at his new home in Arizona tomorrow. :D Hope you like him. And the ever popular size comparison shot!
  2. The story goes something like this. My wife signed up for a sale booth at our local art fair and then had the opportunity to go to Okinawa for two weeks at the same time. "can you watch the booth this weekend?" So I got to sit and watch knitting. They did, however, allow me to paint, as long as it was, and I quote, "something impressive". So I dug into my mountain of metal and pulled out Verocithrax and T'Raukzul because I apparently thought I needed some weight lifting this weekend. The really good news is I got a bunch of Ooohs and Aaahs on the dragons nearly completed T'Raukzul and did complete everything but the new base for Verocithrax. T'Raukzul I will post in a day or 2 after i finish some final polishing, basing, and some shading work that i needed some paints I just didn't have over the weekend. But without further ado I present Verocithrax for youir viewing pleasure. He was a surprisingly fun dragon to paint and had a few surprises in the sculpt that I wasn't expecting. There a small chip in the paint on the back of the wing that I didn't notice, but other than that I had a great time with him! As always C&C is welcome, Enjoy!
  3. This was my Fantasy Large entry for the painting contest at Gamex this past weekend in Los Angeles. After I put down the base coat on this miniature, it almost went into a simple green bath but I decided to stick with it and hope it comes out in the end. I had second thoughts again when I opened and tested my pot of GW's blue wash. It was darker than what I was expecting and it seems to have a brown tinge to it. But I went ahead with my idea to use it to even out my blending on the scales and I am so glad I did. It ended up evening out the blues that I had used and got rid of the awful shine that GW paints seem to have when used on Bones. I am very happy with how it turned out but I was not sure how it would do in the contest as there were some mold lines that I missed or could not remove. It ended up getting first place so I must have done something right. Any input would be appreciated.
  4. Well, I finally managed to get some painting done and some pics taken. Only 1 dwarf, 1 halfling, a dragon, and a couple of sci fi models... Still a load more stuff to paint, but it's a start! cheers, Michael
  5. Given how helpful I found my Pathfinder Red Dragon WIP Thread, I've decided to start a new one for my next large project: Ebonwrath! Here he is assembled: And here's a base. I started with a Renedra 120mm Elipse platic base, then built it up with cork, glue, sand and bonsai stones. Here's the final assembly: I added a little more corck to support his feet, as he doesn't sit perfectly flat, and added green stuff to his joins and the base. For a colour scheme, I decided to stick with making him a panther-like black dragon, but I wanted to experiment with lighting a bit. I've settled on an obsidian theme - high contrast, gleaming skylight from above contrasted with gold and red lava flame from below. Here's a mock-up I did in Photoshop: Next step: Base coat! I'm glad I bought a spare bottle of Pure Black...
  6. I am working on a Geiger deep dragon from Valiant miniatures for my son. The problem i have is that I want to keep the wings and dragon very dark. At the same time there is a lot of detail on the wings and body that I want to highlight. every time I have tried this in the past I have wound up with a color much lighter than I was shooting for. suggestions and advice would be very welcome. This applies in particular to the wings. Can anyone give me a hand? Picture of the dragon included. Thanks for any assistance!
  7. Its been a work of patience. I didn't remember the treasure pile being quite so large. Anyway, Here is Ral Partha Imperial dragon. Hes just been sitting on my shelf for more than a decade with "I'll paint him later" written all over him. I decided I needed to do some treasure and well this is where he is so far. I am looking for comments/critique on him and any treasure suggestions that anyone would like to put forth. There are chests, sacks of coins, scepters, cloth, mirrors, altars, stones, books, heads and just about everything else and i am pretty tuckered coming up with new color schemes for hoard items. Let me know what you think. next comes the great basing. This will also be interesting. And yes I am trying some new lighting options for taking pictures so commentary on that would be great as well.
  8. So, I decided to challenge myself with my Cavern Crawler. I've been mulching through human figures, which I'll post in my Show-off thread in a little bit, but this guy I decided to do as a speed paint. I started him this evening, with the goal to get him to tabletop quality in under two hours. I think I succeeded; this is how he came out. Time from first paint applied to putting the brush down: 1 hour and 38 minutes: I only used seven colours painting this model: Linen White Oiled Leather Sun Yellow Walnut Brown Fire Orange Magma Red Violet Red Lots of drybrushing, lots of washes. Nothing on this one actually took that long - even the face was pretty quick, I just painted it various shades of Magma Red:Linen White, drybrushed it in a few areas with walnut brown, then detailed the mouth 1:1 Violet Red:Linen White and picked out the teeth and such with a panel brush. The back was Fire Orange drybrushed with Magma Red drybrushed with Walnut Brown, and the belly was 1:2:4 Oiled Leather:Sun Yellow:Linen White, washed with Oiled Leather. At the speed I was painting, I never put the figure down for the entirety of the time I was painting, but the paint dried fast enough that I didn't get much mixing/smearing. In the pictures, it's pretty easy to see the spots where I got dribbly during my washes, or where paint didn't reach. Still, holding it in hand, you don't notice any of them really, and it looks pretty excellent from a foot or so away. The face I'm really happy with, actually... With speed paints in the future, I think I would start by picking the lightest key colour, mixing up a whole bunch of it, and using a soft toothbrush to paint the whole figure in that color before I started basecoating. That way, I wouldn't have to worry about forcing paint into cracks. I did glue this figure before painting, so I would probably precolour at least that area; that way, I wouldn't have had to worry so much about those little legs later on... I think I'll revisit this one in a day or two to continue adding details and refining it. This was more an effort to see what I could do in a short amount of time; I like this figure, and I think with more effort, I could take it further. Still, for now I'm content; I wouldn't feel any shame in putting this onto the table, definitely. If any of you guys have suggestions, either speed painting ones or ideas on how to take this figure further, I'd love to hear them...
  9. I recently painted up King Starfire. He's a leveled up version of the boss dragon from the core set- and he's a pretty sizeable mini. I rather enjoyed painting him up, and I felt that the starscape worked very well on him. I used a simpler version of the starscape patterns on the original Starfire's wings, so I felt it appropriate to give this Starfire a more elaborate version. The dead knight on his base was a nice touch. He's simply huge for Super Dungeon, but we played with him the other day, and he's tall enough that the other characters can stand at his base without any issues. I've posted him up to Coolmini for anyone who cares to vote. Here are some pictures.
  10. This dragon has actually been painted for a while, but I had such a hard time getting decent photos I haven't posted her. She's meant to represent Khisanth for our Dragonlance campaign, and she's been corpsified for a few months, now. But she was suitably terrifying for the party (except Gerwin, my cleric...he made the save vs. dragonfear and just walked right up to chat. Then he killed her, and only died a little in the process. If you know the story or the module, you know how it went). I'm quite happy with her wings. Sorry the photos make her hard to see, but this is what I've got, and I'm tired of fighting with it. C&C welcome and appreciated!
  11. I posted a diorama here a few weeks back, but it was never meant to be permanent. I was finally able to remove them all from the diorama and base them all. They are a team to me now and tried to keep the bases simple and matching. Deathsleet's base took me a lot longer and I'm pretty happy with it. Diorama link here if you are interested. I hope you enjoy.
  12. Hello, I was encouraged to post some photos of my painted miniatures by my mini exchange partner. Here is my recently completed pathfinder red dragon. Feedback is welcome.
  13. So i'm working on a display piece for my FLGS based on their store logo. I'm using the BONES Pathfinder dragon for this and making a few modifications to it. I've posted before about my dislike for BONES but this figure is definitely an exception. It's well detailed and the parts assembly is well thought out. I didn't need to fill any gaps on this either. Also, modifying BONES are as easy as everyone says and the flexability makes getting into tight spaces easy for me. So tings are looking up. I will say this dragon is a lot smaller than I expected but not horribly so. I'm just used to the old partha dragon sizes. Anyway, here are som WIP pics so enjoy and feel free to ask questions or give feedback on my work. It's the only way I'll get better. First of all, here's a pic of my workspace. And storage.. Here's the Pathfinder Dragon with my Reptus Archer as a size comparison... I removed the head from under the dragons foot. This was extremely easy to remove and I can use the removed part on something else. If nothing else, BONES are very easy to modify... I began sculpting some game boxes under the dragon with some green stuff. this is my first major sculpting attempt. I added another box and 2 books to the base. I tried to give the idea that the dragon was crushing the corner of the top box. There was too much gap between the 2 game boxes so I added another small one. I assembled the rest of the dragon and sanded the game boxes a little bit. Now on to paint..
  14. Ok, so who's seen it, and what did you think? As for myself, as with every take on Tolkien's stories that PJ has done, I find myself wishing he had stuck closer to the actual story. I understand that he had to rush certain parts to make room for the additional stuff, but I'd really have liked to have seen more Beorn. Hopefully he'll make an appearance at the Battle of Five Armies. It's totally understandable that hottie elf chick would fall for a dwarf given the questionable masculinity of the male elf. But why make it a love triangle? Erebor was cool as was the fight with smaug (who did look awesome). I especially liked the golden dwarf.
  15. What's Gargantuan, Lawful Good, and CR 19? This girl: This was a collaboration between me and my sister, a fellow dragon freak. I love this sculpt. It has a real feeling of size and power.
  16. I've seen it done in orange, red, and blue. I decided to try it in green. I'm fairly pleased with him. :-) I would have done pictures in a light box, but it was late and he's going to work tomorrow to sit on my desk. :-) He's a bones mini. I tried priming it with krylon dual, bug it was a bit tacky. I dusted it with Armory primer and it was fine. Working with something so light made manipulating it for painting angles easy, but it was a bit too easy to accidentally flex the wings when I bumped it.
  17. So, I have this metal dragon that I glued together and covered with Testors grey primer back, oh, 10 to 15 years ago, in preparation for painting using Testor's enamels and then never actually got around to painting. His right wing got knocked off at some point when he fell off a bookshelf, largely because I didn't know you were supposed to PIN as well as glue things like wings, but also because it really hadn't been treated very carefully (there were many occasions I found it had fallen over and was lying on one side, with all its weight resting on a single wing, long before that wing came off). I glued it back on with (I think) contact cement. (green stuff? what's that?) I'm wondering two things: 1: Can anyone identify the sculpt (i.e., who made it)? The figure is attached to a flat base I made for stability out of a "sample" piece of that stuff they put on kitchen counters ("stolen" from the hardware store), so I can't check the bottom for the manufacturer's name. (Note that the wings as shown might be situated more vertically than originally intended, a side effect of the all-too-common "lying on one wing" scenario mentioned above.) 2: Should I strip him in PineSol and start fresh or do you think that I could start with acrylics over the existing primer? Thanks!
  18. So, I've decided on a mini for the Here Be Dragons contset, though how one follows that Nethyrmaul, I'll never know. I'm going to paint this bad boy: With a twist...LIMITED PALETTE!!! Okay, I've decided on four colors to use: I've basecoated him in 'Sample,' which is suspiciously similar to Payne's Grey, though slightly purple. The horns, claws, teeth and spines will be painted with Bleached Bone. The wings and under-scales will be painted with Ice Blue. The main body will be painted with Astronomicon Grey. The base will be painted with a mix of Bleached Bone and Ice Blue (maybe, I'm not sure on this choice, yet). I'm currently working on the horns/teeth/claws/spines right now. Watch for more pics later.
  19. Kala gaps.. joint plugs probably need some trimming. two legs dont actually sit on the base..
  20. Hi all! this is my end of the year "here be dragons" diorama contest entry, fresh off the paint table this morning. this mini was salvaged from a three year stay at the shelf of shame and was begging to be worked on. the contest was a perfect excuse to do just that. originally i had been over ambitious with the level of detail work i wanted to do, and a thousand scales later and it hit the shelf. to get it how i had envisioned it (each scale as a gem) was just too much work and at the time my skill with that technique was much worse. over time the age of the PJ showed. i briefly considered stripping it and starting over but couln't get over the mental hurdle. the contest was an ideal excuse to finish it fast and call it "done" in whatever state it was in when time was up. better to have another completed than back in the box. the story: only her appointed elderly handmaiden had offered her council as she prepared for the dragon tithe. As the old woman hemmed her fine silken dress she whispered, "wear no perfume today my lady, and stretch in the cart. the beast will toy with you, princess, as a cat plays with a mouse. when you run, do not run home, for even if you did traverse the plain none here would dare aide you or offer you sanctuary. no, child, you must run to the ruins of the old city. there the stench of our ancestors will cover your scent. only then will you have a chance. even so, the dragon is crafty and......." the old woman cleared her throat and wiped an eye. how many times had she hemmed this dress, the girl wondered. how many seasons, how many "princesses?" the old woman continued," remember your childhood games, dear. hide and seek in the woods. if you should escape, do not return here, for the dragon will surely have his flesh. now go, sweet child, the magistrate is waiting." and an extra pic of the "princess" not included in the contest posting. she is removable and has her own matching base. this was done so that the models are useable as gaming miniatures as well as for a diorama. she makes for a total of 60 minis completed in 2013. comments/questions always appreciated!
  21. Yay, finished in time to enter 2013 Dragon challenge with 6 hours to spare.... He is 2 lbs 2.5 ounces of lead, so pretty straining on the wrists. The WIP is here : https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/52564-teronus-grenadier-dragon-wip/ I will likely put him on a display base later. With a dwarf snack for size:
  22. Here's my extended entry for the Year of Dragons contest. My first full-sized dragon! Pretty pleased with how easy Bones made doing such a big mini, though I'm wishing (as always) that I'd taken more time with the mold lines. Pics are a little washed out in places, but I think they mostly turned out okay. And look! He's made a little friend!
  23. Well I finished up Nethyrmaul for one client, only to have TWO more shipped to me for other clients. LOL It truly is the year of the dragons for Midwest Miniature Guy Studios. That's alright cause it's minus 30 here in MN on Christmas Eve. So as we all bundle up and get ready for our evening celebrations (the family is headed to Mass tonight, then popcorn eating and Christmas lights around the town!) I leave you with my first version of ye old dragon. Happy Christmas Reaper Peeps!
  24. I'm getting started on a diorama for the Here Be Dragons paint contest. Basic concept: The silver dragon protects the hero's tomb from a deathknight come to defile it. This will also give me an excuse to finish that deathknight I've been working on and that sarcophagus I keep thinking of working on. First step is to establish the layout of figures on the base (2 blank CDs glued together for thickness.)
  25. Hello everybody! I am working hard on a diorama to, if I get it done in time, submit to the Here be Dragons! competition. I have a lot of pics from the start, but I hit a problem tonight and wanted to ask the forum for opinions and advice. The diorama will tell a story. To test the idea, I won't tell you what, and if you can guess it then the story is well shown to the public :) Some pics: That was "version 1" of my idea. Of course, cleaning of minis (removing bases) and sculpting needed to be done (I cleaned the minis already, sculpting flames is next). I was quite happy about this composition, but something kept bothering these last couple days, something I finally put my finger on: - The wizard dwarf holding the shield is too static! I went through the rest of my Reaper order and found a mini that I originally intended to go up there, quickly put it together, and then set a new scene (let's call it v2): As for composition, I brought these friends: (version 2.1): ...or version 2.2: Also, to balance the diorama, this little guy (non Reaper, old mini I don't know where it comes from): These are the minis available to me, basically: Size comparison of the little dwarf: Sorry for the bad pics. Now, help me! Do you think the story is clear? Do you like v1 or v2 better? If v2, v2.1 (fighter to the side) or v2.2 (fighter in the path of the dragon and under the flame blast, mostly)? Should I keep the little dwarf? Should I add something else? There are pieces missing (like bushes, foliage on the tree plus burning tips of the branches, etc) but basically that it is. Any comment or suggestion is deeply appreciated!
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