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  1. So I was talking to a friend, trying to describe how I viewed dragons in my own personal idea of a fantasy world. It got me thinking of what other people have come up with. So what do you do for dragons in your world, game-play or otherwise? Do you use the D&D dragon concept of 'all this color is evil, all this color is good', or do you have something different? Here's mine! (for those that i have drawings for, even outdated, I've included them. I should go through and do a proper sketch of each type sometime ) Siri’s dragon types My dragons are not separated by color, but ra
  2. I need some ice mephit minis for an upcoming scenario. Any recommendations for minis for them?
  3. There be dragons here. OK, so do dragons have defining features that designates them as a certain type(color) of dragon? Because if they do i'm not seeing it. It's been brought to my attention that Blightfang is a green dragon because of his leaf shaped scales. Fair enough. I already irreversibly started painting him blue. But I'm fine with that. The silver dragon is obviously a silver dragon, though I painted him white. He actually looks like one variation of a white dragon I've seen before. (Pathfinder art work) Just google pathfinder white dragon under imagines. I'm assuming Cinde
  4. 1. Does anyone have a link or a picture of how the tree branch is supposed to be installed on Verocithrax? 2. What kind of glue is best for gluing dragons together, specifically the wings? I use super glue usually, but those wings look big and heavy. Not sure if thats's going to cut it. 3. Will the dragons droop over time due to the weight of the wings? I have the Bones Griffin, and I can't be positive, but i think he's starting to droop over from the weight of his wings. Thanks for your time.
  5. The title says all. Just wondering if anyone had anything interesting. I would post one of my own story ideas, but then I'll find out years later that it was plagarized and is being turned into a movie. It's happened to me before, I'm not being paranoid.
  6. Hi! I'm Wax Eagle and I'm a total n00b painter. I've been floating around here since a bit after KS2 and will have a boat load of white plastic whenever that ships, so I figured I better learn how to paint before that happens. So far my finished painted figures count is up to 1. I bought a cave troll during the KS to see what Bones are all about. I'm completely new to minis, but have been playing D&D for a few years now (our group is into tokens rather than minis, cuz when we got into 4e that was the thing). My lovely wife (Myn online), bought me a box of Bones for Father's Day (it e
  7. So, the wife and I are looking to put our house on the market. We're fixing things up, painting, and packing. Whilst going through a box I found something I thought had got lost in a move over five years ago. My Ral Partha Dragons! Now, of course, one is missing the numbered placard, and all are missing the paper certificate, but at least I found them. Happy does not even start to describe me right now! Sorry for the crappy camera phone pics, the camera is packed already... My personal favorite... Hail to the queen... Ok, now to pack them back up and hope they
  8. Now that the Bones are getting close (and I have a new shiny forum badge) I decided to start a paint log. I'll start it off with the best mini from my Dreamer crew from Malifaux I just started to collect Infinity, so I hope to post some Sci-fi here soon.
  9. You know how sometimes when you're GMing an RPG, you make decisions that later come back to haunt you? Well, I just did that, and now I need some painting advice. My friend and I are running a campaign for our kids. As part of the campaign, each of the kids got to choose a color I would paint the dragon their PC would get to ride. I gave them a list of 21 colors to choose from for their dragon's color, without really thinking about how I would have to paint some of the colors. And of course, once one kid chose a jewel color, the remaining kids did, too. So any suggestions on how t
  10. So, I am currently reviewing my options, dragon-wise, for KSII, and I'm having a few questions. Namely, I'm looking at Nathrax, Blightfang, and Cinder. Originally, I had planned to get three Narthrax and one each of the others... but the more I look at Blightfang, the less I like her. Even Cinder I'm kind of "meh" about... I have a cool idea for her scales, so I need at least one, but that's her only appeal to me. But Blightfang... I just don't like her scales! They look so rough in the picture... It reminds me of a fish with late-stage ich, or a snake that has a serious vitamin deficiency
  11. So I stumbled across a couple things at a FLGS.. they bought out another store when it went out of business.. They have box sets of T'Raukzul, Verocithrax and Ebonwrath as well as one called 'Dragons don't share'.. and when I say box I don't mean pistol cases.. its an actual box... Given how rare DDS is and the price they have T'Raukzul I'm guessing I'll be dropping some scratch soon.. They also have a lot of metal.. is there an overall OOP list anywhere?
  12. So Amazon just sent me an email the other day recommending the "Premium" editions of just about every core D&D book from every edition except vanilla 3E. I had known about them doing a collector's reprint of AD&D 1E, but the other editions came as a bit of a surprise. While I won't be going and grabbing the 3.5 books, I was kind of tempted by the AD&D 2E books for the sake of wanting to play it at least once in my life. Has anyone here gotten their hands on any of these books yet? Are they straight reprints of the old stuff, or do they have added errata in them like the reprint
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