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Found 25 results

  1. Mantic's releasing a new game based on their Dungeon Saga IP. I don't really know much about the game itself, aside from that it seems to be a dungeon crawler. Of more interest are the minis, and the price you get them at! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/manticgames/dungeon-saga-origins-your-adventures-start-here The "all in" pledge is at £129 / $159, which gives you the game, cardstock dungeon tiles, and(most importantly) over 80 miniatures of various sizes, and a bunch of terrain(though mostly older Terrain Crate stuff, but also some new pieces)! And stretch goals are adding more minis and other stuff! For anyone not familiar, Mantic's a decent size company, and they've been around for a while. They're known for their Terrain Crate sets of affordable miniature terrain, the Kings of War wargame/skirmish game, and a bunch of other stuff.
  2. Decided to make this into a WIP. I've never done one so why not. Started here. Work is taking long lately and not much energy to paint but hopefully more soon. Pedicting 35 C temperatures in a couple days so I might be hiding in the basement more than working then. Any suggestions and comment welcome.
  3. Another set of undead model used for alternative sources for my Dragon Raman’s Army. I painted up a selection keeping the colours simple. I opted to keep them on their bases so they can be reused in Dungeon Saga. Thanks for looking, comments welcome.
  4. Howdy, Game pieces... More Dungeon Saga to come, Kev!
  5. Howdy, O.K. the Dungeon Saga KS was what got me started in (unpainted) Mini Collecting. Immediately after backing, I bought some bones off of e-bay so I could learn to paint before I got my KS rewards... Finally, four years later, I paint this guy! Viel Danke, Kev! P.S. Click if you'd like a closer look. P.P.S. Gnasher the bulldog has a side quest for you!
  6. Finished up one of the Dungeon Saga dwarves a couple days ago. Last pic is him with his buddy the REaper undying lords dwarf. The living challenged need to stick together. I like the cobble stone bases from Mantic but most of my mansized minis are on 20mm bases so not sure what I'll do if I start grouping them into units with other minis. Not a huge problem but something I've been thinking about. For now they're getting used in Dungeon Saga or skirmish games so it's not an issue.
  7. Since HeroQuest was one of my gateways into miniatures, I felt it appropriate to pay homage to that when I got Dungeon Saga. The freehand on the wizard came out better than I'd expected.
  8. Hi, After being very lazy on the painting front for a while, I decided to knock a batch of models off of my unpainted shelf. These models are part of an expansion from the "Dungeon Saga" board game called the "Warlord of Galahir". The theme of the expansion is mostly Orcs and Goblins with a couple of new heroes: a Salamander (a fiery lizard man) and a Glade walker shaman (a tree-man). The models are cast in "coloured plastics" so the details may not be the sharpest, there was a lot of warping, but it is pretty good for a boardgame, and there is a pair of identical sculpts in each batch. Painting-wise, I went for quick tabletop quality, no blending, stark highlights, and resilient clear coat as I'm expecting these models to see quite a bit of action with the kids. The hardest mini to paint was the Orclings as they are super-tiny and tightly crammed on the base (they are based by default) making reaching out some spots challenging. C&C welcome Heroes and Boss: Trolls: Orcs: Goblins: Orclings and Mawbeasts:
  9. For Minivember I will try to do a different model each day (duplicates or similar models (from the same unit or suchlike still only count as one!). If you want to see the rest of my minivember minis, feel free to have a look at my painting blog..I won't be posting each and every one here, just the Reaper minis and maybe some that I find especially interesting. Yes, they will be speedpaints, just like all my minis. This model has been sitting around unpainted on my desk for ages and ages, getting in the way and generally making a nuisance of itself. Time to wash it out of my hair, as it were. The internet seems full of slams of this mini, both the aesthetics and the quality of the casting. For my part, I cannot for the life of me see what is wrong with it. Aesthetics aside (I like the bulky, powerful and slightly cartoony dragon this represents), I found the casting itself to be perfectly good. I had to do very little to fit the pieces together and there was just soem few mould lines that needed carving off. Granted the base was slightly warped, but that was easily fixed with some hot water. As board game dragons go, this is the best I have seen yet. One quick and dirty paint job, and we are ready to go! Karrathor, the Tyrant of Halpi Dungeon Saga: The Tyrant of Halpi expansion Mantic PVC 75mm square base
  10. Howdy, Yet another enemy game piece, Kev!
  11. Howdy, From the Green Rage module... Bad hombre, Kev!
  12. Howdy, From the "Return of Valendor" module... The Eater of Realms... The Bane of the Mortal Kingdoms... The Bringer of Woe! Another Villain, Kev!
  13. Howdy, Another enemy, this time from the "Denizens of the Abyss" set... Kev!
  14. Howdy, Here is another Mantic Dungeon Saga Game piece... Thanks for perusing, Kev!
  15. Howdy, Here is the other Master of Darkness... Your look is appreciated, Kev! P.S. As the thread title indicates, this piece is from the Dungeon Saga game by Mantic. Part of the Warlord of Galahlir Modulle, I think.
  16. Howdy, Here is my take on this Dungeon Saga villain... Thanks for ogling, Kev! P.S. These were done with Reeves craft acrylics from a sampler and Liqutex Basics! the metalics are Reaper tarnished steel 9206, ancient bronze 9049, and dry brushed with dirty bone 9271(my fave)
  17. Hi all, I continued to paint random minis out of my large pile of unpainted, and here are Hordin and Gnasher. This was a bonus mini from the Dungeon Saga KS from Mantic. They were cast in "coloured plastic" (read by that, board-game quality plastic) but the details on them were surprisingly crisp. The only tricky part was that they were "ready to play" and already mounted on their base together, making some spots harder to reach. Anyways, a fun little couple to paint. And they may be used for some other games than Dungeon Saga (you always need a dwarf innkeeper in various settings).
  18. Trolls. That also are zombies. What's not to love? These were fun. Great big zombies with massive upper bodies, lots of muscles and the trademark Mantic itty bitty legs. I repositioned the arms a bit with the hot water method. I meant the green one to have it's hands closer together, but during the next week or so, they moved a bit apart. It seems I did not have hot enough water or dunk it long enough to reset the material's plastic memory. Dungeon Saga minis come pre-assembled, which is definately not always a boon. Apart from typical difficulties with getting at mould lines, there are other problems... One of these trolls had it's head glued on upside down(!). Also most minis in the range are standing a bit wonky on the base, as in they are not centered, not facing the right way (at least, what I think of as the right way, i.e. looking looking ahead in relation to the base's straight edges. Front and center, as it were) I tried repositioning a few, but it turned out to be more bother than it was worth to do. Most of the minis are glued down pretty tight and resist pulling off, making it too easy to damage them doing that. And to add insult to injury, this rigid plastic is quite hard to slice with a craft knife (much harder than bones, or even polystyrene). So I let them be. That leaves only Hoggarth the Zombie Troll Shaman left of the base game to do. (and a mass of orcs and goblins, a horde of devils of the abyss and the big dragon...) I think I will be painting something else for a while before revisiting these. I recently bought the Frostgrave rulebook and think I will make a stab at a warband or two using some of the 20 or so Bones I still have unpainted... Zombie Trolls from the Dungeon Saga base set Mantic Games Rigid PVC 50mm bases
  19. I really have far too many miniatures. At least 20, and with a further 20 inbound from the 20 kickstarters I have backed the last few years. So for 2016 I will try to crank out those minis at an elevated pace, and chalk up an even 366 -one for each day - finished by the end of the year. Of course, this means that to avoid spamming the excellent Reaper forums with samey, production-line dross nobody really wants to see, I will not be posting each and every one done here even though the rpchallenge says I should. Instead I will post Reaper minis and maybe some other that I find interesting enough. The rest will get pictures linked to my rpchallenge monthly post for anybody who might be interested. From the Return of Valandor expansion to Dungeon Saga: In the story, this ancient and utterly evil demon has been raised in undeath by the Necromancer. The angelic Valandor, a legendary hero who once long ago fought this demon, appears to accompany the Heroes in a bid to banish this undead demon once and for all, saving the known world from some unthinkable fate. Or maybe not. I must confess to not actually having read the fluff yet...but I would wager a pretty penny the story goes along those lines. Maybe the heroes need to awaken Valandor for the boss fight against Bael at some point during the adventure. Valandor being a giant of a man, looking suspiciously like a wingless Basilean Elohi. At any rate, I like this mini. Bael is a good model to use as a Daemon Prince or even some undead monster. Bael the Undead Demon Dungeon Saga: Return of Valandor expansion Mantic Games Rigid PVC 50mm base
  20. I really have far too many miniatures. At least 20, and with a further 20 inbound from the 20 kickstarters I have backed the last few years. So for 2016 I will try to crank out those minis at an elevated pace, and chalk up an even 366 -one for each day - finished by the end of the year. Of course, this means that to avoid spamming the excellent Reaper forums with samey, production-line dross nobody really wants to see, I will not be posting each and every one done here even though the rpchallenge says I should. Instead I will post Reaper minis and maybe some other that I find interesting enough. The rest will get pictures linked to the rpchallenge monthly post for anybody who might be interested. -- One of the far too many kickstarters I have been suckered into spending far too much money on, is Dungeon Saga by Mantic Games. A fresh take on the classic HeroQuest game with a small dash of Dungeons and Dragons. Simplistic rules with straight forward gameplay, easy enough to game with the kids. Hopefully not too boring to play with other grownups. As I usually don't enjoy painting heroes all that much, I decided to just start with them before any fatigue sets in. That way I might actually finish the set without too much ado. Here are the first basic heroes, your typical archetypes as prescribed by HeroQuest: Dwarf, Wizard, Elf, Barbarian. Orlaf the Human Barbarian Madriga the Elf Ranger Rordin the Dwarf Fighter Danor the Human Wizard The Dungeon Saga minis are made in a newish PVC material similar to the rigid Bones PVC, only even harder and not rubbery at all. The two exceptions are the Dragon that is more rubbery and slightly bendy (when using force), and the KS exclusive not-Drizzt that is made in "premium resin". I am glad to see that big strides are being made in miniature materials and production technology. However, I see online that many have taken issue with the material these minis are made in. Frankly, I do not see the problem. This material is perfectly fine for this kind of mini. Yes, there are bent minis in the box, but this also goes for almost every other miniature out there that is not polystyrene HIPS. The details are fine (better than in similarily sized Bones), but not quite as sharp as a resin mini. But then what can you expect at that price point? Straightening or repositioning the bent bits is a simple matter of dipping in hot water to make it soft and pliable, straightening and then dipping in cold water, just like Bones, and restic. The material is rigid and primes up and takes paint well and when painted the minis look excellent. The plastic is quite hard and damage resistant. The moldlines are present, but not even close to as much work to remove as with Restic or Bones. All in all, I like it. Heroes from the Dungeon Saga game set Mantic Games Rigid PVC 25mm bases.
  21. Hi all, After painting the base game of Dungeon Saga (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/65599-dungeon-saga-painted-mantic) and getting a few games in, I decided to speed paint one of the expansions I got as part of the Kickstarter. The expansion is the "Infernal Crypts" which changes the setting from a dungeon inhabited by undeads to a crypt in an infernal abyss. The box adds 2 new heroes (a Human Cleric and a Naiad Demon Hunter) as well as a bunch of infernal minions and monsters. Painting-wise, my focus was once again speed. So I went for simple and efficient (Basecoat -> Wash -> occasional highlight), the main objective being to have better looking miniatures than the plain coloured plastic, while being able to withstand the abuse of gametime. Here they are: The Heroes and the big boss: The Denizens of the Abyss: And the big Molochs (size of a Troll): C&C always appreciated.
  22. Hi, I'm continuing my journey to paint the miniatures for the board game Dungeon Saga. This time I completed the expansion "the Tyrant of Halpi". For this expansion, the heroes are facing a dragon and its thralls. So of course, there is a dragon to paint and 2 new heroes: a Halfing Thief and a Human Paladin. (That Halfling! She is so Tiny!!! It almost feels like painting a 15mm scale) As usual, the objective was efficiency for tabletop quality. For the dragon, I experimented with speed painting / laziness on a big figure. I wanted to see how many steps I could skip and still end up with a decent looking mini. So it was primed dark gray, I added a dusting of white from the top (for zenital highlight) and then covered the rest with washes only (no full colour basecoat, except for the blue back scales). For the end-result, the colours are quite muted (there isn't much colour saturation in washes)... It gives a certain style, but I let you judge. The big bonus is that it was painted super quickly (but wahes take a while to dry). I did spend a bit of time building up the dragon's base though... as it was disappointingly plain flat (all the bases, in the game where pre-textured with slates, but not for the dragon )... C&C appreciated
  23. Hi all, I am continuing my quest of getting everything painted for the board game Dungeon Saga. This time I completed the expansion called "The Return of Valendor". This expansion is a continuity of the base game and re-uses the same heroes and undead villains. It only adds up 2 new miniatures: - Ba'el: an undead demon awoken by the necromancer - Valendor: some kind of deity who initially defeated the afromentioned demon and who's spirit will give a hand to the adventuring party. The painting on these has nothing really special about it (and not really worthy of a show-off. But I'm still posting for completeness sake). The spear on Valendor was very badly warped, and no matter how much I boiled/straightened/cooled it, it always slowly warped back to something awkward. So that didn't motivate me to go out of my way for painting it. For Ba'el, i didn't really expect it to come out so gory and chalky looking. But i wasn't happy by how the first few attempts turned out (too dark, not enough contrast, etc...) so i kept adding somewhat randomly layers of paint i had on my desk. And that's how it turned out...
  24. My copy of Dungeon Saga and associated extras arrived at the weekend and i have just started on some of the skeletons Here they are washed and ready to paint. They did need a bit of hot water treatment to bend them back into shape; some of them looked like skeleton limbo dancers, and they needed a foot glueing in place. I like the delicate look of the bones, and the skeleton with scythe reminds me of the old Heroquest classic.
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