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Found 381 results

  1. I painted her up for the Jan'15 Bones Beauty Pageant. Best face I've ever done thanks to Jessica Rich/Dark Sword vids.
  2. Here's my completed Khael for the Little People Pageant and part of my February count for the resolutionary painting challenge. I'd been looking at this guy on my shelf for a long time. I painted one of him for a fellow gamer that wanted him in typical Gandalf colors. The one on my shelf though I'd been flip flopping between yellow robes and red robes. Decided to go with the yellow. It was my husband's suggestion to give him dark brown hair with a little salt'n'pepper graying going on. I could probably improve on that, but I like it better than when I tried the same for the pirate captain and it didn't turn out as well. Anyways, comments and criticism appreciated!
  3. The last of my postings from 2014, Werner Klocke's Bailey Silverbell, Dwarf. A lovely mini, and one I wanted to paint for a while, I finally grabbed her as my wife decided she wanted her to represent her (albeit gnome) rogue in a PF campaign I was running. Unfortunately, the campaign collapsed before she could put the mini into action, but I was nonetheless pleased that my wife loved me enough to let me paint a mini for her. And to play in an RPG. She's pretty good like that. Anyway, these pictures are pretty awful; I'm kind of posting just to post. The skill level is obviously not great, but I absolutely could not capture the dark colors I used. Everything's kind of a wash, here. But I did it, so here's it. Thanks for looking!
  4. I wasn't going to originally do a WIP for this guy, but I'm giving a triad color scheme (primary color purple, secondary color yellow, tertiary color green), and I'm struggling more with color placement than I'd anticipated. So I thought I would turn to the most excellent and experienced painters here for some advice. This will be the gaming figure for one of my players, as well as my entry into the Little People painting challenge, so I want it to look good! Here's pics of where I'm at right now (the yellow parts are MUCH less saturated in person; I think I need a different light, one that isn't so yellow): --Robe and hat basecoated in Dark Elf Shadow for the shading; I'll be taking it up through Burgundy Wine to Imperial Purple (hm, I could use some more light purples). --Boot, canteen and staff basecoated in Tanned Leather; I will be keeping the boot and canteen as more yellow and leather-like, while the staff will end up looking more like a light wood (hopefully); all three will stay yellowish, though. --Hat band, staff band (near the hand), staff eyes, pant leg and sleeve are all basecoated in Mossy Green; I'll probably keep the highlighting a bit muted on these, since I want the purple and yellow combo to be foremost. --Belt and one pouch basecoated in Oiled Leather; nothing real exciting here, just going to do my standard dark leather combo, possibly on the pouch in the back as well. Here's the dilemma I have: I will be using a bright metallic gold as part of my yellow coloring, but I'm not quite sure where it would look best. Should I do the arm bands in gold or yellow? Hat band in yellow or gold instead of green to keep the figure feeling more cohesive? Should I drop the green altogether? Would keeping the staff yellow draw attention away from the main figure? I should note that the bead in his beard, the metallic thingummy on his belt, his sword hilt, and the decorativetip of the scabbard will all be metallic gold. If I keep the green, I'll probably do the scabbard in green too, as well as the gem on the hilt. But that might be too much green...blah. I'm not sure why, but this figure is stumping me; usually I have a good idea of where I will be placing all of the colors by this point. :P Oh, in case it makes a difference, he will have dark brown hair and beard with blonde highlights (again, trying to keep yellow involved). Pipe will be very dark, either a warm dark brown or black. I should also note that his flesh will have a bit of a grayish tone to it; the character is slowly turning undead due to a curse that was put on him as part of his backstory. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  5. Of course, I had to continue on the Fantasy Gladiators project. First we have some converted Orcs, using Warhammer bits with Eastern Front Studio heads. The Scizore style fellow (inspired by Warcraft's Kargath Bladefist) uses a Pathfinder Bones Goblin spear or sword I had lying around, that fit perfectly. The teeny fellow is a Mantic Orcling who just seemed to fit in the armor style...and you know what they say about Goblins. The littler, the nastier.
  6. Some fellows finally acquired in trades. The crossbowman happened to be part of a lot, but I'd been searching for Thulgrim the Gloater and Corbit Shortstuff for quite some time, and managed to get them both within a day of each other.
  7. And after converting the other two Bones "pirate" figures for particular roles, I finally got around to finishing up the three remaining pirates from the first Bones Kickstarter. Reaper Bones 77133: Gruff Grimecleaver, Dwarf Pirate I found it amusing that the original pewter mini was holding a chicken in the left hand, and that it was swapped out with a pistol for the Bones version. I suppose the former would have pegged him for "ship's cook," whereas the flintlock now makes him more of a viable combatant (if a conspicuously short one). I've already got one or two "ship's cooks" anyway. Since there was a bit of a "front yard" area once I stuck it into a plastic Chronoscope 30mm lipped base, I used a bit of spare putty (I sometimes mix up too much at a time) to sculpt a little provisions barrel half-buried in the sand, using a knife edge to press out the areas around a barrel ring, and then to carve plank edges and "wood grain." Reaper Bones 77134: Hajad, Pirate This is the closest in Bones to a "regular" pirate crewman (i.e., male, not the captain, and not a dwarf), although the chest hefted over the shoulder means that I would have to do some conversion if I were to get several copies of this figure for serving as "pirate crew." Since right now I just have the one, I figured I'd just paint it as-is. I added a shovel and lantern from my "bitz box" to the front area since there was space, thinking it would fit the theme of a pirate who is either about to bury some treasure, or else just finished digging it up. Reaper Bones 77135: Mariel Twinspar, Female Pirate More gratuitous base littering! In this case, I used another patch of "surplus" mixed putty to make a small corked bottle half-buried in the sand. The skull face sticking up is actually shaved off of the back of a Warhammer Fantasy cloak "bit" (where for some reason it was in fashion to have a human skull hanging on the back of the cape -- because SKULLZ). I'd like to claim a success at one of the rare instances where I actually managed to *highlight* an eye ... but it's really too BIG of a highlight, and when I zoom in too much, it just looks weird. At least it looks okay on the table.
  8. Here he is number 4 for the month. It took a while to figure out how to re-work the staff, but I like the result.
  9. Also painted up for the little people challenge:
  10. Painted up for the little people challenge:
  11. For my character, Kadu Valasdottir Ashfist in the the Shadows of Eldolan RP thread over here. Clan Ashfist is a mining clan whose lower reaches were home to an entity known as Umugar’abiuzzum, or “the Death in the Deepnessâ€. Many decades ago, the clan began offering minor prayers and eventually sacrifices to this being to ward off it’s evil influence, a practice that eventually became twisted into outright worship. It was into this environment that Kadu was born, never thinking twice about the religious practices she was raised with. Lord Reward Barning, a paladin of some note, organised an expedition into the mines to determine what became of several merchants from Horizon who had vanished in the region. The Ashfists initially attempted to deceive the expedition, but when it became apparent that this was not working, they changed tactics and sacrificed several of the humans to Umugar’abiuzzum. During the battle that followed, Kadu was one of several seized as hostages as the expedition withdrew. She spent the final 7 years of her minority amongst the monks of the Shrine of the Warden Agiel the Beneficent. Technically, she was a ward of the Shrine, though with her evil origins, she was treated as little more than a prisoner. When she reached adulthood, she elected to become a paladin of the order, a choice that surprised many at the Shrine and has left some skeptical.
  12. This post is a follow-up to A Pair of Very Old Dwarfs and a Very Old Gnome. The best I could come up with for a size comparison was a work-in-progress conversion of a current GW plastic Dwarf warrior model. As you can see, they are pretty similar in size, but the overly-muscled design of the newer dwarfs makes the King look quite the shrimp! I've also included a picture including the newly-finished Queen Asabelle Dragonsmiter, and a group shot of the completed Court-to-date. Thanks for looking!
  13. So this was another one of my experiments in trying to paint a tabletop quality mini. Overall I'm not too thrilled with it. The top highlight on the cloak in particular makes me itch. I painted her in about four hours at paint day and decided the cloak needed a lot more contrast at the last minute. I think I was thinking more about getting food at that point :) I did learn a bit more about trying to maximize brushstrokes, and I also learned that I need to work a lot more with my paint consistency. Anyway, here she is.
  14. This guy looked so dark and grim that I decided to paint him as a duergar. I've always liked the way the red hair looked against dark skin. So here he is in progress..
  15. Since my receipent has received and unboxed his gift I am now posting them for you vireiwing enjoyment. First up is : 14588: Dhulrekk Thulfinson, Rune Warrior Followed by the bones: 77040: Satheras, Male Warlock His scroll actually contains words written using a mage font I found online. Feel free to guess and if you wish PM me and I will confirm if you get it right.
  16. I got the bones 1 Kickstarter, and so I started painting again after a few years' hiatus. These are just a few of the minis I've been painting recently. EDIT: I have to split this up, got excited and posted a bunch of random minis in one place. Sorry mods!!
  17. Happiest of New Years to you all (if you're into that sort of thing)! With the holidays behind me I hope to get back on track with more frequent posts. Here are three completed models from the Dwarf King's Court set to start off the new year. I was more than a little bit happy to receive that ancient (1982 is pretty venerable if you are 1" tall and made of lead) Citadel Miniatures boxed set for Christmas. My wife scored major points with that one! I have been plugging away at them since tearing the wrapping off, and have finished three so far. They are King Dumin Ironbeard, his bodyguard Orizad Oldrock, and the gnome jester, Corbit Shortstuff. I hope you like them. Comments and questions are always much appreciated. Thanks for looking!
  18. Another quick table top job for a friend's Christmas present.
  19. Here are yesterday's efforts, the Bones version of Freja Fangbreaker. To be honest, I wasn't really sold on this sculpt until I started painting it, but now I am a believer. She has a lot of haughty, kick-elf attitude. I decided to keep the base simple as she has a lot of little details that I didn't want to be overwhelmed by an ornate base. Questions and comments are always welcome. Thanks for looking!
  20. Started and finished today, I present Hasslefree's Kain: As always, c & c welcome!
  21. Hey all, just a quick picture of an Imperial Dwarf from the early days of Warhammer Fantasy. He is pulling duty as the Noble for my Mordheim Dwarf Treasure Hunters these days. His color scheme set the stage for the entire warband (which I can post another time if there is interest). Questions and comments are always welcome. Thanks for looking!
  22. Here is my painted rendition of Staunton Vhane, a dwarf with some fancy armor, a fancy weapon, and a very bad outlook. He serves Deskari, the demon-lord of locusts. I sculpted the figure based on the painting by Wayne Reynolds from the cover of Pathfinder Adventure Path #84 [edit: #74], "Sword of Valor": http://static1.paizo.com/image/product/catalog/PZO/PZO9074.jpg After I took the first photos of the "finished" figure, I decided that I didn't like the more muted salmon-pink/brown of the base, so I punched up the color with some glazes of purple, red, and orange. Now it is more consistent with the saturation of the green armor. The stock miniature is released with only one horn/antenna to match the interior art in the Pathfinder adventure, but I added the second horn (carved from the sword of another figure and then attached to his helmet), because I figured that the second one was present in the cover art, but foreshortened and hard to see. I enjoyed the challenge of sculpting his intricate insectile armor and the locust on his glaive ... but at some point I also started imagining that the blade was shaped like the head of a rhinoceros. Do you also see the horn on its nose, the eye-hole and nostril, and the locust-wing ear? You may notice that the photograph of the unpainted stock figure has the one horn in a raised position: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/latest/60186#detail/60186_w_1 This position allows the figure to be cast in one piece, but I intended the horn to be bent backward. That's easy to do with pewter, if you bend slowly. (I did the same with the hair on Shalelu: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/oldest/60042#detail/60042_w_1.) Enjoy! Derek
  23. As one of my many ongoing projects, I'm stripping and repainting some old original HeroQuest minis. I don't have a complete set anymore (gave almost all of mine away, including all the expansions), but recently got a second hand set that had some Testors (or similar) slapped on it, and it makes for a fun project to try to recover lost detail. The dwarf in particular was pretty caked up. Being the iconic White Dwarf model, I took some extra time on him, really trying to elevate what are essentially pretty detailless models by modern standards. The gang: Anyway, pretty easy to say they turned out better than my first attempts at mini painting way back then when I was using toothpicks as brushes and second hand craft paints...
  24. What kind of head is that on the staff anyhow? Lioness?
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