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  1. Hard to know exactly what these KDM models really are. Doesn't matter though, because I love them. I have a bunch of these that are assembled and waiting for paint, but they're very intimidating for me with how much detail they have. Loads of bits and bobs that keep having me go back again and again. I wanted to push the bow contrast higher, get more of the arrow fletching details, clean up the fur, but I just lost my patience. Actually... just now noticed a full detail I neglected! The lamp on her hip. Gosh dang it! Looks like I'll be going back one more time.
  2. Evening gents and gentettes! Another mini just finished a Ral Partha Legacy Sea Elf Swordsman, cloaked, sculpted by Tom Meier. This gentleman originally belonged to a blister pack of Ral Partha Half Elves in the Personalities and Creatures that Go Bump in the Night series, and was recently re-released as an elf. Here he is: Pretty small and skinny figure , not a lot of space to get in with his eyeballs and such. So this is the second of the half elves, the first one being in this link: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/104707-ral-partharal-partha-legacy-half-elf-or-elf-sorcerer-sculpted-by-tom-meier/ Two more to go that I'm painting little by little, enjoy for now!
  3. 07097 Ryelle Rainheather, Elf Bard Female Elven Bard - happy about the face. I'm getting there! 30120: Stub, Gnome Accountant - attempted white. Got some feedback about using warmer whites for the shadow and ink blotching his apron to show use. I tried rhe ink blotch and failed, so I just painted some weird yellowish white.
  4. Good evening again all you Reaperaticos! So this one was kind of fun, a figure I wanted to paint for a while, and when he showed up on Ral Partha Legacy, gave me the perfect excuse. I'd actually painted this figure in the eighties sometime, and still have this figure, which I'll show you below to compare. So here's the new version of an elf sorcerer, name given to him at Ral Partha Legacy: I wanted his robes, which to me seem to be be made out of features, to be different and very bright colors, so hopefully accomplished that. So back in the early eighties, when I was but a young whipper snapper painting in high school and junior high, this is the color scheme I gave him, browns and earthy tones, but I also wonder if a miniature painted probably forty years ago doesnt' have his Poly S colors fade a bit. At ths original time of his painting, he was part of a four-piece blister pack, called half elves and then now just for fun, here they are together: I'm painting also at the moment the other three of the four half elves that were in the original blister, and are also being released currently as elves by Ral Partha Legacy. Those will pop up I'm pretty sure pretty soon as I finish them. So anyhoos, enjoy the minis, the comparisons, the job down memory lane, at least my own memory lane.
  5. With but 8 (or so) goblins left to complete my entire goblin horde, I’m dripping in the drow so as to get all of them completed.
  6. and good evening folks! Recently finished this elf with war hammer, another classic Ral Partha piece sculpted by Tom Meier, re-released by Ral Partha Legacy: and more feathers, didn't know what colors to paint them, so just went for some prime colors. Reasonably happy how the armor came out, I see of course still room for improvement, but could have been worse. Anyhoos, enjoy another Tolkienesque little elf!
  7. Good evening all! So as my quest to keep painting Partha elves continues, here's my most recent one, another Elf Adventurer. This one however has an axe and shield, and this time I didn't do any foresty or pastel colors, rather some black and red. The eagle emblem on his shield made me think of much darker colors than usual. So anyhoos, here he is: This is another one of the figures that Ral Partha Legacy has recently re-released. Small minis, but simple and fun to paint! Thanks for having a gander!
  8. Hello all you Reaper beasties! So tonight showing off a mini I just finished yesterday, an old Tom Meier Ral Partha Elf Archer, now re-released by Ral Partha Legacy. Fun and reasonably quick mini to paint, pretty petite. The green shirt was easy to choose, but the purple pants took a while to figure out. Anyway hope you all enjoy!
  9. Hello all you Reaperaholics! So here's another Ral Partha Elf, sculpted by Tom Meier, and re-released by Ral Partha Legacy, what was originally a sea elf, originally called Esgalduin, Sea Elf Guardian, offered both on foot and mounted. Nowadays he's at Ral Partha Legacy called Elf Adventurer with Spear. Originally, before I figured out he was a sea elf, I was thinking of painting him in yellows, whites and pinks, but with the advent of this newly discovered knowledge, I decided to throw some blues in there as well, and his shield too was made a sea foam blue or something. So anyhoos, here he is: The shield, being kind of an odd shape, didn't really feel to lend itself to have me put some kind of something on it, so I just painted it a solid color. So anyhoos, enjoy!
  10. So a bit back I painted two other elf miniatures, which were Adriel, in the aspect of a thief and mage, as the original miniature set from Ral Partha way back was Adriel as thief, warrior mage, something like that. The thief and mage are available at Ral Partha Legacy, but this one, the warrior guise isn't available yet. It might be some day, apparently there were issues with the old mold tearing. In any case, here is Adriel as a warrior She is pretty small and dainty, as were most of Tom Meier's eighties figures. and then here she is with her entire blister pack painted up: I've got so many packs of Partha figures that I want to complete, such sets that came in themes and in groups of three or four. I've got a half elf set, half orc set, then lots of the 3 tiered or leveled adventurers. So many miniatures, so little time......
  11. Hello all, so here's another old Tom Meier Partha elf that I just finished, been on a elf rampage recently, with some more still in the wings. I'm actually enjoying these older Meier elf sculpts because even though they are kind of small, they are relatively straight forward, not overburdened with extra items on the figure, it's usually the character, clothes, some armor, weapons, and maybe a little bag or something, but that's pretty much it. Anyhoos, here is a Ral Partha Elf Thief, also from that Personalities and Things that Go Bump in the Nights Citadel crossover group of elves back from the eighties. Color scheme had me stuck for a while, so went pretty simple on the clothing, off-white and blue. Snazzy little elf with a bag of coin he just swiped off some fat, rich merchant in the street.
  12. This was an exceptionally difficult one for me, but one I'm very happy with the work. I saw this model and thought how cool it would be to do a skin tone coming through under the veil. I wasn't sure about the NMM all over it, but I think it still works. I also realized too late that the thing she's standing on is a felled statue instead of it being a giant acorn. Woops. Seemed like another fitting Halloween model. What do you think? Anything to improve or recommend?
  13. So I wanted to do @haldir idea on some bases, but I got impatient. I also have a boat load of these Base Boss 2 bases. I'm a bit bummed with them though they don't perfectly fit and I have to fill them in a bit I also don't like the cleanup needed. However, they do make a slight save on overall time when I'm basing. Slightly. What do you think?
  14. Hello all you Reapertronics! So have been starting to painted some of my Ral Partha Legacy Kickstarters, and here's an Elf Mage with Wand. Photos are okay I guess, and so hard to figure out colors, but here he is: and a close up of the face, itty bitty and small So enjoy! More to come!
  15. Good afternoon Reapercochlians! So here's one I just finished, a female elf mage, with wand, sculpted by Tom Meier for the last Ral Partha Legacy Kickstarter As always no idea what colors I wanted but something light and pastel. As Mr. Meier is rather infamous for, it's so hard to hit his eyes properly, they are so small. So from the collective hive mind, when you have small eyes on a figure, do you try to keep within the actual confines of what has been sculpted or do you go outside of the boundaries? Anyhoos, here she is: and here's a close up of her face with the eyes: Besides eyes, I'm finding my new favorite hard and horrible thing to paint are the eyebrows. With this one, I almost didn't want to add eyebrows, thinking she's blonde, maybe you wouldn't even see them, but then of course I started looking for blonde elves on line and they are all presented with brows. As you can see, one is a bit different than the other. Sometimes just impossible to get them to look the same. Anyhoos, enjoy!
  16. I submitted this for RCL, and it was admittedly a bit rushed. The theme was unusual hair color. The skin really didn't work out on this, but I was happy with the attempt at texturing the coat. One of a long line of Reaper minis where it's a very beautiful woman's face, but once you start painting you realize that she barely has a nose.
  17. Hello All, Here are photos of a 02577 Dark Heaven Legends "Dark Elf/Drow Queen on a Throne." Thank you for looking.
  18. This was a tough figure to paint; she fought me every step of the way. I stripped and restarted her 3 different tines. The main culprit was the original Bones material, there was a lot of really soft detail there. I intend to get a metal version of her to paint again. I think she could be better, but the person using her for their character is thrilled with her, so that's what's important.
  19. Good evening my Reaperlangarians! So it feels like I haven't been too productive this year, got kind of stuck on painting Lord Soth, which seemed to take longer than it should have, but now that he's painted up, it's onwards to other little projects. These two I actually finished last weekend, but I always take pictures with sunny weather, but it's been cloudy all week long until today. The only time it was sunny was last Sunday when I got up, went grocery shopping really quickly to Aldis and when I got home, saw the sun. I went into the shower really quickly to clean up and then I was going to take pictures of these ladies, but by the time I got out and dried off it was cloudy again. So anyhoos, pictures finally taken and here they are, the first is a Female Dwarven Warrior, not too sure who sculpted her: and the next one is Kylie Darkwalker, a Wild Elf Thief, sculptor also unknown: I like both figures, both pretty fun. I like them especially because they are Ral Partha/Iron Wind Metals figures, but I think sculpted much later in the company's history. I'm guessing latter nineties, but no way to be sure without asking. I'm a bit puzzled by my choice of colors for the elf. I figured wild elf, and though kind of woodsy elf, with brown skin (base code was Reaper's shield brown), and her top is green, but then she has those funky purple pants. She kind of reminds me if I harken back to the days of an old Olivia Newton John video, Let's Get Physical, or something like that where she has a green top and I think pinky/purply spandex pants. I actually just went to look at a picture and my memory was a bit faulty, it was a bright blue top and pink sweatpants. In any case, hope these provide moments of visual pleasure and simulation, until the next chunk of minis!
  20. Hello All, Here are photos of a 77203 Dark Heaven Bones "Alastriel, Female Elf Wizard" I completed yesterday. Thank you for looking.
  21. Hello All, Here are photos of a Dark Heaven Legends 03415 "Lanura Windsong, Elf Wizard" I completed last Friday. Thank you for looking.
  22. Hello All, Here are photos of a 77205 Dark Heaven Bones "Alistrilee, Elf Archer" miniature I completed last week. Thank you for looking.
  23. Hi: Painted this for RCL, but it didn't get submitted as the group sort of fell apart at that last minute. Anyways, it was fun to play with more 'undead' skin tones, and the mix of undercoat plus 'super wash' was unexpectedly effective for both the twine wrap on the spear and the bandage clothing. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a sculptor/plastic surgeon: this witch needs a reverse nose job! She was fun to paint, so I may have to track down a metal or Bones USA version of her at some point.
  24. Hello All, Here is a Bones USA 30001 Lysette Elven Mage I completed several days ago. Thank you for looking.
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