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Found 4 results

  1. Well I had hoped we wouldn't have to do this but unfortuantely a couple of things didn't make it into the final book as planned. As a result we have a little bit of errata to publish. CAV: SO Errata
  2. I wasn't sure where else to put this, but I was looking at the data card for the Knight (the iconic Templar CAV) and noticed that its LBGs are listed as L/R and its flamer is listed as R, meaning that the doubled-up weapon in the right arm is actually a combination flamer & laser, and the unique weapon in the left arm is a flamer. I always pictured the unique weapon as the flamer and the paired weapons as lasers. Of course, the way I just described it, there is a "stage left vs. my left" issue...the unique weapon would be in the CAV's right arm. Again, super minor issue - just thought I'd mention it.
  3. So, I'm running my group through the "A" series, and they are currently going through A1. I have noticed....discrepancies on the map. I usually consider my Google-Fu to be strong, but I am completely stumped on this. Does anyone know of an errata sheet that is out there somewhere? Specific Questions: Room 8 - Where do the stairs down lead to? Rooms 16-18: Am I correct that the only access to this part of the temple is through the portcullis in area 16? I have checked "Scourge of the Slave Lords," the map is exactly the same, and I do have a copy of "Against the Slave Lords," but I don't want to break the shrink on a book that cost me 40 bucks unless I HAVE to. In my experience with the reprints, they didn't do any error checking, and actually created a few in the OCR process, anyway. Thanks in advance!
  4. So while perusing my FLGS on my extended lunch break today, I came across a discounted copy of the Warlord Starter Box (1st edition, [2nd printing, I think] w/ a copy of the 2005 CW! Side note, I love the rough feel of the paper in this CW, as opposed to the glossy pages in the newer ones). So, I picked it up (it didn't indicate it was 1st edition when I bought it, though I had an inkling it was old...), and am wondering how significant the differences are in the rules between 1st and 2nd; and also if there is an errata sheet or update PDF somewhere. SO, yeah! Now I have a Warlord rulebook, even if it is out of date. I can't wait to play! (OCD insists I paint all figs before fielding them. And paint them well...) -Dave
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