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Found 24 results

  1. It's been a while since I've posted anything to WIP, but I'm trying to get my mojo back. This particular model has had a few new things applied to it that I was testing, but am not totally happy with. The main thing is I'm getting paint down and learning as I go, but there's a few questions I have: 1. Ink washes - so, I'm getting a lot of pooling when using them. I'm using DR inks with a drop of ink, drop of flowaid, and a touch of water. This leaves it glossy and pooled in places pretty badly. Tried going to ink and flow aid only so it'd drift more into the recesses, which h
  2. This is my contribution to the RCL trios category with @Evilhalfling and @Kuroneko. I decided on a Hampshire pig instead of spots. I love how much character the faces have.
  3. Printed on my Elegoo Mars Design from Artisan Guild. Goraku the Oni Mage, part of my Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon Project. WIP here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79416-nippon-land-of-the-rising-moon-by-glitterwolf/page/15/#comments To show off his size I also took a picture of Goraku with Master Nurin.
  4. Kinda fun to paint. I still need to work on my iPhone photography.
  5. A grouping from RBJ Games Company's latest Kickstarter, Pig-Faced Orcs (and Ettin Bodyguard!) Not'Nord, the Ettin(ess) Normal Nord: Shooty Nord: Shootier Nord: Iron Nord: Smashy Nord: Guardy Nord: Tossy Nord:
  6. Hadn't seen this here yet: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1620164718/28mm-pig-faced-orcs?ref=user_menu You enter the cavern with water dripping down from overhead. The smell of rotten meat is thick in the air. From up ahead in the distance you hear the loud battle cry of your enemy SQUEEEEEEE! Painted by Ben Rodman Pig faced orcs. The most iconic encounter of any classic adventure. We have a nice variety of these little oinkers in the pen. We enlisted the help of Bobby Jackson to sculpt the porcs and Jason Wiebe for all the pork besties. They did a
  7. From Bones 1, Nor'Okk the Ettin ...maybe I should get me a turntable and start making 360 videos instead... 50mm base 77103 Nor'Okk the Ettin Reaper Miniatures 2012 from the Bones 1 kickstarter, "Mind Your Manors" add-on Sculpted by Tre Manor Bones classic (The orginial soft bendy material) 50mm base
  8. Used a slow sunday to to pop out this guy (these guys?). Finished the base today, here's the outcome. For myself, I'm happy :)
  9. #99 The Ettin: or two headed giant if you will. I went with a not typically European skin colour to clash jarringly with the very typically European-looking shield on it's belly, just to annoy those who have a problem with that sort of thing. 50mm base. It still only counts as a single giant. #99 Bones 4 Core set, 2019 Reaper Miniatures unknown sculptor Made in Bonesium PVC 50mm bases, pig and cart on 100x60mm base. should be available from reapermini.com some time in the future in Bones.
  10. Hey all, It's been a while! Didn't get a lot of painting done in the back half of last year because of a few things, but I have started to climb back to the painting desk. I have a few projects I have completed that I will have to upload, but for now enjoy this rendition of Nor'Okk the Ettin. For some reason I have a soft spot for large, Ogre-like miniatures. I like the scale, I like that they're humanoid but big enough to have really good opportunities to play with muscle tone, etc. I do have a lot of ogres set up to work on, so I wanted to make this ettin differen
  11. One of my favorite D&D monsters, ready to unleash him on the party
  12. My DM wanted an Ettin for next week's game, and since I have lots and lots of minis... Well, I guess it falls to me! First time using green liner. Also mixed in some brown liner with Ruddy Flesh for the skin he's wearing and the clubs. The beard & hair is Dragon Red.
  13. I love this sculpt, such a blast to paint! Incredible detail and personality poured into this one. I tip my hat to John Manor, beautiful job. C&C welcome as always. I hope you like it!
  14. Okay gang, Need to know if someone can help me out. I have had to settle for making paper mini's for my DnD campaign until I can get some money together and start buying more mini's from reaper. I have a scale I use for smaller figures, but I need one I can use for bigger ones. Does anyone know the measurement of 03137: Nor'Okk, Ettin minus the base. That way it will help me in scaling my minis for larger figures. Actually just need his height. Thanks
  15. Among the many challenges there are in becoming a good mini painter, I've found getting flesh tones right to be one of the most difficult. I spent quite a bit of time trying to achieve a realistic look on the Ettin. I think I've made some progress - but lots of room for improvement. (I found the following video to be really helpful in understanding how to paint flesh tones: )
  16. Do you think this guy (these guys?) killed one of Fulumbar's (77011) brothers? He's got that tankard shield... Those could be dwarf hands around his neck. I imagine that must smell pretty bad.
  17. I loved this doing this piece. It was my first time experimenting with this much flesh tone. Overall, I am pleased with how he came out. The original concept was going to be half undead, half alive for a game I was running. I decided, after a failed attempt at zombie looking skin, to go a different route, two different flesh tones. As a bones mini, there was one slight imperfection. On his belt, there was a series of skulls. It appears one of them got a bit muddled in the casting process. My sculpting ability is non-existant, so I painted it as a mass of something gross, maybe a fungus
  18. Here are some of my non-reaper work, from the Descent 2nd Edition board game by Fantasy Flight Magma Elemental Ettin (sorry for poor picture quality)
  19. This guy was a good time. I didn't go for anything special or challenging besides trying out a classic green skin, which I rarely use. I like how it turned out, my hobgoblins from Bones 3 might end up green.
  20. Hey all! Been a while since I took pictures, but I got a batch done yesterday, so I will be putting a few threads on here over the next couple days. Thought I'd try to start strong; I love this mini! There is a weird thing on the sculpt that I noted in the Bones/LE forum section about the rope on his back disappearing into his shoulder, but it seems to be built into the sculpt, so I kind of ignored it and painted around it like everyone else. Of course, now that I look at my pictures I didn't take any back shots anyway so there's no real reason for me to have just said that. Really tried t
  21. So I'm painting up Nor'okk, and things are going swell. Finishing up all my bigger basecoats first as I tend to. Then I get to the details and noticed this fella has a rope going into his arm. What's going on with this? I hadn't really noticed it in pictures before, so I looked some up. Seems it bothered other people as well, as most of them had taken pictures of the rope hiding behind something like his club: It almost makes sense from this angle, too: But here, in the full back view, the upper right shoulder clearly has a rope going into it: Pretty unusual, looks like Tre j
  22. I started this guy at the race track on vacation, and put up a couple of posts in my consolidated WIP. But since there is quite a bit still to go on him, I figured I'd start a new separate WIP for him (<Grampa Simpson> as was the style at the time <\ Grampa Simpson>). So here are pics of the initial base coat: And then after a heavy wash: That gets us caught up to the old WIP.
  23. Hello! This is my first ever post on the Reaper Forums! I got my kickstarter this summer and I've been LOVING how much my skills have improved from all the practice! I am new to basing and photographing mini's but that will improve over time. What I'd like most of all is to hear from you about what you think. Constructive criticism welcome too!
  24. Freshly back from TotalCon, I can happily report that the Ettin I've been working on in my WIP thread is done, and delivered to its owner. He seemed quite happy with it, and I enjoyed the project. (For those who haven't read up on it, one of our local PFS Venture Lieutenants asked me to paint up 77103, Nor'Okk as a "stuffed" version of Vroth the Crusher from a certain PFS scenario as a gift for his teenaged son.) I mostly painted the model normally, but I tried to base him as if on display in a home or museum, and I added a few stitched up scars, where a grievous wound might have been repa
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