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Found 12 results

  1. Painted this fellas up for my mystery fall exchange partner, SGHawkins. She asked for something she could use in an upcoming nautical campaign so some sea type monsters seemed just the thing. Im super happy she likes them.
  2. Painted up this little lady and not so little doggie for my Fall Exchange partner Marineal. She requested gaming appropriate bases but I couldn't help myself so the figures are removable from the display base.
  3. So, this was by far the most challenging composition for an exchange mini yet. My partner was MiniBart and the work he has done in the past has both challenged and impressed me with the composition of the work. In turn I wanted to provide a piece that would provide an artistic view as well as just being a miniature. In addition I know that he doesn't play so these pieces are all meant for display. Anyway the decision was a real challenge. I finally decided on the dwarven brewmeisters because they have exceptional character and they set up a good story just by themselves. I also like to work with wood and I have finally started to get my wood shop in operation again so I created a parquet floor for the little guys. The piece is larger than it has to be but my intention was to give the image of grand space and open floor: this is the dwarf king's hall after all! I wanted everything to seem oversized. To that end I present "Crossing the Mountian King's Hall" 3 nephews of the king needed to speak with their uncle to help determine their fates. The trip was long, the hall flowed off into the dark, and the result might be scary, after all, he was the king! How to make the journey? Surely, one should come prepared and fortified, so a tavern was sought. "But" cried the youngest with a mug in each hand "the hall is long! surely no amount of preparation will last the entire trip!" So a better solution was sought, and the pony and keg were bought. but woe betide our young visitors: the king had decreed a strict no animal policy in his halls. It turned out they tended to get lost and become most annoying. What were our fellows to do! "we shall carry the burden! We shall draw lots and the winner will wear the yellow hat of glory and bear the beer!" lots were drawn, accusations flew, lots were drawn again, and the eldest acquired both hat and keg. So our little friends begin their journey, walking and preserving their energy with the elixir of life for all dwarves: Beer! I hope you enjoy looking as much as I did creating! C&C is always welcome!
  4. I received my fall exchange from Keianna yesterday; I had asked for something outdoorsy/fall themed and/or something creepy for Halloween; it turns out I got both! They are both wonderfully painted; thank you so much! Also if you have more/better pictures, please feel free to add them, or link to to a separate thread. Thanks again!
  5. So, here's the mini I just received in the mail from plasticplan. The colors I asked for were (specifically) "monochrome," and the inspiration I gave was "Play it once, Sam, for old times' sake." And this is what popped out of his head (and brush): That little splash of red gives her just the right touch, I think. (I may not have gotten all the little paper towel fuzzies off of her. ) Thank you, plasticplan, and if I didn't make it clear in the PM, I her!
  6. Frost Wyrm Sculpted by Kevin Williams I got Auberon for the exchange. I decided to go a different direction for this than the name would suggest, "frost." The "spots" are GW:brown (that I can't remember the name of right now) with upper highlights using Pearl White (a metallic paint) then a a glaze of a Vallejo Orange and a re-highlight of the Pearl white. The eyes are ALL metallic's and the base is from the Michael's Arts and Craft. Wood rounds. I used Reaper Ginger bread paint for the base, washed it and dry brushed it. All in all I think it turned out well. For my first large monster I think it looks good. I hope Auberon likes it.
  7. Here is my exchange piece I sent off to Inarah since she wanted a surprise I did not want to post a show off until she received her. Luckily today she made it safely and in one piece. Inarah wanted a miniature she could use as a NPC or adventurer for gaming and I have been wanting to paint up a female wizard so I picked out Hannah sculpted by Werner Klocke. I didn't care for the wand so I switched her up a bit (with inspiration from Jennifer Haley's version). As I have been working on skin tones lately I mostly painted her skin with the olive skin triad with some help from the Dark skin triad and some purples for the deepest shadows. I tried something new with her skin as well and after sealing up added some satin brush on sealer to give her skin a luminescence feel. I am not sure if it shows in the photos though. I really loved painting her even though I had a few mishaps (mainly me being clumsy) and had to rework a few areas. Once I had her painted I knew she needed a kitty familiar since Inarah has a few cats of her own and of course her avatar. So I picked out a kitty from Dark Sword's Cat Pack and painted her up to be Hannah's familiar. I wanted to keep her base fairly simple so she could be used for gaming and moved comfortably. Without further ado here are the photos I took before packing her up. C&C welcome of course. And the closeup to really highlight my mistakes Inarah I'm so happy you like her and am glad she made it safely. Hopefully she will get to be a character to hit the game table someday.
  8. This is the mini I painted for robinh for the Fall Exchange. It is Kallaguk from Bones II. Robin asked for a monster and said he liked orange (grin). I tried to work some orange in here and there. I tried to paint him to look somewhat amphibious. Robin's mini got to be my guinea pig for several things I have never done before. This is the first sculpting I have ever done and the first time I have attempted water. Both turned out ok, I definitely need more practice but overall I liked the finished project. Some of the pictures make me cringe because they seem to shine giant spotlights on places I could have done better! I really did like how he turned out and am going to have to get another to paint for myself. My favorite part - the drool! I hid lots of little things in the base. There is a fish skeleton in the water between his feet, a chameleon, a stick monster, another little monster lurking under a bush, and a sheep (or demon) skull. Lots of pictures, I will post some in the first reply. Hopefully Robin has better pictures than I do. I am not a very good mini photographer.
  9. Now that my exchange partner has finally received the package I can post the pictures. I still suck at picture taking so please be gentle. My partner asked for female characters as one of his likes and to push myself with them. So to honor this I went and based the main mini on what I hoped would resemble a cobblestone street in an alternate England (steampunk style). I had never done this extensive a base or cobblestones before. The base is all hand carved from green stuff and with assitance from a friend, I was able to provide a nice victorian style gas lamp in the background (the one I made out of greenstuff was not quite right nor as solid). Due to the scene I was trying to set, I had to up size the base which would then make her difficult to use as a player character. To solve this I made her standing in the street on a "manhole" cover so she is removable. I used a small magnet under the big base and a washer embedded in the manhole cover to hold her on. I present the bones version of Dita the Steampunk witch (in metal she is part# 50236). She was part of KS1 and never made it to full production so this can be considered a collectors item. While waiting for the green stuff to dry on Dita I decided another mini, which is a more typical Player Character was needed and I choose another bones mini-- Trista the White Wolf fighter (part # 77094). I hope you like.
  10. Now that my exchange partner received the mini I can show the pictures I took before sending. I have not done an undead in a long time, not something I normally go for. But that was the request so I chose the Nightspectre. The smoke gave me a good opportunity to work on my blending. Added some tombstones to the base and added two graves from Fenryll I had lying around. I am happy how it turned out.
  11. Okay, according to USPS, the minis I sent out for the Fall Exchange were supposed to be delivered today. I'll let the recipient speak up when he/she opens them, but here they are. (Pictures courtesy of my Sony Turnip 1.25 nanopixel camera) Dark Sword Hamster Thief: 03401: Aeris, Elf Ranger and Panther Leopard: As always, C&C welcome!
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