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Found 18 results

  1. Every fiendish army needs tiny minions to throw through the meat grinders. Today I've got some assorted imps and quasits (the demonic counterpart to imps for you non-D&D folk). First up, The Quasits These fun little guys are the grunts of the demonic legions. The front two are Quasits from the Nolzur's Unpainted set "Imps & Quasits" #WZK73719. The back three are Reaper Bones Hordlings (77335). More Below the Spoiler: And up next, The Imps These three imps are all Nolzur's from "Imps & Quasits" #WZK73719 and "Familiars" #WZK72563 More Below the Spoiler Was definitely going cross-eyed after painting these tiny guys. What's the smallest mini you've ever painted? (Feel free to share pictures)
  2. Sis and I painted two sets of these inbetween other stuff. Hope you like them!
  3. Thanks for the help on the Skelzi rep. The sinspawn will work great for the them & I ordered a Croc Game Hakaru Witch Master for their leader. It beats just using blank mini bases!! I've got anther one. I'm gonna add a really cool adventure I found on DmsGuild called "Down came a Blackbird" for Saltmarsh. I'm gonna stick in after the party gets down with either Sinister Secret or possibly Danger at Dunwater. Anyways, there are encounters with blood hawks & other regular similar birds. I know I'm gonna use the birds or prey familiars but I think I have a encounter that requires like 4 or 5 of them so, getting that many familiar packs isn't cost prohibited. Any other bird minis out there that might sit in for blood hawks & similar avian? I know about the vulture pack as well, but I'd like to avoid that one, as my players will THINK they are buzzards & they are other birds. If anything, if the party delays getting to DCaB till after RCON, I can always have someone already attending grab the birds out of the Boneyard bins & get them using my melt credit. Possible as we play every 2 weeks. In the meantime thou....
  4. This weekend I painted up half the bones Familiars 1 set—the wolf, bat, and cat—as part of my plan to make it through some of my backlog. It’s been a really rewarding and fun set to paint, none of the minis take long, and despite the most of the figures being tiny the easy access to reference material made them pretty straight forward.
  5. Coyote waits, out in the desert. He is always hungry, that old trickster. Bonus! a couple of Nolzur/Wizkids beasties. Vulpes vulpes flavus and .
  6. My Druid found a tan bag of tricks in a Dragons horde. So now animals are on my list... here’s some heyenas
  7. These mini's are sooooo tiny! AND adorable!! I did have some trouble really picking out details on the Fairy and the one I am referring to as "Ragdoll". The soft edges were a little confusing at first and the way the Fairy's body is positioned, it was hard to tell what was leg or clothing! lol But I looked on google to get some reference from others that had already tackled these. That was super helpful! After that I had painted these 3 up and set em aside for a while and worked on other things, not really sure what I wanted to do with them. Then a couple weeks ago I went on a Youtube binge watching soooo mannny videos about basing and came up with some cool ideas! (Stay tuned for more on that!) While cleaning up my bulletin board, a pushpin broke. The metal part, right off. I almost tossed it out, but I have a problem holding onto anything that might be useful later lol. But then I immediately imagined it as a spool of thread. *sketch idea, hold for later* Then I just had to figure out what mini to use and my husband suggested the ragdoll, I mean she is stitched together so ya! Then I did the Treant, those yellow bits on his base are foraged pieces of the invasive plant Virginia Creeper. We have some growing on our shed and as I was clearing it away I noticed how cool the little feets from their vines they use to climb look, so I snipped a ton of em, dried em out and hold onto them for neat terrain. These ones I chose to paint this yellow tone to accent the tree, without taking away or distracting from it! Lastly, was the fairy, I just felt her jamming out on top of a little pile of rocks would be cute lol. So I used cork as stone and little bits of clump foliage and some other cork stone and flock to decorate. Thanks for looking everyone! C&C always welcome!
  8. Hey Folks, I'm trying to figure out what these creatures are. https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/familiar%20Bones/sku-down/77196 The Fire Elemental (3rd from left) I'm pretty sure of, but what are the others meant to be? The tags on the product page (Monster, Animal, Familiar, Familiars, Fairy, Fey, Elemental, Snake) are less than helpful.... I'd really like to know what they're intended to be before I begin painting... Thanks!
  9. Note: All of these are from Reaper Bones #77176 (familiar pack) I haven't done the bases for these yet, those will be done later. I also accidentally deleted the photo of the ferret... Sorry. First up, the Fox. Not bad... Not GOOD, but not bad either. Second, the Cat. I decided to do it as a Siamese cat, 'cause it doesn't look too "fluffy", and I hate black cats (even though both of mine happen to be black...). Though it turned out okay, I did notice afterwords the large seam along it's back (too late now), and that I failed to do a proper "fade" on it's front-right leg... The rest faded nicely though. Thirdly, the Bird. Too small to be a hawk (which I already did with the "animals pack" anyway), and too small to be a raven (which would be boring to paint anyway), I went with a Blue Jay... I'd like to remind you how small this figure actually is (about the size of my fingernail) - so I think I got a pretty darned good amount of detail on it, all things considered. :D Note 2: I didn't do the bat yet, nor the fairy dragon... I'll show off the bat, faerie dragon, and ferret later in another "batch".
  10. Painted the reaper Bones familiars 2. I didn't know whut the one mini was so I painted it how I thought it should go. It's the one that looks like he's carrying logs. I had a blast painting the fire elemental. Tell me whut you guys think.
  11. Hi all, I started building up a new army for Kings of War: "The Forces of Nature" (new race introduced in 2nd edition). The first unit I painted is the "Forest Shamblers". Those are ogre-sized, magically bounded constructs of tree/wood, stone, mud and vegetation (...according to Mantic's description... which I guess is a way to explain that they look treeman-ish, but also a bit like natural golems). I decided to use the advantage of KoW rules that don't consider individual models, but units as a whole, and put them up on a scenic base. I also added a few animals here and there to make it more interesting (you may recognize a Reaper bird familiar, otter, frog and seagull). I'm happy with the result overall. The drawback is that it was slower than my regular "painted army quality" speed, mainly due to the base ; and I'm not sure how resilient this will be on the tabletop (but I can't say that I play too much anyways... so that shouldn't matter). C&C welcome.
  12. Heyall, I've dropped off the map a little cause real life, and all that. However i found some time to paint some tiny's up. I love familiars cause they are fast(er) and fun. Like instant gratification in the realm of painted things. Here are two 3567 succubus, The succubus is meant to be used with my Darkspawn Army, her coloring and base match the rest of them. Front shot linked: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10206319545800676&set=a.1134316351253.21880.1027630335&type=3&theater 14041 demon carrying a book. He is meant to be used with my gnomes.. when i finally get around to painting more of them. I especially like his "skin" bag Please excuse the photo quality.. cell phone camera and not a lot of time to take real pics not to mention missing most of my "photobox" stuff. Enjoy yall!
  13. I must say, the small size of these models (especially the smaller of them) made this a nice challenge. I did my best to find reference photos of real animals to use as a basis for painting them, which was a big help. I have two sets of each of these, and with the exception of the wolf, wolverine, and bat, I painted the duplicates differently, to provide more variety. Here are pictures of the Animal Familiars: Bat, Crow, Red Fox, Weasel, and a 'black' cat. Bat, hawk, grey fox, ferret, and a brown-striped tabby cat. And here are pictures of the Animal Companions: Snow leopard, vulture, wolverine, wolf, brown bear. Black panther, falcon, wolverine, wolf, black bear.
  14. Hi, not really knowing what to do with some of the animals companions from Bones II, I decided to paint and setup a little vignette with them. Introducing Anwyn as a beast master / tamer. There are quite a few things I would want to redo on her (eyes, actually blending the highlights, etc...), but the "good enough" bug hit and i took it off the work in progress shelf. Here are a few snapshots of the familiars. The Bear: The Wolf: and the Fisher (at first I though it was a very big Marten) C&C welcome.
  15. I did half of this set in a rush right before Halloween last year to use as decorations on the snack table. I finally painted up the "angel" last night. I left the back of the gremlin/goblin out of the second shot because it looks a bit inappropriate.
  16. So to finish off the month of March I decided to go ahead and post two little critters I painted recently. I normally would wait to post these guys with the entire piece but I wanted to get them in for the RPChallenge. So here they are prior to basing. And the best shots I could easily get with them on their new home. They both were fun little paints with so much character I love adding critters to bases as they bring such life to a scene.
  17. I gave my daughters each one of these and a se of familiairs. Of course I helped a bit. But they chose the colours and did the first coats. It was made three years ago. As I explained I have to repost my work due to account trouble. Hope I don't bore you with it, The first is by the oldest, the second is by the youngest.
  18. http://img803.imageshack.us/img803/5684/familiars.jpg Hey guys, as I promised I'm increasing the amount of minis I paint and show off this year so here are my next group for your viewing. These guys are ultra small, but the thing is, they're sculpted as if they were full size! Just an amazing job by Ridolfi here on these pieces. Makes me want to grab up all the familiars! So tiny, so cute! I would love an entire line of minis at this scale, as long as they were all sculpted with such features and skill as these, I mean just look at the body/face/hair of that little wingless succubus, can't believe how small she is! WOW Alright, until next time my friends, Sean
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