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Found 256 results

  1. Open Air Art Gallery vignette. This is the (6th) of 8 vignette pieces that make up the traveling Gypsy market. It is complete except for the base edge ground cover work & the final seal spray of the whole vignette piece...The piece is a (5"x5") vignette built on ceiling tile. The art panels depict; 1. Gypsy camp life views (interior panel)... 2. The Gypsy dancer (interior panel)... 3. Gypsy legend with wolves/werewolves (interior panel)... 4. The Gypsy witch (exterior panel)... 5. The Gypsy female (exterior panel)... 6. Gypsy legend with beautiful horses (exterior panel)...
  2. Gypsy witch tent & vignette. This is the (5th) of 8 vignette pieces that will make up the traveling Gypsy market. It is complete except for the base edge ground cover work & the final seal spray of the whole vignette piece...The piece is a (5"x5") vignette built on ceiling tile.
  3. Ale Wagon & Food Table vignette. This is the (3rd) of 7 vignette pieces that will make up the traveling Gypsy market. It is complete except for the edge ground cover work and the addition of some ale mugs sitting on the table...and the final seal spray of the whole vignette piece...The piece is a (4"x6") vignette built on ceiling tile,
  4. Gilded Lily Cat House Tent & vignette. This is the (4th) of 7 vignette pieces that will make up the traveling Gypsy market, It is complete except for the base edge ground cover work & the final seal spray of the whole vignette piece...The piece is a (4"x4") vignette built on ceiling tile.
  5. Tarot Card Reader tent & vignette. This is the (2nd) of 7 vignette pieces that will make up the traveling Gypsy market. It is complete except for the base edge ground cover work & the final seal spray of the whole vignette piece...The piece is a (4"x6") vignette built on ceiling tile.
  6. Fortune Teller tent & vignette. This is the (1st) of 7 vignette pieces that will make up the traveling Gypsy market. It is complete except for the base edge ground cover work & the final seal spray of the whole vignette piece...The piece is a (4"x6") vignette built on ceiling tile.
  7. Although I have been absent from posting the past week or so; my chubby little fingers have been busy on some odds & ends that will be featured in the Gypsy Camp vignettes tabletop game play terrain. Posted are the following (WIP); 1. Road & sign to the Gypsy Camp (as you can see; built on ceiling tile...as are 98% of my pieces)... 2. Beer wagon vignette (beer wagon, meat roasting on spit, wood pile for fire, table for eats & drinks)...all these will be in a vignette setting base... 3. Main kiosk board that will be featured outside of the main gypsy wagon on a vignette setting base... 4. Kiosk board that will be outside of the fortune teller tent on a vignette base... 5. Kiosk board that will be outside of the tarot card reader tent on a vignette base... 6. Kiosk board that will be outside of the Gilded Lily tent on a vignette base... NOTE: The beer wagon is completely scratch built (except for the barrel)...the wheels are the ends from spools of thread.
  8. Some more Ambient Background Sounds for Roleplaying: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/618425218/darkraven-adventure-soundscapes
  9. Just some quick update postings of booths (WIP)...on the farmers market & renaissance fair project...posted are: 1. Puppet Show booth (current status)... 2. Large Art Gallery booth (current status)...wizard painting mounted... 3. Large Art Gallery booth (current status)...fairy & unicorn painting mounted... 4-5-6. Live pig pen...(current status)...missing sign (pigs for sale)...
  10. Prior to my move (in February) I'd stalled out on my last terrain project, a modular space ship built from Hirst Arts blocks that I'm making for a friend. Since then, I've got no mojo for that project, and rather than waste the relatively good weather we've been having, I've been using the time to cast fantasy blocks, particularly from some of the newer molds that i've picked up. The move (from an apartment to a house) means that I've finally got some real space to store terrain projects after they've been built. In addition to building myself a modular fantasy set of cavern and dungeon pieces (a la Dwarven Forge), I've also had a number of building projects that I've wanted to work on. Foremost among those is a wizard's tower for the archmage in my D&D campaign. She is one of only two players who have played the entire 6+ year campaign with the same character. Early on in their career, I used a pre-gen called "An Evening's Entertainment" to introduce a small inn on a trade route. It was close to Halloween, and the adventure was a bit of a suspense/thriller in which a hive of death scarab beetles find their way into the inn through the mushroom caves attached to the back. They slaughter everyone, and leave behind a gory, gruesome scene that the players discover only a short time later. It was one of the most suspense-filled, tension-driven adventures in the campaign, and it left a mark on the players. So much so, that after they'd eradicated the bugs and cleaned up the mess, they installed a family of refugees as the new inn owners, and made it a regular stop in their travels. The wizard was heavily involved in this process, and has talked about using this location for her tower. So, this wizard tower is actually a two-part project. The first will be building the tower; the second will be building the nearby Sign of the Mushroom inn. This will give the rest of the characters a place to stay when visiting her. It also provide me an opportunity to build some underground secret passages that connect the two together, as a secondary means of entrance and egress from the tower. To start, I'm using the 4" and 8" Round Tower molds (#52 and #64 respectively, from Hirst), as well as the Ruined Tower mold (#65). The 8" Round Tower will provide the bulk of the structural blocks for the first few floors of the tower. Between the 4" and the Ruined Tower molds, I get the flooring I want to not have to make a custom floor for the tower. The 4" Round will provide some internal structure on the first floor, and will form the core of the top level of the tower, also granting access to the roof. I will use the decorative pieces (arches and columns) off of the Ruined Tower to provide additional internal structure on the lower levels while still maintining a more open feeling, and open up the top level to create a balcony feeling. The tower will also include a basement. I've decided to go with fieldstone blocks from the Fieldstone Wall and Accessory molds (#70 and #71 respectively) for the walls, and the Flagstone Floor Tile mold (#260) for the floors and ceilings (I'll explain this later). I've opted for a 5"x5" area for the basement with a 1/2" border around it; walls sitting on that border will effectively make this a 6"x6" area. This will create the slightest bit of overhang relative to the tower above it (6"x6" on the hypotenuse = roughly 8.5") but nothing that can't be hidden relatively easily. The basement (and most levels of the tower, for that matter) will be 3" tall. As the floor blocks are only a 1/4" thick, and my walls that stand on them are 2 1/2" tall, I plan to use a 6"x6" grid of Flagstone Floor Tile blocks face down on top of the basement. These will be attached to the first floor of the tower, which will also act as a keyed mechanism for setting the first floor of the tower in place correctly. In addition, the basement will also feature a working secret door, in which a section of the wall will swing out to reveal a passagewar. This passageway will be 2" wide, with a 1/2" border for the walls. It will be the same height, and use inverted Flagstone Floor Tiles for a removeable ceiling for game play. I've cast enough parts from all the mold in question to at least start the project (and perhaps even finish it; we'll see if additional casting is required). I dry-fit peices for the basement yesterday and started glueing up wall sections today. Once they are dry, I'll get some pics added to the thread. ~v
  11. Fantasy gaming wooden Meeples. Pretty neat idea for some uses. While I personally wouldn't replace my usual gaming figures for war gaming or RPGs, I could see using these for board games or younger kids. Pretty neat idea really. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coe/fantasy-gaming-figures?ref=search
  12. These are the nearly completed (1st three booths) of my farmers market & renaissance fair (RPG) tabletop game board,,,pictured are; 1. Beer booth (The Tin Tankard) 2. Potions/Lotions/Candles/Incense/Herbs booth (Unnamed as yet) 3. Rugs & Fabrics booth (Shags & Rags) All that is left to do is add specific signs & standards. I know that you have grown tired of seeing postings this project in the works...so this is the last posting of these booths until I start working on the board they will be mounted on. I am open to suggestions for the naming of (booth # 2).
  13. This is (booth # 2) in/of my farmers market & renaissance fair table top (RPG) game board. Booth constructed in the same manner as outlined for (booth # 3). This booth represents; 1. Potions 2. Lotions 3. Candles 4. Incense 5. Herbs 6. Soaps All items are jewelry bits & pieces, beads & scratch built carvings. Left to do: Cloth top, selected signs & standards.
  14. This is (booth # 3) in/of my farmer market & renaissance fair table top (RPG) game board. I posted this one (it being the simplest booth to make...the (Fabrics & Rugs) booth. My process for the creation of this booth (as well as all the others) is as follows; 1. Raw wooden booth...stain with (Jacobean) wood stain (Minwax)... 2. Dry brush with...(Light Cinnamon)...Acrylic paint... 3. Dry brush with...(Taupe Safari)...Acrylic paint... 4. Wash with (50/50 mixture)...(Butterscotch Alcohol Ink & Water)... 5. Dry brush with...(Rust)...Pastel chalk powder... 6. Spray with...Lusterless flat spray... Materials are all real fabric cut to scale size (52" wide x 12' long)... Left to do are the cloth top (stripe white & ocher) and addition of small signs...
  15. This is a major (works in progress) item...it will be a (24" x 24") detailed interior view of the (Inn Of Crossed Lances) in (25-28mm)...At the pace I am working on this project, it will be another (9 to 12 months) before it is completed. Featured are the following: 1. FRONT DESK AREA with mail boxes & burning incense...(3 photos) 2. ARMOR, POTIONS, NOTIONS & ADVENTURE GEAR SHOP...(3 photos) 3. SCRIBE SHOP & LIBRARY (1 PHOTO)...in the works currently 4. HALLWAY PAINTING (1 PHOTO) 5. SMALL STORAGE ROOM (2 PHOTOS) 6. BLACKSMITH & CARPENTER SHOP (4 PHOTOS) Yet to go will be the following areas: A. SMALL STABLE (for 3 horses)......only an idea at this time...could be changed! B. LONG WOODEN BAR C. TAVERN MAIN ROOM (with tables & benches) D. HOT TUB ROOM......only an idea at this time...could be changed! E. SMALL BEDROOM W/SLEEPING SERVANT GIRL......only an idea at this time...could be changed! I hope that you fellow (RPG) game players like what I am building and would love to hear from you for other suggestions of possible areas that would be fun to include in this piece.
  16. This is the last piece of my (3D) shire that I can show. It is a tabletop game play scratchbuilt terrain piece (16"x14") and features the Sporting House, Sheriff Cottage & Jail...built on my standard ceiling tile base. The photos feature the following: 1. Overview of piece from the top. 2. Overview of piece from corner angle. 3. The balcony view of The Chateau (Sporting House). 4. Side details of (Sporting House). 5. The Sheriff cottage. 6. Small jail house. 7. Young lady on balcony of (Sporting House) doing local advertising. 8. Overall view of piece with game play figures (view 1). 9. Overall view of piece with game play figures (view 2). I hope that you have enjoyed the viewing of the (9) shire game play terrain pieces that I have posted,,,(7) completed & (2) are WIP. Everything else is still in the raw initial stages of buildings being built (not very interesting and boring stuff). I appreciate all the comments and feedback that I received from a number of the members...Thanks loads!
  17. This is another section of my (3D) shire for (RPG) fantasy tabletop gaming. This is the (Hot Springs Bath & Barber Shop)...(16"x14")...scratchbuilt in my standard way using a ceiling tile base...The only thing left to do on this piece is the (water casting...it will be casting resin...on both the water fall & pool water area).
  18. This is a fantasy shire section that is a (WIP)...it will be a tabletop game piece when finished...it is (14"x12") built on a standard ceiling tile base. Pictured are the following buildings: 1. Yankee Trader (a pawn shop). 2. Rooming House (cheap rates). 3. Dragon Shoppe & Bank (general store & bank). 4. Ceiling tile base board with road cut in. 5. General view of how this will look when finished.
  19. This is an assortment of Grenadier (Dragon Lords) figures from the (Monster Manuscript) collection. All are quickly painted (RPG) tabletop gaming pieces. Featured are: 1. Dryad 2. Elven Hound 3. Woodwendling 4. Earth Hulk 5. Plague Ghoul 6. Fire Elemental 7. Big Mama Ogre 8. Klynops (one eye) 9. Ogre Mage
  20. I don't know if this is the correct place for this posting...if not, please forgive me (and tell me where)... My (RPG) adventure group (The Seekers) have reached a milestone. They have completed (30) tabletop fantasy battle adventures without suffering a single death to a group member (have been playing for 4 months). The game is a basic D&D type of game; but completely designed and created by me. It has a lot of actual (RPG) play to it (in the taverns, the inns, night time camps, etc). The last game session was a (6 hour) marathon (2 days ago). They were successful in leaving their home shire (KRONT) and going to a small seaport (TELFLAMM) to get a wagon of much needed supplies and returning to their home shire with all supplies intact. The trip took (4 days) each way...(8) days total (that is 8 tabletop battle operations). They were attacked by human bandits (4 times)...goblins (8 times)...orcs (3 times)...wolf pack (2 times)...skeletons (4 times)...cultists (4 times). Elmdar (the elf ranger) filled the air with his deadly arrows...Bandar (the human duelist) cut down enemy after enemy with his on target pistol volleys...Draco (the Norse Warlord) wielding deadly blows in close combat with his (2) hand weapons...while Lorna (the spellbinder) went through healing spells & fireball spells like a wildfire blown by heavy winds. The other 4 members of the adventure group also spoke very well for themselves. Drinks for all at the inn and gold coin for their success...all is well...not exactly! The high sheriff of (KRONT) had secretly hired the bandit groups to attack and steal the supplies. Since that plan did not work; and it seems that the high sheriff is sending out dispatch runners to collect (6) professional killers & bounty hunters to now secretly try to kill the adventure group members (one-by-one) during coming adventure games.
  21. This is one of my scratchbuilt tabletop fantasy town/shire gaming pieces. I have (5) other such pieces completed (with varied other structures). All are constructed on a ceiling tile base and are in the 12" x 12" area in size (some slightly larger...some slightly smaller)...I also have another (6) buildings that are completed but not mounted on any base(s). This building stands about 11" tall.
  22. These are the main NPC female characters that the adventure group encounters in my RPG game. These are all playing figures and are as follows (starting in the back row): 1. Female thief (Diedra Darkwillow) 02643 2. Strumpet (Townsfolk III) 02655...(booby flash) 3. Strumpet (Townsfolk III) 02655...(panty flash) 4. Kara female archer (02528) 5. Jade dancing girl (02749) 6. Bar wench (Townsfolk I) 02583...(6 mugs) 7. Dancing girl (02448)...(coin bikini outfit) 8. Bar wench (Townsfolk I)...02583...(high tray) 9. Madam with book (Townsfolk III) 02655 10. Strumpet (Townsfolk II) 02584...(crook finger) Not pictured is (Slave girl)...featured as a solo (Show Off) gallery
  23. These are the main male NPC characters that my RPG adventure group encounters during their adventure game play...these are all playing pieces...(starting on back row...they are): 1. Young wizard (Marcus Starsong) 02637 2. Swashbuckler (Eric Swiftblade) 02144 3. Shire Guard (modified from set 02548)...pole arm weapon added 4. Bandit Chief (Townsfolk Set IV) 02677 5. Bartender (Townsfolk Set I) 02583 6. Blacksmith (Townsfolk Set II) 02584 7. Bandit (Townsfolk Set IV) 02677...running open leg stance 8. Merchant (Merchant & Henchmen Set) 02548 9. Jailer (modified from set 02548)...holding key ring behind back 10. Bandit (Townsfolk Set IV) 02677...kneeling Not pictured are (Town Beggar) and (Slave Master)...already posted as single characters on Show Off forum.
  24. This is a livery piece for the shire (or as a stand off piece in the wilderness). This is where the adventure group can buy the (adventure cart)...where they feed & rest their horse for the night...or (as a standoff piece) can take refuge for the night in the barn (if Silas allows them to do so). This is a tabletop game playing piece that is (14" x 11") in size.
  25. I wanted to display a terrain piece (town shire) that is a work in progress...this piece is (14" x 12") and the photos feature the following: 1.How the piece will look once the buildings are mounted (minus ground cover & landscape details). 2.The ceiling tile that is used for the base (used on this and all my other terrain pieces). 3. Guard barracks & town meeting hall building. 4. Mayor cottage. 5. Watch tower (stands 8" tall).
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