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Found 5 results

  1. I got this to be my first bust to paint, sourced from Figone. CMPA had the "Bust a Move" challenge, so I finally painted him up. Yep, first bust! Next time I'll try a human or humanoid. Mounting him was kinda a nuisance, but I did something basic. He has a magnet on his back, and I greenstuffed a magnet to a nail. I can change the base later if I want. He's the first of my limited palette challenges, and I used blue because blue is a pretty easy one and I thought he'd do well with it. I smooth blended the face, and semi-smooth blended the mane, and went back for fur texture with a tone just one or two steps off of the layer beneath it. I imagined him as a lion day dreaming of a fantasy world, and a bit whimsical. Eyes: NMM Gold Triad (Shadow, Base, Highlight), Dragon White, Pure Black, S75 Tindalos Red. The Majority of Stuff: Pure White, Ghost White, Morning After Blues, Sky Blue, Dragon Blue (base fur color), Midnight Blue, Nightmare Black, Vallejo Game Color Black Ink.
  2. I really enjoyed painting this model. Its the first (and only, so far) model that I've finished for 2018. She was a gift for a friend. I'm really happy with how she turned out, especially her face (surprisingly enough, for me).
  3. CMPA is doing a "Bust a Move" challenge. I've been meaning to paint this lion for a while. The only non blue part are his eyes. The rest will be 50 Shades of Blue. I am basing with Dragon Blue, but intend to subdue it with less saturated blues as I go. First bust and first monochrome! Okay, almost monochrome
  4. From Figone, Allan Carrasco sculpting, when too much Orc is barely enough. Got to get Allan to do a few Reaper projects.
  5. I started the figure, Arthur, from Figone the other day. The scene I'm trying to create will be the young king Arthur right after he's pulled the sword from the stone. The figure is relatively simple, not a lot of details, so I decided to add a bit more using some photo etch from Etch Master. I attached the shield to his back along with the strap over his shoulder. This will allow me to add some more heraldry to the figure. I also swapped out the sword blade for one a bit longer. I wanted the exaggerated length so it really looked like a child holding an adult's sword. The face was a bit of a challenge. I needed to downplay the details as too many shadows or dark lines would ruin the youthful look. Still, I tried to build up some contrast around the cheeks and under the chin. I tried to keep the clothing simple so I stuck with primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. For a little more detail I did a checkerboard pattern on his pants. I've done this on a number of figures so it's something I feel pretty comfortable doing. I started with a base coat of yellow (palomino gold) and then took a medium blue (brilliant blue) and sketched in the squares. Try to keep the squares uniform and follow the lines of the pants. At this stage it's still pretty rough. Take a step back to evaluate the lines and square sizes. I then make a variety of tweaks to get it to look a bit better (adjust the squares to line are parallel, fix the sizes as needed, etc). Now I go back in with the yellow and do all of my shading and highlighting (chestnut gold, buckskin pale), followed by the blue (burgundy wine, ashen blue). It's at this stage that I try to clean up the lines and sharpen the corners. Finally I do a number of passes back and forth between yellow and blue cleaning up whatever needs to be fixed. If you're trying this for the first time, pick a surface that is relatively flat (not too many folds and bends). And you might find larger squares are easier to begin with than smaller ones. On a relatively simple figure like this one those extra details can really help. I also plan to add some heraldry to the shield, but haven't gotten that far yet. Here's how the original figure looks before the accessories.
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