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  1. My son voted Pyro over Cryo I added a clear spell effect from Bones 4 or 5 for the flame projectile. Made the eyes of that head brighter to emphasize the energy discharge. Made a simple base using Molding Paste, and dry brushed it up to where it would appear firm enough to support this beast.
  2. "Sculpted" from green stuff with a wire skeleton on a 40mm base. Mostly to see how it would turn out, inspired of course by some of the elementals you encounter in WoW. Should have tilted his "head" up the natural shadowing makes it hard to highlight his "eye". My sculpting is limited, though I used a cobblestone roller to get most of his rockiness. Not sure if I will put more work into this one, It should suffice to terrorize the party. Long term work on this one, finally complete (?) Other base is a test for the paint mix. Edit 2: I started this since I couldn't really find anything available miniatures wise for my needs, as one will see some ideas for new minis.
  3. A buddy gave me this Humblewood Aspect of Fire. He already had one and had been given one as a birthday gift. It comes as a translucent orange mini and three fires. I painted him up as closely as I could to the box art. He’s gargantuan sized. Also finished the large fire elemental from Blacklist Games (also translucent orange plastic) and the second large (huge) fire elemental from Bones 1. I based my Bones LFEs on huge bases bc they fit better. All of my fire elementals are now painted and I’ll be moving on to the other ones.
  4. Introducing General Woundwort Hellbringer otherwise known as "The Stig". Sometime Commander of the Armies of Muspellheim, General of the Volcano Legions, Servant to the true Emperor Surtr...it is said he once 'borrowed ' Sleipnir and made the Bifrost run in less than 12 parsecs...and that he slew the ice dragon whose skin he wears while playing truant from kindergarten using the family sword on which he teethed...it is said that the diamond encrusted bracelets of Storm Giant strength he wears were a gift from Zeus himself...Stig and Loki were on a stag do in Sparta and weighed in on the side of Heracles and the Argonauts in a barroom brawl against Ra and the crew of the Solar barque....Best Giant figure yet from Reaper enjoyed every minute of painting
  5. Took a stab at trying to paint fire again. I was inspired by another who posted a basing technique I wanted to try
  6. Started this back before I realized the translucent figures benefitted from an undercoat of clear varnish. Finally finished for RCL.
  7. Hello everyone! Here's Tolgh the bellicose, Tolgh the vainglorious, Tolgh the lesser demon, for he has many names. This model was sculpted by Jim Johnson. It was part of The Court of Abyst boxed set, sku: 10005, now out of production. It is 41 mm tall, the base is 25 mm. The wings come from a 02040, gargoyle sculpted by Bob Ridolfi, also made by Reaper. I also added flames to his scimitar and base to create a warm environment just for him.
  8. the last of the elemental Scions - I loved painting all of these. she was sat on my desk for at least a month primed with a bit of base coating. She was pushed aside for other projects. then the RCL popped up a "Gradient" theme. really every part of her is a gradient and she just clicked in my head. I am not as satisfied with the hair as I wanted, I decided to go minimalist on the top of the blades, but added reflected colors to the underside. I liked the horns enough that I repainted the male scions to match. Her skintones were tied close to his as well. ill add his images later.
  9. Last one for a bit, I swear! This one isn't a Reaper mini, but I had to share it because it is actually seeing game time! I am using it as the BBEG for the excellent introductory module "A Most Potent Brew" by Winghorn press. My kiddos have just encountered this beast, and it definitely spooked them a bit! Next session is the climactic final battle! I have a poster of the dungeon and everything - it has been really fun so far, and I plan on using it as a lead in for LMoP. If they survive.
  10. Bringing the heat to Frostgrave. .
  11. Hello everyone, here are pictures of a dragon I completed Yesterday. This is a Ral Partha 10-463, T'Char Dragon of The Flame and Fury sculpted by Sandra Garrity in 1992. I bought this model in 1993 and assembled it in 1995. It has been on a shelf all these years. It’s a pleasure to see it finally painted. This amazing sculpt is 175mm tall, almost 7 inches at the top of the wings. The original model comes with a nice base around which I added more rocks and branches. I made the flames with Liquitex heavy gel and 3d printed a 125mm wide base to complete the vignette. Nowadays, this 12-piece dragon is still available from Iron Wind Metals. I painted it exclusively with Reaper MSP paint. Here’s the list of colors I used;
  12. Done with all Reaper Paints and an AP Wash
  13. I received this little 3D print with some minis I bought near the beginning of me getting back into painting. I looked at it and thought it was soooo cool. Now that months have gone by and I've got more of an eye for things I like and don't like, it became immediately apparent that this thing had a number of flaws. 1. 3D print left that weird topographic build quality to it. 2. The paint has a weird time adhering to it because of the lines in the model 3. The size of it is WAY out of proportion for 28mm, unless those are actual full size trees and this is a campfire for giants. Overall it's just not a very good model. Yet, it was something that was sitting there calling me out and needed to get painted. I'll find some use for it, but I honestly think it came out pretty decent. I used a Stormy Grey from MSP on the rocks w/ GW Agrax Earthshade. On the wood I used a chocolate brown and brown sand mix (leftover on the palette...just went for it) with a GW Sepia Wash. Then I used flat red inside the burning log, highlighted up with a lemon yellow and flat red mix, then highlighted again with lemon yellow. Then dotted with white. The log was a little on the light side after the first wash, so I took Nuln Oil to it and dulled it down, which worked and gave it that more dark colored effect. The whole thing looks like it's actually warm when I'm looking at it, so the effect worked! I'm pretty happy with it. Now I just gotta find an ogre or giant to put it with....
  14. Been a long time since I painted a mini but I finally got back to it and painted Errtu to an ok tabletop quality.
  15. Howdy, all. So, in my coming Reaper order (Thursday can't come soon enough!), I've got Mrs. Bones and the Pathfinder Goblin Pyros. All of these minis have fire of one sort or another, and I've never painted fire before, because, well, I'm a rookie at mini painting. Thankfully, I was smart enough to purchase some firey colors alongside those, namely Fireball Orange and Brilliant Red. I've also got Candlelight Yellow. With that in mind, how should I go about painting flames like these? How should I wash and drybrush the fire also? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  16. Subtitle: Whaaaat!? Pendrake painted something? This was an exercise in improvisation. People like to use the google hangouts to have painting sessions. But, all my painting stuff normally lives in the next room away from the computational machine. But some of it had gotten waylaid and dropped off in the wrong room so I decided to see if I could manage something. @knarthex was in the hangouts painting tiny CamelFlag patterns on tiny NATO troopers at the same time. Here is Galladorn getting a bath in Simple Green diluted with water. The plastic bag is the type I use mostly for sorting Miniatures. File this under: how to mess with gooey-green cleaners and stuff near expensive equipment. Next he got buried in paper towels to dry off. #Searchwords TGPTGP; Wizard, Flaming Sword; tabletop; Bones;
  17. This one was pretty fun to do! :)
  18. After going back to Darius and repaint him I decided to do the same with Domur. Like I did with Darius, I'm posting both versions, the first I painted and the current one. I kept both since I had two or three of them. For the first one I tried a scheme similar to the official one: on the second, a more conservative fire look. First Domur (2018) 2nd Domur
  19. While running the 5e Princes of the Apocalypse campaign for my group, the adventurers had come upon a mad Druid-cum-Cultist at the top of his tower. His name was Elizar Dryflagon, and he'd become obsessed with the power of fire. I wanted to have something fun prepared for this battle, and when I found Aaron while looking through my unpainted stuff, I thought that he would be a perfect surrogate! A bit of OSL seemed an obvious choice due to the flames, but I didn't want to go overboard with it. In the end, the group ended up demolishing him and his summoned Smoke Mephits alike! Tough his appearance may have been short-lived, it was sure memorable!
  20. Here's my final batch of new painted figures. Bones Giant Centipedes. A staple encounter for low-level adventurers. Still inspired by Reign of Winter. Sadly, Mr. Red got into the snow of Mr. Blue's base! Enjoy. C&C Welcome.
  21. Grrrrrrrrr.............. Did you hear that? Hear what? Grrrrrrrrrr......... That, I just heard it again. Didn't you? No, I didn't hear a th.. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....... Wait, yes I think I did. Grrrrrrrrr......... Grrrrrrrr..... Grrrrrrrrr.......Grrrrrrrr............ Er, has any one got any rations left?..... Grrrrrrrrrrrr............... Theres a good boy, sit, siiiiiiiiiiiiit. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...............
  22. This is a Clan War Necromancer / Wizard I got from @Jasper_the_2nd he's part of my Asian Project: Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon. WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79416-nippon-land-of-the-rising-moon-by-glitterwolf/&page=6
  23. I made these out of cotton wool and watered down white glue Hope you like them as much as I do! next to a wizards of the coast water elemental: next to Reaper 77280: Lich:
  24. Ezren, Iconic Male Human Wizard from Reaper Miniatures. More on my BLOG.
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