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Found 3 results

  1. Dr.Bedlam

    Frazetta's Death Dealer

    Well, the first thing I learned is "I am not Frank Frazetta. Not even close." I also learned that I STINK at digital photography, durnit. Either that, or I REALLY need a new phone. The Death Dealer's face is perpetually in shadow. Frazetta makes this look as natural as the day is long. I make it look like he got hit with a black paintball. I was terribly afraid I would screw up the Murder Chicken shield emblem, or the shading on his shield. I did not. Apparently, I can do shading. Now I just need to work on functional miniatures photography, durnit. And there are some things drybrushing just can't do. ... and watch that flash
  2. primeval

    Bronze Age Miniatures Death Dealer

    I finally finished Death Dealer 1 from Bronze Age Miniatures after putting off the horse due to hating to paint black...but I think it came out well. I will be working on another of these official Frazetta Death Dealers soon!
  3. primeval

    Bronze Age Miniatures Barbarian

    I have had this Bronze Age Miniatures barbarian on the WIP shelf for far too long; its a great sculpt - very Frazetta-ish! I tried to do the skin in a paler tone, and worked more with glazes than my usual layering/blending. I used Army Painter Barbarian Flesh as the base, then glazed that with Reaper Flesh Wash a couple of times and started working back up with the Barbarian Flesh plus an old Ral Partha Noble Flesh added in for each successive glaze/layer. The hair came out a little blue but I am going to leave it and move on. As always, I love David's sculpts and he has a ton of other great barbarians I look forward to getting to.