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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ttcombatundead/half-tilt 2player game where you joust with teams of halflings. That's just the beginning of the nonsense. Yeah, I backed it.
  2. The cake mayt be a lie, but the Pie is NOT! These are the Cultists of the Mimbleberry Pie. The guardians of The One True Recipe. There's another dozen of them, and... As usual, as it's Midlam, it's not a very long funding period(closes on Dec. 3) so hurry up and pledge. Anyone who has backed them before knows their quality. For anyone else; yeah, they're good. And the goods usually ship well before the announced date. They're also highly habit-forming... Sorry... and many of us regulars just look for the most complete pledge and select that before even looking at the minis. EDIT: It's all over, funded with 113 Pledges. I may have forgotten to post a link, but enough backers found their way.
  3. Magnets and cardstock and LED's, oh my. 😛 50 8-credit EB's left for $116. After shipping, that's about $20 per credit. Not super-cheap, so I'm only going after stuff I don't already have, namely the Port set. Got plenty of dungeon from previous KS. 😛 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/skinny-minis/stonefold-kingdoms-magnetic-foldable-terrain-for-rpgs Dungeon, city port, ice realm, forest, and LED thingies. Amazon might be better for LED's, although they don't have the themed holders. Only showing some things from each theme. Dunno about the frost and forest, but I'm a sucker for cities and didn't pick up a Reaper ghost ship from two KS's ago... 😛
  4. I have a Kickstarter to share. Glumer Games’ Mystic Days: Caldwell Edition. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mysticdays/mystic-days-caldwell-edition Mystic Days is an OSR style, lethal medieval fantasy RPG. It is not a clone of one of the editions of D&D, or another D20 or D10 system. It is a roll-off system, contested rolls, where the die rolled is based on the ability of the PC or NPC. Combat is exponentionly faster than other systems. Weapon choice matters. The game does not have any classes. You build your character how you want, based on the skills you want to run. The game does not have any levels. PCs advance by doing. Characters improve by successful and failed attempts at actions. Magic is not limited by levels or spell slots. Risk vs reward. How much universal energy is your character going to risk harnessing in order to cast a spell? Extensive tables for crafting magic items, enchanting objects or creating unique spells. Curious? Free Quick Start Rules were put together before the Kickstarter for people to try: https://mysticdays.com/projects/ Download the Q1: Quick Start Rules for running the game. Download Q2: Quick Start Rules Players Only if you're not running the game. There is an adventure in Q1 and pre-gens in Q2 I am the chief illustrator for the interior artwork. The covers are graced by the art Clyde Caldwell. They are images that he still owns the rights to that he created for several covers of Dragon magazine. Mr. Caldwell licensed the images to Glumer Games for this revised edition of Mystic Days as well as the various products that bear the images. There is a tier for a limited number of Box Sets that he signed, and half of the money from that tier goes directly to him. The game creators, are two cousins who used to play 1e and 2e back in the day and were dissatisfied with how different rules of the game really slowed down game play. They made house rules to speed up combat as well as other aspects, intending to make their own game… Suffice to say 30yrs later, during the lockdown, one of them found all the old gaming stuff and they used some of their free time to update the game. This is their 3rd Kickstarter. The 1st one didn’t fund, but they learned a lot about the market and received good feedback. They went to a lot of cons and showed people how to play, ran games, got more feedback. The second KS funded and is being fulfilled. That version has been play tested and taken to many cons too. This KS is 200% funded as of today. The game has been revised some more and more people joined the team. Like me, I draw. And Ron Christopher who brings another 300+ monsters, spells and magic items from his book "Ron's Old School Compenidium" which is in Amazon, but I don't know if I should link it since it is not part of the KS and I don't want to break any of the forum's rules ;) Another thing I should mention, especially for this forum, is that we have partnered with Iron Wind Metals. We are offering as add-ons Iron Wind Metals: Ral Parth Legacy miniatures. They are offered in packs of 6, 8 and 10, which breaks down to $4.66 to $4.00 a mini, before shipping. The owner of IWM is also putting together some long lost dragon sculpts that have not been cast in over 40yrs that will be added to the KS. The Mystic Days creators are working out a few stretch goals for Mystic Days miniatures to be made by IWM of some of the unique monsters and races. But yeah, I've typed plenty, thanks for reading. Here are some pics.
  5. A new set of some of the coolest & oddest minis https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2004599158/medieval-marginalia-miniatures-3 Really wish I could afford those and shipping for them. Hopefully, one day.
  6. Hi guys, New stl campaign from Iain Lovecraft As always miniatures and terrain campaign This time fantasy mix of winter architecture with extra southern vibes plus some more or less adjacent add-ons (Rob Roy for history buffs) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iain-lovecraft/the-frost-2
  7. Hello, Frostgrave adjacent terrain and miniatures stl campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stlminiatures/the-frost-city-3d-printable-stl-miniatures-and-terrains I really like the snowed terrain options:
  8. And another wonderful project by Tabletop ltd (both stls and physical : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tabletopworld/tabletop-worlds-market-28-32mm-3d-printed-terrain Fantastic accessories for all marketplace needs 😉 There are even some prints of townsfolk (by Tiny Furniture) for purchase to go with the terrain items.
  9. Hi guys, A beautiful stl project from Della Croce Studios: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dallacroce/kingdom-of-guardia-3d-printable-castle-stls Just a couple of examples:
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ultracryl/ultracryl-premium-acrylic-paints-with-maximum-pigmentation Welcome to the world of Ultracryl - the brand new acrylic paint series for miniature painters and modelers that breaks new ground! Because we at Ten01 labs have spent the past 4 years developing the perfect hobby paints. Ultracryl therefore stands for: Ultra pigmentation Ultra saturation Ultra opacity Ultra matte Ultra flow Every single Ultracryl paint was developed in our in-house lab, extensively tested by us and various miniature painters, and then improved until its maximum quality was achieved. Now the time has come to introduce our Ultracryl paint series to the whole world - and thus also to you - and to realize the production via this Kickstarter campaign. All Ultracryl paints are highly pigmented, offer excellent luminosity and opacity. They dry extremely matte, making them the perfect choice for any tabletop, modeling, or miniatures painter. Each Ultracryl paint also comes ready-to-use from the bottle and does not need to be thinned. And thanks to the new 20 ml Unicorn Bottles with the thin nozzles, you have perfect control when dispensing! In the Ultracryl range, a distinction is made between two types of paints: - Regular paints (R-Series/R-Sets): Maximum opacity through optimal pigment selection and mixtures. Ideal for every hobby painter! - Monopigmented paints (M-Series/M-Sets): Maximum purity through a single brilliant pigment per paint. Depending on the pigment, the opacity varies (keyword: semi-transparent pigments). The perfect paints for experienced and professional painters who are not afraid of mixing! Regular sets: Mono-pigmentation paints sets: Fluorescents: Metallics: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ultracryl/ultracryl-premium-acrylic-paints-with-maximum-pigmentation
  11. Starts on Tue, 02 May 23. I'm not sure what time, but here's the pre-launch page. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/resnova/warzone-eternal-0
  12. KS is Live now https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/c87-3/7tv-core-rulebook/ Free director mini if you back in first 24 hours. We are making great progress on the revised 7TV Core Rulebook. Currently looking at 270+ pages and almost all of that is drafted and laid out. That includes 100+ new profiles and we are reviewing the last 32 Star and Co-Stars this week. There are three starter scenarios in the book too (The Devil of Sherwood, The Moon is Not Enough and Queen of the Sun) which are being play-tested. The Kickstarter is all built and has plenty of gaming stretch goals and a handful of cool new minis. Plans are to launch the 7TV Core Rulebook Kickstarter early May. One big change is that I am splitting the 80s genre pack out into a separate Kickstarter that I will run late summer. For a number of reasons, it makes more sense to establish the core rulebook, then the genre packs. Plus there’s a ton of minis for the 80s that are better suited to that campaign, rather than giving the CRB too much of an 80s feel. So you will have to wait just a wee bit longer for 80s, but to placate you - here’s an exclusive preview of the Core Rulebook cover. Hope you like it! This is the KS project I'm looking forward to the most this year. I have Crooked Dice's 7tv Pulp and 7tv Fantasy games, and they're great beer and pretzels games that fit well with Reaper's miniatures. The idea behind the game is that you and your opponents forces of miniatures are the cast of characters making a movie or TV show. Although that sounds kind of corny, it really works. I don't think I've ever won a game, but I've had a blast every time I've played. This core rulebook is Crooked Dice changing their approach to the game - instead of having a bunch of box sets where the core rules duplicate each other, they're going to publish this revised core, then do genre packs. The genre packs come in VHS clamshells.
  13. Mantic's releasing a new game based on their Dungeon Saga IP. I don't really know much about the game itself, aside from that it seems to be a dungeon crawler. Of more interest are the minis, and the price you get them at! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/manticgames/dungeon-saga-origins-your-adventures-start-here The "all in" pledge is at £129 / $159, which gives you the game, cardstock dungeon tiles, and(most importantly) over 80 miniatures of various sizes, and a bunch of terrain(though mostly older Terrain Crate stuff, but also some new pieces)! And stretch goals are adding more minis and other stuff! For anyone not familiar, Mantic's a decent size company, and they've been around for a while. They're known for their Terrain Crate sets of affordable miniature terrain, the Kings of War wargame/skirmish game, and a bunch of other stuff.
  14. Eeek, this launches TOMORROW! Please do join the "Notify me" gang to super duper help out. This project is going to be [mostly] Women of Horror. We have Vampires, Vampire Hunters, Werewolves, Mummies, Ghouls, Zombies, Scientists, Constructs and more! All hand sculpted by Shane Hoyle, Jo Brumby and Alan Marsh. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/badsquiddogames/my-last-sunrise-2 [ There will also be splendid bundles with our existing horror minis and scenics as well. Here are some sneaky peeks..... Ralph Plowman has sent me this lovely pic of his painting on our sorceress, with a stunning Jon Hodgson backdrop I'll be adding more pics before launch as well, I'm just running around at the moment doing all the last minute tasks 😄 - Annie
  15. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gameenvy/innovative-painting-tools/description Game Envy is back on Kickstarter with a new collection of innovative tools for miniature painters, hobbyists and artists of all kinds and skill levels. The new additions to our line of high-quality, versatile miniature painting and art products include the All New Pop-Up Rinse Cup, Magical Sinking Brush Scrubby, and Phalanx SQUAD 3-Brush Variety Set, which includes a #00 Nylon Brush, #2 Sable Brush and a Small Dome Drybrush.
  16. Some of these have become crazy expensive and hard to get at a reasonable price. I've picked up a few prior of the old 1980's release, posted a couple here i completed, but i think it's nice the folks who currently own this line are kick-starting a re-release of the original models, presumably in White Metal (not lead). They are doing a Sea and Giants series which has a lot of the old Dragon Lords giants (I'm missing the Fire and Stone). Also the Fantasy Lords fighting men, skeleton army, and such. Delivery predicted in June. I think some of them are also coming in the original boxes and artwork, also very collectible by Lead-nuts like me. Sea and Giants Fantasy lords, these are true 25mm and hard to paint but i still like them just from a completest collectors POV sorry, i had some links up but the rules are very confusing and i don't want to break them, a simple search will find these if anyone is lookng to complete their collection of the vintage stuff
  17. I just launched my latest Kickstarter campaign tonight. It's a Norman style tower that can be expanded and customized with modular features and press-fit interlock walls to create several enclosed castle shapes. Thank you to those who contributed suggestions to the development of this project! Your feedback is valued and appreciated! Thanks for checking out my work. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1732408254/stonecroft-i-expandable-castle-building-system
  18. New KS from Bad Roll Games 11 days to go, and one I have backed, even though I worry about the print times for some of the pieces 🤪 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/badrollgames/wrecked-ship-stl-printable-scenery-for-wargames
  19. This is my latest project which is currently running on Kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1732408254/the-mariners-house-3d-printable-stls-and-physical-models I am new to Reapermini so here is a little background: I teach 3D Design and I love modelling all things in 3D but mostly buildings, structures and machines. I also am a fan of 3D Printing and have a decent amount of experience designing for 3D Prints. I was introduced to tabletop gaming by a student in late 2021 and I have been making models ever since. This is my first house design. It is an original design, all the textures are original and created by me. It includes two playable floors and is fully detailed inside and out. It connects to a previous project where I designed a historically accurate ship for 28mm scale as well. There are also some customizable features which I always try to include. I recently added some bonus features including boarded up windows (for a zombie attack) and a skiff and workhorses in keeping with the Mariners theme. It will also include a working front door; I am finalizing those parts and test printing currently. I look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions as it helps me improve my designs further! If you read this far thanks for checking out my project!
  20. Another project from Westfalia Miniatures, this time it's to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and is mostly centred around some gender-swapped Lord of the Rings characters (Plus skeleton pirates). https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/westfaliaminiatures/the-dark-ten/description I get their argument that they needed to run an anniversary campaign while it's still their anniversary, but I wish they had cleared their backlog first (Although they only have two unfulfilled projects now). Nothing really jumps out at me with this one, I do like the face on old lady Gandalf though.
  21. A new TerrainCrate KS has launched! I've personally got a bunch of TerrainCrate stuff already, and use it a lot in my games. Some new pieces would definitely be nice! 😄 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/manticgames/terraincrate-3-bring-the-background-to-the-foreground
  22. Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bamdungeondelvers/forged-adventure-series-1/description Alright, so this is the third launch for this campaign. The first launch just wasn't optimally set up, pure and simple. The second succeeded in funding, but moved slow, and Broken Anvil seems very intent on wanting to get a lot of their stretch goal miniatures made. Both the previous launches also had some elements to them that were reminiscent of another KS(Blacklist FS1) that a lot of people have been burnt by, which probably made some of those people steer clear. So they've now done some rebranding of the campaign, and it's on Kickstarter instead of Backerkit now. The "rerelaunch" was apparently done because Broken Anvil was given a deal by the factory they're working with, which reduced the costs significantly. So they relinquished the funding that they had already secured in their second launch to do make a better campaign with more value (and more minis) for everyone involved. Anyone that backed the second launch on Backerkit will get a couple of small bonuses if they back the new campaign on KS. This will be a "Pug King" mini and a "third time's the charm" enamel pin. So nothing big that feels like you'd be missing out on if you didn't back the previous version, but also a nice, little "thank you" to those that did and kept supporting the project. Pledge levels: Heroes Box $40 (17 hero minis, no stretch goals) Encounters Box $60 (5x6 pcs enemy squad minis, 2 large monster minis, no stretch goals) Adventure Box $120 (17 heroes, 5x9 pcs enemy squad minis, 2 large monster minis, 1 dragon, all stretch goals) Forgemaster's Bundle $360 (Everything in the Adventure Box, all 7 addon dragons, 5e Adventure, 45 pcs terrain buncle, all stretch goals) Adventure STL Bundle $50 (Every sculpt in the Adventure Box, including all stretch goals, as STL files.) There are Early Bird pledge levels with reduced costs for the first 48 hours. --- Alrighty, so first off, they've made an early update with some information about the rerelaunch. Though I personally would've liked more in depth info/details on some points, it does feel very genuine. They also acknowledge the problem with the Blacklist FS1 KS, without mentioning the name. They've also chosen to put their actual faces on the campaign, which I personally consider a good show of sincerity. Secondly, all the dragons have been previewed on the front page: Those are some interesting dragons! Some of them are very close to their D&D counterparts, though with some quirks. The Red and Black dragons are very different, though! The Red Dragon is basically a living volcano spewing clouds of smoke, and with the horns of a D&D Black Dragon. Meanwhile, the Black Dragon looks like something straight out of Final Fantasy. I don't think they're bad designs, but rather that I wouldn't personally use them as a Red or Black Dragon in D&D. I'd paint them up differently and use them differently. They're still very interesting designs. Really like that there are 3 metallic dragons though, and that they'll all work quite well as those dragons in D&D. Also, here's the first stretch goal roadmap: We can see that the first stretch goal are the three large Wargs. The third stretch goals are the Tiefling warrior and the little fox creature that were the second stretch goal in the previous launch.
  23. Hi guys, Physical & digital campaign with sculpts from Broken Anvil Miniatures. 10% off for the next 48hrs on Early Bird. I have just noticed on re-read of rues that Backerkit crowdfunding is actually allowed. I would have posted it yesterday otherwise. I would say it is currently aimed at ones beginning at the hobby, but there are some nice & atypical sculpts there. Possibly more in the stretch goals. https://www.backerkit.com/c/broken-anvil/forged-adventure-series-i#top Some of the highlights from my perspective:
  24. A bit under the radar this time, but Midlam Miniatures has a new set: Through the Icy Wastes! A Halfling Expedition https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1662635043/through-the-icy-wastes-a-halfling-expedition Anyone inspired for a "At the Mountains of Madness" adventure team?
  25. Another little Kickstarter from Westfalia Miniatures:- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/westfaliaminiatures/the-heroes I'm interested in the big dude, but I'm not sure I'd get around to painting him. Plus I'm a bit worried Westfalia are turning into another Mierce Miniatures, they do have a bit of a Kickstarter backlog and they're already planning the next two.
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