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Found 708 results

  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/meeplesource/more-game-upgrade-kits-by-meeple-source?ref=category_newest
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/day-night-reversible-deluxe-city-rooftop-tile-set
  3. Since we first started blogging about Accursed in 2013, the setting has enjoyed tremendous support from its fans. The game's initial publication depended upon a crowdfunding campaign. Without your help, it never could have come to fruition. Two years later, we're reaching out for your support once more. We want to create a companion volume to Accursed that explores the World of Morden, and we need your help to realize that. At the base level, we're funding an additional ebook on Valkenholm and Steppengrad - "Frost and Fang" - written by Jason Marker and Ross Watson. We'll combine that with Sand and Stone to make a great new print book too. But we'd like to do even more. With your support, we're hoping to fund three total ebooks, to create a nice compilation of material covering the six nations of Morden, the Discordian Sea, and the Outlands. This is a short project--we're just running for 21 days. We also offer a draft version of the Frost and Fang ebook as an immediate reward to all of our backers upon pledging. We know money can be tight after the holidays, but our goals are relatively modest. With your support, we can also make the rewards valuable. Please consider helping us start 2016 in an Accursed fashion. Click through to the Kickstarter for more information on the project as well as an opportunity to back it and see our selection of different rewards. About the Setting: Witches have ruled the land since the last battles of conquest, but their Grand Coven has been sundered, leaving behind remnants of a once-mighty army. The survivors of the horde include captured citizens of the conquered nations that fought as the Witches’ shock troops. These are the Accursed—the Witchmarks burned into their flesh and souls transformed these men and women into monsters. Now, unable to return to their former lives, the Accursed wander the land, giving aid to those in need in an attempt to atone for past sins. Light has failed, darkness is ascendant. Only those bearing the forms of monsters can stand against the tide of the Witches’ evil. The Accursed are this world’s only hope—they must learn to embrace their curse or to fight against it, and find some way to free themselves forever of their Witchmark. Accursed is a dark fantasy setting that requires the Savage Worlds Core Rules and Savage Worlds Horror Companion for use. It includes background information on the nations of Morden. Game mechanics include horrific new Witchbreeds for use as playable characters, along with Setting Rules, Hindrances, Edges, and Powers suited to telling stories set in Morden. The full setting guide also includes detailed information on eight of the Witches and their banes, as well as a range of adventure hooks and a plot point campaign. About the Crowdfunding Campaign: Principal writing for the first ebook is complete, and immediately available to backers in the first project update. Preliminary artwork has already begun to come in. However, we need quite a bit more artwork still, and that’s what we’re hoping to fund. Once funding is successful and final artwork is collected, we'll go through a rigorous system of collecting playtest feedback, final editing, and cleaning up the layout. Then, the book will be available in electronic and print format through DriveThruRPG.com. If this sounds interesting to you, please consider checking out the Kickstarter for more information: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1231173913/accursed-world-of-morden
  4. About this project How many times have you been put on the spot in the middle of a game and needed to generate one or more highly detailed and well thought out NPCs? How many times have you spent valuable time pre-game building a fantastic NPC from scratch, only to have the players pass by the tavern he or she was located? How many times have you been a player wanting to join a party but didn't have any good ideas on a character build? How many times have you been running a game and had a player want to join but just didn't know how to create a character and level them up to be comparable with the rest of the party?! Ultimate NPCs solves all of these issues as well as a great deal more! The book is packed with exciting, versatile and dynamic character builds that can be used in a myriad of different ways, and is written in 5th Edition, Pathfinder, and Swords & Wizardry formats to suit most fantasy RPG systems! The book has 30 uniquely designed characters at levels 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20. This gives maximum versatility for minimal cost and shelf space. Some of the characters are ones that we, the designers, have run in our campaigns for years, some are NPCs we've used to challenge or aid our players, and others are brand new builds incorporating the newest concepts from 5th Edition. They have already reached their funding level, and have a poll up to determing what streatch goals backers want to see first. Read the full spread here= https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nordgames/ultimate-npcs-skulduggery-for-5e-pathfinder-and-sa/description
  5. Keeping with their tradition of Kickstarting 20th anniversary editions of all the original World of Darkness products, Onyx Path has launched the Kickstarter for Changeling: The Dreaming's 20th anniversary edition. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/deluxe-changeling-the-dreaming-20th-anniversary-ed discuss as needed.
  6. Looks like their third attempt has been successful https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1336904045/blackout-journey-into-darkness-0?ref=category_newest About this project Blackout is a post-apocalyptic dungeon crawler for 1-5 players. Players take control of 1 or more characters and venture out into the Northern Wastes in search of glory and renown. Blackout is a mission-based leveling system that offers savage combat and rewarding exploration. Blackout is designed for solo, and co-op play, offering 15-20 hours of play. CAMPAIGN PROGRESS Each Blackout unlock adds more miniatures into the base game! 34 additional figures to unlock over the course of the campaign! These miniatures will be added to the core game as the stretch goals are unlocked. BOX CONTENTS Blackout includes 32 high quality plastic miniatures, a 48 page rule book, a 20 page campaign book, doubled sided room and hall sections (representing alleyways/abandoned buildings and underground tunnel/maintenance chambers), debris markers, objectives, status counters, player cards, enemy cards, item cards, event cards, and 6 ten-sided dice. OUTLANDER TEAMS Over the years, various groups have passed through Sector 44. One of those groups in particular has been successful in entering the Black Zones and retrieving valuable supplies and technology. These individuals have come into contact with the Brood and prevailed, destroying the parasites they encountered. They are referred to as "Outlanders" and pride themselves on their ability to live freely on the surface. Demand for the Outlander bands is common in the Northern Wastes, as settlements above and beneath the surface have no choice but to hire them out if they wish to survive. They do whatever is needed: gathering food, technology, or weapons and even retrieving those foolish enough to venture into the Black Zones on their own. The Outlander teams deliver and are worth every penny. Teams that enlist a tracker benefit from an individual with balanced fighting characteristics. The Tracker is a capable combatant, able to pick off targets silently as well as holding his own in close quarters with knives and handguns. Outlander teams often seek out individuals that have spent years on the surface, honing the ability to track and kill their prey. Engineers possess a wide range of skills and often make good leaders. The engineer tends to lean on specialty equipment, often personally modified to increase range, deal greater damage, or both. In addition, the Engineer favors durability over agility, often wearing body armor. Adding Reconnaissance to your team greatly increases your effectiveness, allowing you to strike a blow at enemies with far more information at hand. Recon specialists are smart and resourceful, relying on their brains when brute force will not suffice. Outlander teams embed a Slayer into the team when they are in need of an individual that specializes in close combat techniques. These combatants can strike with deadly force, obliterating their enemies with ease. Only the most aggressive and capable hand to hand fighters can carry the burden of fighting in such close quarters with such desperation.
  7. Hrothgar's Hoard has just launched its 4th Kickstarter Campaign: Skald's Song. Skald's Song introduces two new storage cases made from solid hardwoods for your games. They are both hexagonal in shape, are easily transportable, and can be used for multiple applications. Take a look here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1658949603/hrothgar-iv-skalds-song I'd really like to break that 500 backer barrier so take a minute and share the link.
  8. Starts June 2nd https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/inxile/the-bards-tale-iv
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