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Found 17 results

  1. Another unplanned hiatus from painting and I'm now at the stage where I am desperate to start knocking minis off my painting table asap. As a result, this is a speedpaint of Robocop Agent G-Droid from Galaxy Defenders. To an extent, I kinda wish I had taken a little more time as the blue wash pooled up quite badly on the mini which resulted in very blotchy blue patches on the mini. I also think I need to clean up around the house a bit more. So much stray dust/hair/dirt/something on the mini! Either way, it does mean that I have now finished painting all of my Galaxy Defenders minis and can move onto a different game. Huzzah for milestones!
  2. This is the Predator Xeno-Hunter from Galaxy Defenders. I actually managed to finish this mini last week but never got around to taking the picture. I really enjoyed painting this mini which was part of the reason that Agent Iron was sitting around with an unfinished base for so long. In particular, I enjoyed painting the skin and think I did a good job with it. As I had two of the mini's, I painted one of them with blue highlights and the other with red highlights. Naturally, I had to take a picture of the Predator Xeno-Hunter together with Dutch Agent Iron.
  3. This is Dutch Agent Iron from Galaxy Defenders. I've actually had him finished for a while but hadn't completed the base (instead spending my time painting a different mini!). I finally finished the base so here is the completed Agent Iron. Overall, I'm getting better at finding that mix of quality and speed that I'm happy with and as a whole, I'm fairly happy with the paint job (but have to admit that I really need more practice painting black armour).
  4. This is Ripley Agent Silver from Aliens Galaxy Defenders. Still trying to find the right balance between quality and speed. In some regards, I'm quite happy with how this mini came out. I am trying to do less work on highlighting and relying on a wash for shading. The result still looks decent from a tabletop perspective but I am keen to try speeding up some more. I did try a little experiment by adding a little bit of blue to the shading. The hope was to make the model complementary with the Xeno-Morph model I previously painted (for obvious reasons!). However, I'm not very happy with the result. In particular, the shirt doesn't look very good with blue in the shade areas as it looks a little odd. I managed to hide it partially in the photo but the actual mini itself looks a little odd. For comparison, here is Agent Silver next to the Xeno-Morph.
  5. Yay - I'm painting again! Just rough tabletop quality as I have a mountain of minis to get through. I figure at this point that it's more important to get through some of them before I start trying new techniques etc. With that said, I do need to experiment a bit to find a middle ground between speed and quality that I'm comfortable with. Below is the alien Xeno-Morph from Galaxy Defenders. This was one of the KS sculpts and is inspired by the classic Alien from the movies. The mini itself is done with just drybrushing and a little bit of edge highlighting at the tail. Quick and easy!
  6. Agent Chromium - which completes all the agents from the GD base set. I still have some of the KS exclusives to go through but this does feel like a real milestone! In particular, I'm really happy with how the face came out. To start with, it's a great sculpt but I think I managed to imbue it with a level of intensity that I didn't get in some of my other minis.
  7. Another completed GD hero mini! Yay! Below is Agent Thorium who has a completely different colour scheme to the other hero minis. I'm not actually sure why that is the case but even the official art has Thorium with a completely different scheme. I also tried to find some thin clear plastic so that I could add a "virtual screen" to his hand (the official art has him pressing some buttons on "something"). Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything and didn't want to spend money on it. Will try to keep an eye out in future for stuff I can use.
  8. My third agent completed! Woot - I will soon have a full squad (which is 5) which means I will soon be able to actually play the game! This is the first time I've done African skin. No idea how realistic the paint job is but I'm really happy with the overall job I did. At this stage, it's worth mentioning that I started this mini right at the time that Ghool posted his quick tip on African skin - so many thanks to Ghool for a really helpful tutorial!
  9. Another completed GD mini! This time - Agent Iridium! Wait, Agent Iridium? Didn't I already post a pic of the completed Agent Iridium? Well, turns out that was actually Agent Mercury and I'm an idiot. Oops... Anyway, this was a bit of a rush job in the end due to my photography hobby but despite that, I'm super happy with how he came out. In particular, I'm really happy with the cloak. I initially considered doing freehand on the cloak to get it to look like the actual character art but chickened out as a) I didn't have the time and b) I have never done freehand before. Ultimately, I do like how it looks kinda like jungle camouflage with its dirty green/brown paint scheme. Of course, seeing as he's based in a desert environment, that just means he's toast. But hey, this game is supposed to be hard so that's thematic, right?
  10. Another completed GD mini! After some time doing relatively quick paint jobs, I felt like it was time to actually invest a bit of time and try something new. The Agent Iridium Mercury model seemed like a good next choice as I always liked the sculpt and pose. Really took a bit more time on this mini to try and get the blends nice. I even attempted some wet-blending - my first time ever! Overall, I'm really happy with how this mini came out. In terms of my skill level, this is probably close to the best that I can do (at the moment!). Which is why I'm so #%[email protected]#$% annoyed with myself that I made such a hash job of sealing the mini. Unfortunately, I slapped on the varnish (which admittedly is what I normally do) but this time, the varnish bubbled up and I didn't notice as I put the mini down and wandered off instead of inspecting the varnish. I am so angry at myself over this. On the plus side, I did get a valuable lesson out of it so its not all bad. Edit - oops, just realized this is Agent Mercury and not Iridium...
  11. Some more completed GD models! Went for a relatively simple paint scheme with highlighting. Initially, I was going to paint them all green but after doing the first layer of highlighting, I realized that it wasn't working at all so added in a bit more colour variation. Overall, I'm relatively pleased with the final result given how much time I spent on them (ie not much). If I was going to spend more time on these, I would add more contrast and highlight the green to an even brighter shade, particularly at the edges - the key there being IF I was going to spend more time on them.
  12. Whoo - been a while since I posted here. I accidentally ended up taking a break from painting for a month (work and life got really busy) and then Summer Holidays hit. Things have settled down a bit now so I'm back in my painting chair and raring to go! I managed to finish up painting the MIB agents from Galaxy Defenders. I always struggle with painting black and white so for the black suit, I tried an experiment to see if I could get decent tabletop results quickly. As you can see from the pictures below, that experiment didn't quite work out. Still, after all the cleaning and starting from scratch that I went through with the Aracnos and Spine Critters, I decided that I didn't want to do the same thing here and just accepted it as the tabletop quality it is. I was quite happy with how the faces turned out so it isn't all bad!
  13. Managed to get some more of my GD models completed. These are the Xenobots and I had a lot of fun painting these even though I used such a simple and quick paint scheme (or was it because I used a simple and quick paint scheme?). Also, if they look familiar, its because I stole the paint scheme from a picture I saw online.
  14. Whew - finally managed to finish off my Spine Critters and Aracnos. For some reason, I really struggled with these models. I even had to clean them and start them from scratch at one stage! At least they're done now though and I can move on to the next minis. I have to admit - by the time I was finished, I was sick of the sight of them and couldn't wait to get them off my painting table!
  15. Finished another Galaxy Defenders mini and took a pic of it over the weekend. I spent way more time on this mini than I intended. Part of the reason is that this particular mini had a lot more skin than the other aliens which were predominantly armour. The quick tabletop approach with armour doesn't really work with skin tones and I haven't come up with a quick way to get decent tabletop quality skin tones quickly yet. Still, at least its another finished mini!
  16. Managed to complete some more mini's from the Galaxy Defenders boardgame over the weekend. As with my other GD minis, these were painted with RMS metallics. Then I hit them with a black wash followed by a wash of either Biel-Tan Green or Gulliman Blue. As a side-note, I have to admit that I didn't enjoy painting these as much as the other GD minis and rushed through them a bit. Not 100% sure why but I think it may be due to the lack of a face on these models as I found that I also don't have much interest in painting the rank and file GW Space Marines either. The funny thing is that I never particularly pegged myself as enjoying painting faces. I guess the difference is that the face at least gives the mini an emotional connection that is missing when you only see armour. Continuing the trend, the guns get bigger and bigger! Only just realised that the picture is a little blurry - need to work on my focus a bit more. :(
  17. So, it appears I owe everyone here an apology. For a long time, I've been coming here and reading various posts, enjoying the fabulous minis and getting inspiration and motivation on my own painting. Till now, I've never posted anything of my own because frankly, I paint at a tabletop quality and don't really have any motivation to improve beyond that. As such, it never felt right to post in a forum titled "Show Off". However, Darato in this thread, said something which shook me up. He said "So, I come to this forum a lot to get inspiration from other and today I decided to give a little back." And that statement hit me like a brick as I realised that all I do on this forum is take and I never give anything back. So it is that, with thanks to Darato and apologies to everyone else, I will start giving back and post pictures of my completed minis here. Hopefully, someone will find these useful. The below were all quick paint jobs using the same technique. I painted the armour using RMS metallics including the highlights. I then slathered the mini in a black wash followed by a green or blue wash to tint them a different colour. In the game, green and blue signify different ranks of enemies and this seemed like an easy way to distinguish them on the board. The first two pics are the Xeno-Greys - Ares Games version of the classic iconic Grey. This is the Xeno-Beta - an alien with a bigger gun and a meaner disposition. The Xeno-Alpha - with an even bigger gun and an even meaner disposition (unf, these photos were a bit too dark).
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