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Found 6 results

  1. Recently finished this for @Kangaroorex had a lot of fun playing with the spring theme and a monster. Also first time I've tried to build a flower (wire with paper wrapping for leaves, heavier paper for flower itself, and magicsculpt for some of the other details). Mama Werecroc with baby Croc, watering a swampflower.
  2. Ghostly summons, 77095 Crypt of the Vampiress, 02990 Altar of Evil, 77139 Female: Victim, (P02580C) GW Garden of Morr Scenery and skeletons. Large stuff. Some of this has been posted in separate threads before, this is when the thing is combined. Going to be an entire undead army, and pride of the shelf in a while. Edit: Now with pics. :D
  3. VIGNETTE TITLE...(SAVAGE GARDEN)...based upon a color comic art illustration by artist (Ray Callie Artz)... FIGURE...REAPER # 50228 (Whitney, Anime Heroine)... FINISHED PRODUCT...This is the finished product/vignette of a step-by-step tutorial that was posted in/on (WIP...Savage Garden Vignette...step-by-step/my way)... NOTE...The base took 10 1/2 solid hours of work to construct/detail...the figure took 14 hours overall time to paint. I hope that you like the final results of this little " anime " fantasy vignette.
  4. Well, Jazzy primed her animals today, and I've sanded the base down all nice and smooth. This one should take off in all of its (attempted) tree/bush/grass/fairy ring/animal/sandy glory! Maybe even before the Bladesinger is done.
  5. VIGNETTE TITLE...The Mushroom Garden of Fae FIGURE...Reaper Nymph # 02741 (Set)... NOTE...I just finished this vignette piece for my wife as an anniversary gift (our 45th) for her china cabinet. Except for the miniature figure; the entire vignette is scratch built. Since it is a display piece for my wife...the vignette was finished in a high gloss protective spray...the wooden base was sprayed with Minwax High Gloss Polycrylic Spray (used to protect wood)...and the scene was sprayed with Duncan High Gloss Ceramic Spray (used for porcelain figurines). The miniature was painted as a blue Sylph (an enchantress creature/character akin to the Dryad & Selkie)...and this is her enchanted mushroom garden. I did not add the pixies, nixies and sprites that usually surround her nor the will-o-the-wisps that are usually found in her area...I wanted to keep the vignette simple. I hope the true natural enchantment fantasy buffs out there like this piece...it gave me a warm loving feeling building this little piece.
  6. Buglips posted his tid bit about Juntos and that brought to mind that with winter cleared out it's time to prep for summer landscaping. This summer marks the beginning of our second year in this house and we are going to get neck deep in changing the front of our house to something much more pleasing and not so overgrown from the previous owners. Below is a picture of the front of the house taken before we bought the place. My kids and my buddy are busy painting the front porch. Yes, before I owned it we had to paint the porch and the foundation. It saved me about $7,000 on the price of the house in the end so no complaints here. Currently, there are MANY bushes out front surrounded by sun-bleached mulch that house starlings (or a pseudo-sparrow) that feast on box elder bugs living in the walls and/or under the porch out front. Once we remove all of that shrubbery, the plan is to place two Dwarf Burning Bushes or Purpleleaf Sand Cherry Bushes (which do something similar to the burning bushes just not as red and hold their color longer) and a mix of two or three flower bushes. Especially my old one if I can find any around here again: It's such a cool looking EVERGREEN plant. It's not a typical fir style bush but it stays green all winter. Looks great. Mix those bushes in with some mulch, some wrought iron hangers for hanging plants, a variety of planters, scatter some bird houses about and we should have a rocking front landscape.
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