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Found 2 results

  1. I don't want to put this in Show Off, since I didn't make it. It was in my Pinterest feed today. But it's no freakin' cool I and I thought everybody could use a little inspiration to lift them up. Believe me. You're gonna like this. French Modeling Site. Edit: Turns out 1/24 scale.
  2. In this second issue of Car & Buglips, we take a look at MPC's venerable (ancient, even) most famousest of dodge chargers. I don't know the original date of release, but I'm going to hazzard a guess (heh) that it was 1983. So far as I know, this kit - whether branded AMT or MPC - has never been out of production since release. And, well, it shows. A lot. Age has not improved it. Since around 1983, I have built 5 of these (including this one). The previous four have all conquered me, so how did this one turn out? Well... mostly okay. Mostly it fit together. Mostly. The decals were pretty good, but not the correct sizes. The chassis to body fit was pretty horrible, but worse was to come. The interior isn't very detailed and I have no idea how accurate my colour choices are. I pored through photos of chargers and picked close enough matches, but I have no idea if any of those cars were even stock interior tan. It looks okay, good enough to pass. The parts had a great many mold issues and the sprues are super thick. This was a problem for the chrome bits, so osme of them have patches of white underplastic showing through. I haven't yet figured out how to disguise those. The orange is a custom colour mix. Unlike the Pepsi Chevelle, this one isn't molded in colour. There's no accurate orange, despite what anybody tells you. It's been everything from faded orange to almost red, and it's all documented on the real cars. I like the more orange side of the spectrum, so I made this colour out of half a bottle of Coat D'Arms Angel Red to which I added Reaper Pro Paint Burnt Orange and Flame Orange until it looked right. Colourwise it's not bad, but it was a bear to keep consistent using a brush so the overall finish has suffered a bit. It needs another coat or two of wax, so maybe that'll help it level out a bit. I need to get an airbrush. Anyway, I said the fit got worse. Here's what I mean: The fit of that bumper is so atrocious I'm not fully convinced these parts are supposed to go together. I wound up having to lop off the lower part of the body and shave down edges until the bumper fit into place. Presently it stands just as so, and I need to take some time to figure out how best to re-attach what I amputated. But there were some handy angular mold lines to use as guides, so that's where I made my cuts. Should fit back together. I don't know for sure, but the presence of those oddly specific mold lines does make me think that, originally, what I lopped off may have been a separate piece. If so, they should have left it that way. So there we are. An okay kit, not great. Certainly not very accurate. The proportions are off, the decals aren't size properly, but to the casual observer it will look right. Nobody's going to mistake it for a Prius or something, that's for sure. But the big thing is that after many tries, once I get that rear end sorted out this time I have won the battle. Sometime this month, actually, Round 2 is releasing a snap-together replacement for this kit. Supposedly more accurate and less beastly. Also molded in colours, so that's a plus. I knew it was coming, but opted to tackle the old kit instead of waiting on the new one. Because I owed this one for all the previous anguish. That's that knocked off my bucket list, which... well... doesn't say much for my bucket list. But I'll take it.
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