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Found 14 results

  1. It's the weekend...you know what time it is! I normally don't like doing redo's but, both of my completed minis today are from my junk pile. I tried them both and failed at them both. However, I wasn't willing to give up on them. A quick bath in some Simple Green and we're ready to rock again. BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * Still trying to learn gradients and pushing contrast. Both were wins here this time. I used the blue as a big sweep from blue to white. Same with the sword going from yellow to white. * I think the blue spectral form worked well
  2. Very simple, lazy even...but he’s ghostly enough for a session
  3. This one took me a bit longer than I expected and I wasn't sure about how the spectral blue, purple, and green/white would play together, but they seem to work. Judging by his style of armor I suspect that in life he was some manner of elf. (and I can see here where I need to fix some blending, but I'm not too worried about it.)
  4. Howdy, He rules over everyone in the end... Kev!
  5. Ghost King does not appreciate kitty disturbing his grave. Kitty is unconcerned. The king was a study in frustration and the pics are not the best. His armors shadows are much more pronounced IRL and the dirt of the graveyard is much darker IRL. Kitty is itty bitty but I managed to get the eyes painted, I bout jumped for joy. The base was the most fun. The resins details are so sharp, lovely to work with. As always C&C welcomed. I will take all the advice I can get and attempt to apply it to the next figure cause after over a month, I'm so one with this dude. Thanks for lookin!
  6. Hi all, I keep true to the undead theme I have going on at the moment and decided to paint Tim Prow's Ghost King to get a bit of variety while converting the Necromanceres. He is slightly converted, I exchanged the skull and one of his hands. I wanted him to cast a frost lance with the outstretched hand and preparing another spell with the hand pointing up. I already added a small green flame to the hand, the frozen lance will need to wait until the fabric is done. So far only the face and the armour pieces are finished, even though I might enhance contrast on the verdigris, depending how
  7. My first finished Bones mini. So far I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the material. Several things on this one I'm not happy with, in particular the sword. I was going to redo it, but decided to keep it as is to remind me how not to do glowy effects. Good enough for tabletop. I need to re-read Buglips Bones Threads to remind myself to paint these for joy and not get hung up on display or mold line issues. Anyways, enjoy. http://www.coolminiornot.com/367610
  8. Completed Ghost King. I added a good bit of "necrotic green" wash between the armor plates, over the chain mail, and to the base underneath his robe. I think it turned out pretty well. There's a few unpainted spots I can see on the pictures way down underneath, but I'm not terribly worried about them because I can't even see them when I'm holding the mini up in natural light. Camera flash is very unforgiving. Next up is the Whispering Tyrant. WIP thread here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64985-undead-lords-2-ghost-king/#entry1243291
  9. Second member of my undead quadrumvirate; the Ghost King. I'd say I'm about 70% finished with him. Same green mix from my Lich (what I've been thinking of as "necrotic green") was used for all the places I could think of where light would leak out from the armor, robe, or skull. He may look a bit wet in the pictures, because his second coat of Reaper black ink was still drying when I took them.
  10. This is a small diorama/vignette for the Ghoul, Bad, & Ugly contest for Halloween. The figures used are 77143: Townsfolk: Undertaker, and 77161: Ghost King. This was my first attempt at OSL, and I'm pretty proud of it. The undertaker is a great figure; he has really sharp features that make it easy to paint an expressive face. WIP here.
  11. Hopefully one part of a small diorama for the Halloween contest, here's a WIP for the Undertaker. Thus far, he's painted as if lit by moonlight; a much stronger OSL will come from the lantern in a bit. So the back and face are pretty much done, but the front needs much more work.
  12. Here is 77161 - Ghost King. Base coats applied on armor, cloak, and weapon. Next I'll get to his face, gem on the sword, etc. Feel free to comment.
  13. In order to continue to push my abilities as a painter, as with any artist, I decided to try and step things up a bit with this figure and do something I generally don't feel comfortable doing...OSL. I'm happy with many things I did, and not happy with a few others but I'm continuing to learn! As a DM, my idea was that this was once a powerful king who's favored weapon (his sword) had been sundered upon his defeat. As with Viking tradition, this dishonor was met with such rage that the dead king arose as a powerful spirit who's own ethereal energy completes his shattered blade. C&a
  14. I'm going to start off this "show off" post with an introduction. Hi! I'm Grim (that's not my real name, it's my name in the Society for Creative Anachronism, but seriously, everybody calls me that now. My wife calls me that. My wife's co-workers call me that.) I started mini painting probably in the mid nineties - I mostly used them for D&D, but I got into a few of the smaller-scale wargames - Mordheim, Battlefleet Gothic. I was into "Clan War" for a bit (a wargame based on the RPG and CCG "Legend of the Five Rings,") but liked painting the minis more than actually playing the game.
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