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Found 20 results

  1. The year is halfway over! What do you want to achieve this month? Here's my list: - Get blog going again. - Finish editing photos from last November >.< - Paint Bones Sphinx (by August 4). - Figure out how many other projects I have to do (that aren't already on the table) and give them time lines. - Figure out a giveaway for 1000 followers on IG.
  2. Blame @Bathory for the thread title and unofficial goal for this month... If you're like me, you've got a bunch of unfinished projects collecting dust. Rather than start something new, why not finish something old? My goals: Finish stone giant and these guys
  3. It’s the 1st, and time for more goals... I want to: finish my six Sleestaks paint a couple of vintage Tolkien units get some project planning on paper play some games
  4. I've got tons of goals for this month. What do you have planned? For me I have to finish these by the 23rd: Amiri, Iconic Barbarian Tiik Champion Battleguard Golem Nolzur's Griffon This shouldn't be a big issue as I've already started on the griffon and the other ones are prepped and ready to go. On top of these I /still/ want to pick up the fire giants and then I'm going to start Cthulhu.
  5. So, Goals for the new year, or at least the first month of it. --Finish Mini #2 for Secret Sophie. --Make Progress on new mini for Vorgh, Ice Elementalist Sorcerer in my F2F Game. --Finish Painting Triceratops Mini for Twitter Exchange Organizer. --Pry myself away from my Nintendo Switch long enough to do these things. Now what are yours?? GF
  6. Okay, no one else started it today (as of my last peek at the forums), so now, we have some time to reflect on 2017, and what are you going to do this month? For me, I am going to paint 3-5 miniatures and FINISH reorganizing my hobby areal. I really want to finish my Khadoran Iron Fangs and my Classic Chaos Dwarves. That's the plan right now.
  7. Once again, what are your goals this month? Mine are... --Enjoy GenCon!!!! --Progress on the Maxs Minions Minis. --Paint or Repaint something cool for my #BoxofManyThings partner on Twitter. GF
  8. Once again, what are your goals this month? Mine are... --Finish my GenCon 50 DDM Prize Support! --Progress on the Maxs Minions Minis. GF
  9. I have been working on a pair of goals for my Dreadball Extreme game. I have them pretty close to done, but I am debating on adding color to the hoses hanging off the back of the goal. There is a part of me that wants to just leave them the way they are. On the other hand, I feel that adding some color to the hoses will help with the overall look. The other question that I have is if I do add color, what color should I add? Please share your thoughts as I could use a second opinion on these. Thanks.
  10. So, being April Fool's Day, the Fish of April, as it is, I am starting this thread. I did not complete ALL my goals last month, but I'm well on my way to completing quite a bit this month. I'll leave it at that for now, as I do not wish to jinx myself. My goal, as always, will be to finish three figures, and everything over that is bonus. On the table are roughly 47 figures between mushroom people, Anhurians, and Chaos Dwarfs. I have some work to get done...
  11. Happy March everyone! Bunch of rollover goals this month for me: Finish D&D Chainmail Orc Druid (85% done) Finish TARDISReaper's Phone Box (95% done) Finish Goldar and his teddy (70% done) Adding to the list: Goblin Shaman - Hangout Figure of the Month Frostgrave Troopers TBD (I need to sit down with my list and figure out what the Doctor's are going to want going forward) Scatter Terrain
  12. Okay, let's get this short month started! D&D Chainmail Orc Druid Finish Goldar and his teddy Build a boat for Frostgrave TARDISReaper's Phone Box
  13. Since no one else has started this up, here we go! My goals: Finish the Bones Animal Companions I started Finish the Bones Barrow Rats I started Organize my basement work area into something a little less... "everything everywhere!!"
  14. Nothing for October yet? I have a few to start. Start on a nice display level figure. Order for Secret Sophie. At least start prep on exchange mini, whatever it may be.
  15. Has anyone noticed that those brown plastic inserts in chocolate boxes, when flipped upside down, look a lot like industrial storage tanks and bunkers?
  16. Here we are, a new month and a new (or old) set of goals to achieve. I'm going to try to be realistic here with how fast I paint, but there are things I have to get done by deadlines. Catacombs Barbarian - Want to get him done by the 15th so that I can enter him into a contest ran by Catacombs. Done! Figure Exchange (on the side) with a friend coming to Vegas next month. - Starting on it Figure Exchange (on the side) with another friend, this is a 2-figure vignette. - Haven't started Work on the 54mm Figure for the 54mm+ challenge. - Didn't get a chance Work on my brother's VERY late diorama, gotta pick away at it. - No additional work.
  17. Start of a new month, what are you all working on this month? my goals are: Infinity Metro with DEP Bones 2 grey aliens Bones 2 IMEF 3 Dreadball MVPS Bones 2 evil column Bones 2 console Bones 2 Skeletons 2 deadzone Enforcers
  18. Another month, another chance to put out your goals whether they include painting, converting, and/or basing lets hear them. Mine are very similar to last month and I realize that I only got 1 figure done from last month's list. I blame it on a 10-day vacation and then being unable to get myself motivated to get to work on anything else, but I would really like to get the following things done/started: Start and finish my Winter Mini Exchange - DONE! Had 3 figures in it. Paint up a paladin/anti-paladin for my brother - I'll be using Almaran the Gold for this figure. - Didn't even start. Start working on the Diorama for my PF GM. - Didn't start. Updated on 4/28/14
  19. I figure we are only a couple of days from November and most of us know what we are going to be able to finish by the end of October and it's now time to set goals for the next month. Anyhow, I didn't set any personal goals for October and I think my painting suffered for it so in order to help keep myself accountable I'm going to list what I'd like to achieve this upcoming November. Paint an Eidolon (Red Wolf) for one of my fellow players in my Pathfinder game. - 3/4 done and will finish in December Paint up Dwarf Ranger for fellow player in Pathfinder game. - Removed Paint up Dwarf Ranger's animal companion (whatever he picks) for the PF game. - Removed Paint up a Dragon Disciple for a fellow player in Pathfinder game Paint up Tileon - Noncombatant Halfling Sage (my PC's cohort) - DONE! Paint up a half-elf Cleric NPC/cohort for my Pathfinder game Paint up another NPC - Ursa a Dragonborn Work on Kaladrax diorama for the contest! - I might have to use one of the Dragons below for this contest instead as I don't think I'll have enough time to paint up that many dragons. Paint up (as requested by GM) various creatures/NPC's/beasts that need to be in his upcoming encounters. I think he said something about trolls very soon - Heard back from GM, he wants: Dragons! (2 white and 1 Ancient Red), GIANTS (frost, hill, fire, and stone), Ogres, Orcs, Drow, Spiders, and Troglodytes. Guess my To-Do shelf just got a whole lot more crowded! Editing Post to change some stuff, had the guy playing the Dwarf drop out of our PF group so we are going to alter our campaign a bit and go back to an older one with some higher level PC's.
  20. My goals are less "total number of figures" based as they are "learn lots of stuff" based. 1) Finish my Summer Exchange mini and send it off 2) Continue to figure out highlighting 3) Invest some time in learning color theory, including saturation and intensity 4) Paint at least 3 PC character minis 5) Finish the weapon swap on my PC mini 6) Finish painting my NOVA female mini 7) Anything else as inspiration strikes Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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