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Found 179 results

  1. This is another one of my older fantasy figures that I just finished. I tried to keep the look of both the figure and the base very bland, barren & bleached. I executed the skin color of the mummy (the way I would envision it)...a grayish rotting green flesh with corpse maggots in the eye & mouth (but executed in a dull dark aged feel, look and manner)...did the same with the cloth wrap...I hope that you feel I succeeded in my attempt. FIGURE...Grenadier (Mummy Lord) # 512...circa 1986...
  2. Since it appears that I am incapable of organising myself enough to put together any kind of WIP thread, I'll just put my mini progress for this month in one place. Its been a milestone month for me, I don't think I have got this amount of painting done since my student days when I had all the time in the world. Mostly now its done in a couple of hours between my wife going to bed with my 3 month old son and when my eyes can't stay open anymore First up I finally got around to finishing the Grenadier Spectral Dragon 2 that I managed to pick up from Ebay for £5. There was a lot of filling, pinning, bending and tweaking to get it into shape, but I got there in the end. I'm sure the heads are painted in the wrong order, but my players will never know, if they even live that long! Next I made myself see past the mould lines and assembly gaps for my Super Dungeon Explore heroes. I wanted to get them finished quickly so didn't want to get bogged down in filling every gap or filing everything perfectly since I get a bit OCD about it and then it would take me weeks. *its only for a board game, *its only for a board game* Of course, now I have to get the monsters done, and that will probably make me want to get the 2 expansions, but I like to think of 'Miniholicism' as a blessing and not a curse (?) Finally I got around to painting my first ever Reaper mini, to round out the PC's for my D&D group. I've been painting for 30 years on and off and yet still hadn't breached the Reaper lines, as it were, for no other reason than it just never happened, I had admired from afar but never taken the next step. I'm very impressed by the level of detail and I can't wait for my Bones to ship and wait weeks for Uk customs to let them through... I'm not 100% happy with the paint job as I rushed it alittle to get the mini ready for game night, but as a game piece it will do. Shinyness on the pics is due to the gloss varnish and the fact my dullcote ran out and I'm waiting for a huge container of it to arrive. Its so hard to get hold of over here, compared to any other options.
  3. These are the minis I first started painting, so I like to go back to them and remind myself of the learning experience sometimes. No matter how poor they are by modern standards, they have a charm I continue to appreciate. Cheers.
  4. So, my friend's parents were moving and found an old case of mini's which they promptly made him come get. He's not into figure painting anymore (the shame! but his wife is, so it's not a total wash), a nd figured I would enjoy these figures more than he (after letting his wife pick through, like a smart man). So here they are, old Partha's, Grenadier, even a few GW Battlequest(? I never remember the name) plastic dwarves. Mostly late 80's early 90's. More pics here totalling ~60 minis. Yeah, fear the Shiny Enamel Glory that was the early 90's. Some I don't care for, and unless convinced otherwise, they will be taken to the dreaded Metal Table of Doom next Reapercon.... Though I especially like the oriental orcs. -DD
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