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  1. Another print I picked up on Etsy. I'm really enjoying these chibi models of ferocious monsters. But I mean, when they're that cute, can you blame them? These were two separate models I'm not sure we're meant to be one, but I thought they fit perfectly together, so I based them together.
  2. Been slacking with taking photos, these were speedpainted in the Oct 2022-Jan 2023 timeframe using Army Painters Speedpaints for the top 2, and Tamiya Clear Orange with some reaper red highlights for the Nightmare. Griffon (WZK72574) Bone Naga (WZK90086) Nightmare (WZK90087)
  3. Done! Finally based one and finished all the way through.
  4. Oh, man! This one I'm really happy with. I watched yet another video where someone did a griffon nearly all dry brushed and thought since I had problems doing wings a while back, I could try it. I did and am shocked with the results! BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * Using a tri-color system to lighten things up strategically picking out colors ahead and setting them aside. * Sticking to a plan helped address speed and order of operations. * Using new dry brush make-up brush has SIGNIFICANTLY increased my ability with the method. I'd sucked at dry brushing - could be due to either pressure or paint application, but either way it worked awesome this time. * No washes. * No inks. * Really only used a 2nd brush to hit the highlights on beak, eyes, and claws. * Finally got to utilize a reference book I snagged for cheap at B&N for birds. * @Darcstaar I also utilized your method for claws after you mentioned it. I LOVE IT! Thank you for the combo. Misses: * I somewhat botched one of the eyes - the left. It's not perfectly centered in the yellow circle. I was also having a hard time thinking how far I should push the yellow. Not super noticiable, but I know it's there. * White/fur/feather area near the head feels a little off, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I am still happy with the results, but something in that transition seems off. * The fur on the lion body was originally higher volume in cream color, but I dialed it back. I think a much lighter color would do it good to help bring some brighter contrast in, but I chickened out before touching it up because I liked the work as it was. Wimped out. * the bottom of the body is still darkly shaded due to how the dry brushing worked out, but I think it's still okay? Ish. * I'm also panicked about doing the base because this easily just became one of my favorite pieces. I've got the basing materials setting up right now and drying -so I hope in the next few hours I get to post this in completed works and it looks rad! Always open to feedback and love hearing it. As I mentioned, I use the comments to the fullest to make the most of my next one.
  5. My work on the griffon from bones 4
  6. I was painting with a bunch of kids, and one of them said "I'll bet you can't finish that bird guy before lunchtime!" I present to you: the bird guy before lunch time.
  7. I planned to go for the coloring suggestion on the box, except with brighter feathers. After base coat and a wash it seemed to turn rather plain. I keep the underside this way, while for the top side of the wings I started adding some variation to the feathers, gradually daring to add more detail and contrast. Took a while to get there, but in the end I was happy and called it finished. I even took a fun picture with it: But now that I'm a few minis wiser, I demoted him from finished to lacking base. And this is where I am stuck now. I had this plan of making a sandstone cliff looking base. I positioned him and started building up terrain, working carefully not to damage the finished mini. I colored some stones of various sizes in a few colors so I don't need to paint as much around the mini and I started to glue my rocks carefully around the base. I kept working on it for hours thinking I am getting somewhere, but once I took a break and looked at it again from all sides... I stand by my rocks, I think in a few steps they'll look great, but the scene makes no sense. These are not cliffs, more like a stone quarry, what would a griffon be doing there? - that's too specific and unlikely. Time to "delete" this somehow and start over... Wish me luck! https://pocketsizedadventurers.wordpress.com/2019/12/18/griffon-wings/
  8. As I continue to learn airbrushing, I've been experimenting with some larger minis. This Bones Griffin was one of the minis I sent in the Summer Mini Exchange. Everything except for the eyes, beak, and claws used the airbrush. Even the wash was sprayed on using the airbrush which took a couple of tries to get he mix right. I've had this metal Huge Spider sitting around for many years so I finally decided to give it a go. In hindsight, I wish I would have painted the parts first then put it together. I only used a traditional brush on the eyes. Lastly is Cadirith the Demonic Colossal Spider. And this ting is truly Colossal. It's base is about the same size as a CD (remember those). Again, I really wish I would have painted it before I put it together. Airbrishing around the legs all assembled was a nightmare and I think I would have done more striping if it was pre-assembled. I used a traditional brush on the eyes, bones, and spikes.
  9. Hello all, Probably one of the first bones mini i bought (it came in a kickstarter lot) and one I was longing to paint. Job done, in a kinda dark theme but overall happy about the result. Let me know what you guys think! Cheers
  10. I don't even know what this model is in Oldhammer, let along Age of Sigmar. But I liked it (part of a big army deal with rats and elves, I play the rats) and wanted to paint something not Undead, not rats, and to help build my KoW collection (my opponents now use him as a Drakon Lord). My NMM gold always turns out a lot better than my NMM silver, so I decided my elves, when I eventually paint them, will have gold in their scheme.
  11. I know I'm terribly late getting this on here, but here's the completed work of my Griffon Samurai! I entered 2 pieces in the Painters category at ReaperCon and this is the one they decided to judge. I couldn't believe my ears when they called my name for a gold medal!! At first I was certain that I missed my name for the bronze or silver categories! I owe it all to the wonderful tutelage of my husband!! He taught me what he knew and gave me the encouragement and motivation to keep going when I wanted to give up! I am truly blessed!! Whelp, as some have already said, it's all down hill from here! I'm already thinking of ideas for my next piece (possibly a diarama). Thanks again to everyone who has given constructive criticism and encouragement since I joined this forum!! You all are the best!!!
  12. Hey again, after some work, I have now finished another miniature to the point where I am happy to show it off! This time it is the Reaper Bones Griffon miniature, I have been fairly traditional with this one, using Army Painter Warpaints and Quickshade Inks. I think I have done a fairly good job on this one, comments, criticisms, and advice all gratefully received!!
  13. The hunter tightened his grip on his bow, preparing to draw his arrow to his ear. He had followed the trail of his quarry, a mighty wild boar, into the clearing ahead. A sudden crunching sound, like breaking bone, made him freeze in his tracks. He cautiously crept forward and peered around the trunk of an ancient oak. The vision of pure majesty he saw within the clearing stole his breath. There, a mighty golden griffon was finishing its meal of wild boar. The hunter slowly, deliberately relaxed his hold and returned his arrow to its quiver. He clasped a hand over his heart and bowed his head toward the regal creature. He would find other game elsewhere, for this meat had been claimed by the King of Beasts and the King of Birds. Only have the base work left to do, figure paint is essentially done unless I find something that needs touch-up.
  14. Was wondering if anyone new the dimensions on this fine looking specimen! http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/griffon/latest/03662
  15. I haven't gotten my Bones II Kickstarter yet (tomorrow afternoon, according to UPS,) but hey, I still have plenty of minis to paint. I haven't posted anything in a while, sorry about that. I just finished this guy last week, it is the Bones Griffon. I wanted to paint the eagle portions to look like an actual eagle, so I did some hunting and decided on the Steller's Sea Eagle - sure the beak on the real bird is kind of goofy-looking, but I love the coloration. Since I was going with black and white, I continued the coloration to the lion portions. I am aware that black lions are a hoax (they're photoshopped white lions,) but I rather liked the idea anyway. :) Pictures are very high res, feel free to click on them for a closer view. Comments welcome!
  16. Finished the Bones Griffon. He is the one I am most proud of so far I think. I am just really happy with how he turned out. He still has some issues. I noticed on his left eye I must have touched some feathers with the yellow for his eye so I will probably go in and touch that of just a smidgen but other than that I think he turned out just like I wanted him to. I am open to critique though. Left me know where I could improve. I am really just trying for cool game pieces but I will certainly strive to improve a bit.
  17. Recently I was hired to paint another ten Circle Orboros Griffon models for a gentleman from Las Vegas. He already owns two that I painted last year, but he wanted to be able to field a veritable army of birdmen in his AD&D game. Here is the first of the batch.
  18. Inspired by Siri's recent gryfalcon griffon and the fact that I have 2 of the bones and at least 3 other griffon miniatures staring at me from my shelf of shame, I thought I would give a try at painting the first of (Hopefully) many. I combined the standard lion back with the wing pattern of a local hawk that hangs around the house and here is the result. He is a 6 hour paint job for the first attempt. Enjoy, comments are always welcome. Maybe for the next one I will try a white tiger for the back end.
  19. Hi all, A friend kept admiring my Bones KS 1 Griffon and demanding I do a good paint job on it, so I bought a second to paint two up and give her the choice of one as a gift. I've been meaning to post them, and the flurry of activity on Griffon related posts has provided the extra push. The one with the purple wings is going to get a metallic gold coat on it's shoulder like the other one, per request from the recipient. I welcome comments. The purple one is the second I painted.
  20. It's been a fair while since I have posted a model on this forum, but I have not been lazy, I have been making a fair bit of scenery. Anyhow back to the painting. The next model to grace my painting table was the Bones Griffon. I have seen quite a few of these painted and couldn't wait to add mine to it. Comments and suggestions welcome.
  21. I painted my bones griffon. I didn't use army painter QS this time. I painted the wings from dark grey to white and used chestnut ink all over the griffon.
  22. Alright. This took some heavy research on how to do a gryphon in a style like a raptor. I finally settled on the very striking appearance of the Gyrfalcon. I figured either it would look horrible, mediocre or wonderful. I personally don't think it is the best looking version, but I am certainly pleased with how it came out all things considered. I used the white Gyrfalcon with black markings for this with a few things to help keep a bit of contrast in a few areas. Please have some patience with the pictures. I only have a 2DS instead of my camera as my former roommate keeps "forgetting" to check for it so I can pay to have it shipped to me. Anyways, as I said I am pretty please with how he came out looking for a first attempt at making a gyrfalcon gryphon.
  23. So I'm going to make a WIP for most of the minis I bought for this month's Ghoulie bag special Axebeak and the two giant snakes are dark-washed, I've started painting the tiger. Displacer phase cat is primed, and I've twisted his tentacles into poses that make me happy. Axebeak is on a Secret Weapon Blasted Wetlands base, and the giant snake [with his lovely dragon head that I decided to use instead of the viper one] is on a Secret Weapon Lava base *EDIT TO ADD* Ral Partha griffon and 03679 Giant Cobra. And a pack of old pewter doggies
  24. So I started out sculpting a school of fish for my Coraldrax, and ended up accidentally squishing it. However, i thought to myself that it looked like a eagle head so I went with it. And here we go! The start of a griffon!
  25. Painted this one up fairly quick and thought I would post. Fun model to paint. No issues which was nice. He comes close to the color scheme of my Everblight army, but enough stands out to keep him from getting mixed up. Hope you enjoy.
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