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Found 11 results

  1. I looked back a few months and didn't see any group/open WIPs so maybe nobody does them anymore. I have been around long enough to remember when they were a thing so I'm willing to give it a go. This thread is for anyone to post their work in progress shots from the Dungeons and Lasers kickstarter, be it figures, props or terrain. Or animal companions. Or dragons. Really you have options. I am starting with the wooden cottage. I went to the store and purchased some DecoArt craft paints to use for my terrain. They were chosen by eye for how they should look but I need to paint something to see if they do work. First, priming! I have white, I have black. I went black. There's no pic of it, but after this I gave my test piece a wash of dioxazine purple mixed with a little black. It will just make sure the black is not a "pure" black. Then I went over all the raised details with a heavy layer of Dark Chocolate. More than anything this is just to cover up the black and make a base for the actual wood paints. This was followed up with my two base colors, Milk Chocolate and Burnt Sienna. Picking out individual boards was a bit too tedious for for terrain and doesn't really give me much benefit. For the rest of it I'll just paint the Burnt Sienna in patches. The grid is somewhat disguised here, but if it is too disguised that also is a problem. I plan to make each square darker in the middle and then lighter around the edges. This calls for some Honey Brown. I got some Honey Brown in the wood grain so I did an experiment with two different ink washes to restore the wood grain. One was Raw Umber, the other was Burnt Umber. To the naked eye I thought the Burnt Umber was a little richer in tone, but in practice I don't think it will matter. Honey Brown back around the exterior. And pop the edges with some Buttermilk. A bit much? Probably so. I tried a half-step with the Honey Brown/Buttermilk but it wasn't quite right either. The detail is deep enough though that I can just go back over it with the Honey Brown and not worry about building up too much paint. And more to come!
  2. Doing a Show-off thread that is to have everyone post a pic of their first painted mini (or around the time you first started painting) and their most recently painted mini that they are most proud of painting up. I'll start it out because I want to show where I've come from and where I'm at now in terms of abilities and to have others realize that they've come a long ways in the hobby as well! First painted mini was for a Pathfinder Group member and he wanted to play the Imrijka, Iconic Inquisitor back in 2012, so I decided to try painting her up and here's the result! Now, skip ahead 5 years to my most recent figures/busts that I'm going to enter into this year's ReaperCon. Nosferatu- Darth Sana- I also love doing vignettes and dioramas so being able to help tell a story is a big part of the hobby for me. Please feel free to add in your own figures your first few and your last few if you like, show everyone where you started and where you are now!
  3. Hello! Long time no posting. I have been getting back into painting as a regular thing, so I hope to be here more often! Anyways. I hope I picked the correct category of the forums for this. So I have put together a group painting even during the course of Adepticon at the group hobby area. We are going to be painting a Fire Giant Queen, bones or metal. It is open to anyone and just a great way to meet other painters and see how we all interpret the same miniature. Just grab a Fire Giant Queen, prep her, and bring her. I have not signed up for any events other than the crystal brush at adepticon, so I plan on being at the hobby area alot. I'll probably have a little sign to make it easier to find those of us who are doing this together. This is a super informal, pop in and out as you can, kind of thing. Mostly just to meet other painters and have a good time. If this is not cool, I apologize.
  4. Here's some love for the little guys, because it isn't all about the big bads. A gang of nasty, orangey kobolds! -E.E.
  5. Njorn Hirdmen by Red Box Games Sculpted by Tre Manor Standard Table Top for these guys. I was a little in a hurry but it turned out well enough. I sculpted the bases and used some brick corners from some bricks Ub3r gave me. Again with these guys I put some Nordic runes on them. I hope you guys like them.
  6. This is a post for everyone to share the tables they play their games on, the more the merrier. Sci-fi, fantasy, modern, post apoc, horror....anything! This was the table I laid out last night for our games of infinity. Sadly I did not get to play a game as we got a bit of a late start and after the first game of the night the others decided it was getting a bit late to start a second game. I will get a chance to play on it as we have decided to do a little bit of an experiment and leave this table up for a couple of weeks to play all of our games of infinity on. We are trying to see if by leaving the terrain mostly static and probably keeping the same general list, if we will get a better grasp of how to play our own list no matter what the enemy brings. By doing this I also hope to see if there are any major flaws in my terrain layout technique/style. I DO NOT go for fair layouts when I set up a board, I go for more of a realistic look and feel. This board has quite a few long fire lanes, which could be a bad thing BUT it also has quite a few tightly packed areas where the fire fights would definitely be short ranged. The mission I chose to play on this particular night was rescue. There are eight civilians on the table, four of which you need to rescue by getting into base to base contact with them and synchronizing yourself with them, of course the four farthest from your deployment zone are the ones you must sync with. The player with the most synced civies wins, although if you can get your civies back to your deployment zone you can get even more points. This is a tough mission. Anyway, pics! As you can see my terrain is not more than primed so don't worry about terrain not being painted or not being well painted. I just want to see what types of terrain and game boards people set up to play games on.
  7. I'm tossing down the gauntlet again! Same thing as the last thread I opened up for the DSM Stephanie Law figures. This is a GROUP/OPEN thread for all the awesome figures that Tre "Trebeard" Manor has sculpted for his line through kickstarters Looking forward to painting mine when they are in hand and I really hope to see others posting in here their WIP for these wonderfully sculpted figures. Please NO CHATTER outside of these figures, lets keep it to the figures themselves and questions about them if we need help/feedback from each other. Let's do this! ETA: Changed title, lets make it any of Trebeard's sculpts from any/all his Kickstarters as not all of us have gotten in on all 5 thus far.
  8. Figure a lot of us will be getting these over the next few weeks...
  9. These are (3) of my favorite (NPC) characters that my adventure group can/might encounter (depending on the story line they pursue). They are (Borga...a specie of Anda Man in bull form)...(Brother Artimas...a monk loaded down with a barrel of mead)...(Mia...a female falconer with some special abilities). These are all game playing pieces.
  10. These are the main NPC female characters that the adventure group encounters in my RPG game. These are all playing figures and are as follows (starting in the back row): 1. Female thief (Diedra Darkwillow) 02643 2. Strumpet (Townsfolk III) 02655...(booby flash) 3. Strumpet (Townsfolk III) 02655...(panty flash) 4. Kara female archer (02528) 5. Jade dancing girl (02749) 6. Bar wench (Townsfolk I) 02583...(6 mugs) 7. Dancing girl (02448)...(coin bikini outfit) 8. Bar wench (Townsfolk I)...02583...(high tray) 9. Madam with book (Townsfolk III) 02655 10. Strumpet (Townsfolk II) 02584...(crook finger) Not pictured is (Slave girl)...featured as a solo (Show Off) gallery
  11. These are the main male NPC characters that my RPG adventure group encounters during their adventure game play...these are all playing pieces...(starting on back row...they are): 1. Young wizard (Marcus Starsong) 02637 2. Swashbuckler (Eric Swiftblade) 02144 3. Shire Guard (modified from set 02548)...pole arm weapon added 4. Bandit Chief (Townsfolk Set IV) 02677 5. Bartender (Townsfolk Set I) 02583 6. Blacksmith (Townsfolk Set II) 02584 7. Bandit (Townsfolk Set IV) 02677...running open leg stance 8. Merchant (Merchant & Henchmen Set) 02548 9. Jailer (modified from set 02548)...holding key ring behind back 10. Bandit (Townsfolk Set IV) 02677...kneeling Not pictured are (Town Beggar) and (Slave Master)...already posted as single characters on Show Off forum.
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