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  1. I have a lot of minotaurs. I share them with you here. You can share yours too if you like. This one is big, 50mm toe to brow, nearly 100mm total height. Believed to be from Games Workshop in the '90s. Base is hand-built from wood, sand, and acrylic gel. I meant for the color to resemble a black Angus bull, but it turned out more like a gorilla. WIP More angles:
  2. This is a Great Unclean One, a greater deamon of the Chaos god Nurgle. His purview is rot and disease. I've been working on this off and on for the better part of this year; I wanted to do the best job I possibly could on this guy. There are still a few things I could improve, and I missed a mold line or 2; I tried to work those in to the sculpt with my paint job. C&C is very much welcome on this one. A face only a mother could love: And the snake-tongue which actually supposed to be coming out of his mouth. Of course it broke when I tried to get a pictur
  3. Hi ! A little commision work for player :) :
  4. I recently bought my first MSP Reaper paints by purchasing SEVERAL triads and started to use them in my paints. First, I love the MSP bottles as I feel a great measure of control in paint volume without having to use a toothpick or brush to pick it out (my method for getting paint out of GW pots). On the flip-side, I have recently been painting chibi figures and so tend to lean to a highly saturated color palette (the cartoony look. . . go figure). It seems to me that the Reaper paints in general are not as color saturated as some of the GW paints. Either that or it is that they have
  5. Hi ! One little Ogre for Mordheim ^^ (really bad pictures :():
  6. Hi !!! Mydas the Mean for Dogs of War army :)
  7. Hi ! A little Marco Colombo for Dogs of War Army :)... Really difficult this mini :( :
  8. Hi ! A old Champion of Khorne :)... Il hate red ^^ :
  9. Hi !!! A little beatmen tabletop for my AoS army. The banner is my first freehand :) :
  10. Hi again :) A commision work for a player :
  11. Hi ! A really quick tabletop paint for gaming :
  12. Hi !!! This is my Glottkin for Age of Sigmar :) ... Many pictures here : https://octopusworkshop.wordpress.com/2015/07/21/warhammer-age-of-sigmar-the-glottkin/
  13. This week I completed the commander-in-chief figure for my 10mm Lizardman Army: The Mage-King of the Lizardmen. For the base of it I used the Games Workshop Lizardman "Tetto'eko" figure, which I was fortunate enough to get a good deal on from a friend at a convention Flea Market last year. To make the conversion from 28mm to 10mm I did a couple modification. First, I cut the tall feathers off of each of the side partitions to reduce the overall height appearance. And then I simply didn't add the pair of pillars that are suppose to go on the deck, and the three that are mounted underneath
  14. I decided to finish off a number of models off my painting table. These have been on my desk for quite a while. I am planning to use a red or something similar on the model. Comments welcome.
  15. Hi ! A little Liberator for AoS ( beuuuurk :( ... )
  16. Someone has been dumping Skaven minis at my local Half Price Books, and I've been snatching them all up. I recreated the color scheme I used over 15 years ago on this same mini, but sadly I do not have a picture to compare to, and the original has long since been sold during a downsize. Either way, I know he looks better now than he did then. Despite having roots playing GW games and still playing Warhammer Quest at least once a year, I've no love for the modern company that is GW. Some of their sculpts just really appeal to me though. Had to buy this fella. Sad that they are going aw
  17. Resolutionary Models for May Some Games Workshop Black Orcs that have been given an experimental speed paint job. In no particular order: Grunka-Lunka, Grunga-Bunga, Garrgha-Lunka, Lunkga-Gronka, and their other brother Clyde. I should ought to have painted a musician. I had one in the pile. There was one armed with a drum in there and that would have worked for the music, bard, instrument bonus challenge thing. Oh well.
  18. Hi ! Oldies powaaaaaa ;) : https://octopusworkshop.wordpress.com/2015/05/28/citadel-oldies-keeper-of-secrets/
  19. Hi ! Just for fun, a old Heroquest mini tabletop :) (I loveeee oldies mini ;))
  20. Hi ! Just a little marines :
  21. First off, the title is a result of currently rewatching Chuck, one of my favorite TV shows. What this is, is a work in progress of the projects I have planned for the next two months. Let's just say, I think I am insane. I have 5 for ReaperCon, 2 commissions for friends, and if I have time 2 for me. So without further ado, let me introduce my victims. First up the lovely Tinley. This beauty has been slightly modified and will be my entry in the open category for ReaperCon. I am pretty happy with her as this is the first time I have done any modifications. Next up are two ladies for the pa
  22. I recently ordered a GW Empire Hurricanum, mainly just so I could paint up and use the orrery that is part of the piece separately, in my D&D games for times when I want to set up a wizard's lab, or arcane library, or star gazer cult, etc. So I assembled and painted that part first. I am now assembling the rest of the piece and the miniatures and will try to paint them soon too, but I will leave the orrery unattached. It was fun to paint the different planets/suns as it was different than most stuff I have painted so far.
  23. I rarely paint GW miniatures, since I have never played Warhammer, but I'd been wanting to paint up a Cairn Wraith for a long time after I saw one in another painter's gallery, so I finally broke down and bought one, and painted it right away in a single sitting on Saturday.
  24. Large pictures and a couple more angles on Tumblr here.
  25. Here is my latest and greatest. Castilians of Dol Guldor. They would also make great sword wraiths or something like that for an RPG.
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