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Found 6 results

  1. Season 2 of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles is kind of all over the place, so my posts will be too! First up, Professor Pyg's Gang. They don't have names, as far as I can tell, so I named them myself. The Gang. Unlike most henchmen, these are all unique sculpts. "Bojack Horseman" - The Hawaiian shirt didn't quite come out as I had hoped, the red flowers blended in with the orange shirt, but the yellow really gets the point across so I'm happy. Not sure how I would do it in the future, maybe use a brighter orange? "Nurse Raamsy" "Chicken Kiev" "Raging Bull"
  2. B:GCC - Mission 21 "A Golden Opportunity" has the heroes catch Deadpool Deathstroke mid-robbery as he attempts to steal a formula for kryptonite locked behind a door. I think my favorite color that I bought from Reaper is their Hazard Yellow. It slots in nicely between yellow and orange and works wonderfully in a lot of different situations. I think it is spot on for Deadpool Deathstroke. Riddler Goons. I like the color scheme, but I debated for a while if I should switch up the colors a little to make them easier to distinguish on the board. In the end, I decided against it in favor of the K.I.S.S. principle. If I play the game enough where it is a problem, I'll be happy. Goons with Sticks Goons with Guns
  3. B:GCC - Mission 19 "A Bloody Transaction" has Gordon and Bullock trying to rescue some hostages from The Red Hood and his gang. Apparently there are good Red Hoods and bad Red Hoods. This is the bad Red Hood, possibly the Joker, pre-Joker days (spoiler?). Or maybe just some random sucker in a stupid outfit. Who knows. I think their theme song is "Every Girl's Crazy About a Sharp Dressed Man". Penguin's Henchmen. Not a part of the mission, but I had space to paint them. Their nets had me worried, but I like how they came out.
  4. The Little Folk have FINALLY reached the head of the line. SO my next group will be the Goblins of Rapunzel's Twisted Tower & Goblin Village board...otherwise known as Rebel Minis' Dark Hold Goblins. Knights, Henchmen, Pack Rat, & a Villager Volunteer: The Adventures, Pack I: The Adventures, Pack II: The Militia: AND the ones I've started on...naturally with all those minis based & primed, I've started painting the unbased & just now primed ones; The Villagers: The Leader of The Rat: The Thinker: The Foil: AND The Fink, front view then back: The foil & The Fink are a team; i.e., the former takes the blame & the latter makes sure he does. ...& there you have What-I'll-Be-Doing-For-Awhile...with an occasional shiny break.
  5. AND as promised/threatened Part II: The Adventurers I: The Adventurers II: ...The Pig Knights: ...The Henchmen: AND the Group Portrait: Work in Progress with some better photos here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/66798-rapunzels-goblin-minions/ http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/67320-psychotic-faeries/ ...there you have it...for whatever it's worth.
  6. I thought I was done painting these three models, but after I based them I decided I liked the basing so much I wanted to put some more work into the paintjob, starting with at least another layer of highlights. The small tufts of grass on the henchmen and the mule are Army Painter Battlefields Winter Tufts, which just arrived in my FLGS. They're pretty cool, they come on a plastic sheet and you just pluck them off with tweezers and put them down on a drop of glue. A lot easier than trying to make your own tufts from static grass or long grasses (you can see a static grass clump on the overladen henchman). 02572: Overladen Henchman The Overladen Henchman is something of a nightmare to paint. So many different items, all crammed together, and calling on so many colors. Adding another layer of highlights to him is going to be a big task. P02548B: Henchmen The Henchmen w/Chest are pretty simple models, but its difficult painting the lead man's back and the following man's front, as the chest and the other man get in your way. The lead figure has a great face, comically drawn with his tongue poking out of the corner. I'm giving him a gray beard and hair, having decided he's a long retired adventurer earning work in his senior years by serving as a caravan guard. Expedition Mule II (Otherworld Miniatures) Noticeably, the mule is carrying less gear than the henchman. Apparently everyone thinks the mule has the better personality.
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