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Found 19 results

  1. Andy over at Heresy Miniatures has done something I thought he’d never do. Launch a second production run of his infamous dragon. Link to the Live Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heresyminiatures/the-heresy-miniatures-dragon-production-wave-ii/description - I know there’s at least a couple of us here who have this dragon from it’s original production run. Haven’t attempted to assemble mine yet. It’s a huge beast of a model and is definitely for experienced hobbyists. I wish Andy all the best for his kickstarter but I am very concerned he’s going back into production on this. The original run nearly ruined him and his company, it’s a long story, and it took years for him to get everyone their dragons. The price for the dragon has gone up since then, substantially so. I really hope he has the financial end of this worked out. Its a great dragon though.
  2. On top of painting my Zombiecide models. I have started to paint a numbers of Heresy Miniatures models. I have based five models and undercoated them and the first has a few coats of paints on him. as always comment welcome.
  3. And the last post here for today is a set of nasty looking Maggotmen by Heresy Miniatures. These will form part of my Dragon Rampant army at some point, similar to Ghouls they feast upon the corpses of their victims. A simple painting scheme was used and the models were left gloss to give them a wet look. Thanks for looking and as always comments welcome.
  4. Here is a selection for three heroes for use in Frostgrave or other such games. I really like like the sculpts, and think I have done a reasonable job on the painting. Thanks for looking as always comments welcome.
  5. This bunch were such fun to paint. You don't often get to paint someone doing a cartwheel with a shotgun.
  6. This was a speed paint I did in an attempt to paint faster and not overthink my miniatures. I had painted fhe base previously. Boris took and hour, my NMM attempt took 40 more minutes.
  7. This is a Heresy miniatures zombie that I got out of a Box of Goodwill. She's supposed to be a modern zombie, but I think she looks simple enough that I could use her in fantasy, too.
  8. As the 2016 Frostgrave campaign wrapped up, I've started working on my new wizards. Or at least possibilities for my new wizards. The now out of production Ecclescake (9th Doctor) and Doctor Payne (War Doctor). I started by cleaning them up and assembling them, and tonight I used Reaper's brush on primer followed by a brown liner wash. These are really great sculpts, and I'm sad that Heresy had to stop making them.
  9. I've got a few fires in the iron right now with various fun projects on my desk. This one stems from this base I build in the Las Vegas Open basing masterclass. I envisioned 2 figures running through a stream with the banks jutting up on either side, I just needed to find the right figures... So I saw Berserk Big Boris and knew he was the chaser, the perfect counterpart was the Pathfinder Agent who is high-tailing it out of there with his prized Skull Trophy! So here's the base I made. I also modded boris up to have a full on beard and long hair that is being blown back by the wind. I plan on having him to the right as you look at the tree and her to the left going around the bend.
  10. Here is the next Heresy model from the current batch of models to be used in Frostgrave, my only concern is he is such a large model that he is going to be an arrow and spell magnet. As always comments welcome.
  11. In my ongoing set of Heresy Miniatures I present Kage Dar a young barbarian by Heresy Miniatures, once again an amazing sculpt and hopefully one I have done justice with. I spent a bit of time building up the skin tone and I am happy with the results in daylight. As always comments welcome.
  12. Here are a few more shots of the current selection of models I am working on, so far I am finished the models I got for Christmas which jumped the painting queue and were based and undercoated over the holiday. First up we have 4 zombies some are showing a bit too much detail for a closeup shot, so I group shot will have to do. Next a young barbarian, this model will be used in Frostgrave along with a lot of my current models. And next up we have Big Boris, if ever you needed a Barbarian for your Frostgrave group I don't think you can do much worse then Boris, although he is rather large and that will make him quite a target for archers and other ranged attacks. As always comments of suggestions welcome, I try and post these as a WIP but I get carried away and the next thing you know they are almost complete.
  13. Making a Mordheim warband mostly for fun, as I don't have any locals to play with, but maybe it can create a little wave among the local Necro players. :D So I bought these really cool minis from Heresy. Three ghouls and a necromancer. I am going to need five ghouls total, three dregs and a vampire, but first things first. I've based them and shaded, and are currently waiting for them to dry: Based bronze skin tone: Shaded with plenty of Agrax Earthshade: Could not help myself. The necromancer was pointing at something, and I added another 'finger' from the sprue remains. Based with grey:
  14. Here is a few more models completed so far this year. I decided to finish the remaining slugs and the Terror Grub. I kept the paint scheme the same as the four previous ones. Here are some closeups of the terror grub showing details of the mouth. These were nice and easy to paint and I can't wait to get the out on the playing table. As always comments welcome.
  15. I had always liked this miniature from a small UK company called heresy miniatures, he was originally a limited release of 500 in metal but later released in resin and I managed to get my hands on one. (Thanks uber for pointing me to the website for the scale 75 paint as I found him there). This guy was a lot of fun to paint and I am very happy with the results. He stands 43mm tall and has a lot of exposed flesh to play with so I thought I would practice my freehand. Please c&c and I hope you like him ;)
  16. The first of my many unpainted Heresy zombies has gone under the brush. Moved to action by the continuing Zombtober project.
  17. A Heresy cyclops and Otherworld medusa: More pics up on my blog.
  18. So whilst I am waiting for my Bones to arrive I have plenty of little (and big) projects I want to get out of the way. I'm glad to say that this is one of them and its the first project I have finished all year so far. The D&D game I run is pretty huge and we have over a dozen or so players who drop in and out as their schedules permit. I have been trying to put together appropriate figs for all the PC's for some time and I finally have them all finished as of yesterday. Its been a long job, but here they are, apologies for lots of not great pics)... Creosus the Cleric and Symeon the Bard (Heresy and Hasslfree figs) Crest Morningtide - Water Genasi Warlord and Hertha - Satyr Druid (Crocodile games and Heresy) Brimstone the Dwarven Shaman and Yaskin the Goblin Rogue (old Citadel and very very old Citadel) Miles Arcana - Swordmage and Meavoi - Goliath Warden (GW and Heresy) Mya - Sorceress and Kiera - Rogue (Heresy & Hasslefree) Unsung - Warforged Warlock (converted from an Infinity Pan Oceana Knight with some old bits to make the rod) Broadsword - Warforged fighter (converted from a Mageknight steam golem and some old broken troll bits) Brug Gundersson - Half Orc Barbarian (kitbashed from GW bits) Three-Point-Five - Warforged Artificer (kitbashed from a Mierce Miniatures Magaan the Warlock that my daughter managed to hit from the other side of the garden with a tennis ball and it exploded and a raid of my bits box) And finally Dahlgren - Human Barbarian (Privateer Press) Next up to finish off the Heroes for my Super Dungeon Explore and assemble the Grenadier Spectral Dragon. Hopefully that won't take 6 months
  19. A: Three meazels and a cyclops. Currently on the production floor:
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