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Found 14 results

  1. Yes it is him. Probably the most iconic Mini of an Evil sorcerer ever. And the longest sitting on my desk Mini in my Arsenal. In my Edition it was called Hexer, meaning warlock. Dont know the Original Name. I have to finish this one if I ever want to get my painthandle back.
  2. Part 1: Heroes! For the most part, the alternate heroes were done up the same way as their standard counterparts. There are a few differences, but those flow mostly from the minor changes in sculpt. I also skipped the eyes on these as they were quite difficult for me to track (I could barely see them). Barbarian: I feel like I missed a part of her top that goes over her left breast. I couldn't see any sort of detail there that would indicate it was covered by her top, so it was painted as flesh before I really thought about it. Dwarf: Elf: d I am digging the phoenix on the loincloth. It came out better than I thought it had any chance of being. Wizard: The inside of the Wizard's cape is Pure Black in the recesses and Adamantium Black where it billows. Mentor: Sir Ragnar: Interesting...Rob Zombie's...err...Sir Ragnar's lion is reversed from the lion on the shield (in the Core set Weapon Rack). Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully the Mythic Expansions won't be quite the slog that the Core game was.
  3. Hold on to your butts... This thread is going to be sizable because I'm starting my HeroQuest core box (Mythic Tier). The expansions will get their own threads, which should be much shorter (as there are far fewer minis). I've already started painting and have (nearly) completed many doors, and made significant progress on the bookshelves and cabinet. In an effort to get me to finish Tyrants of Lothal (an ongoing issue), I am forcing myself to complete the boring scenery elements first. Which means doors. Lots of doors. And, when you've finished with the doors, you realize that you need to do some more doors. Where's Jim Morrison when you need him? Except as noted, the paints on the scenery are Delta Ceramcoat. No exceptions yet, but maybe on the bookshelves... I would like to take this opportunity to not thank the individual that decided we needed vines on the doors. It doesn't really show in the pictures, but I've used a medium green (Medium Foliage Green, to be specific) on some of the vines. Khaki has been used on the others. I have another door or two that were trimmed from the pictures, but you get the idea. The stone has been set up with Black, Charcoal, Deep Taupe, Rain Grey, and White. Start iwith Black, Charcoal or Deep Taupe and then work up through the next two colors with a solid drybrushing. So much drybrushing. And still eight doors to be done. I felt that I needed something a little more interesting than simple stone for the keystones, and since this is a magical realm I figured that maybe a mad wizard might have spells worked into the doors to keep him informed of what has happening and give him a chance to taunt the heroes at inappropriate times--just like Zargon's twitter feed. So I decided to use Gold instead of more black/grey stone. I am looking for a good metallic on the iron bands and rings. Silver is just too bright. The wood was done with yet more drybrushing. Starting with a base of either Black, Chocolate Cherry, or Burnt Sienna and then working up eventually to Golden Brown or Khaki. It seems to work pretty well. The same theory from the doors works with the bookshelves and cupboard. I'm thinking about using some color on the scroll work--some sort of gilding, maybe. The hinges and handles on the cupboard will get a similar treatment to the hinges and handle on the doors--once I figure out exactly what that is. I'm about nine hours into the doors, and three into the bookshelves and cupboard. Now to finish some of these doors so I can work on some of those other doors.
  4. I'm in love with this mini, that retro feel it has is just great! I had a lot of fun painting it and tried being bold with the basing Really happy with how it turned out
  5. It's been a while but finally got my Orc Horde done from Heroquest!
  6. Since HeroQuest was one of my gateways into miniatures, I felt it appropriate to pay homage to that when I got Dungeon Saga. The freehand on the wizard came out better than I'd expected.
  7. I am a big fan of the HeroQuest board game, which I played with my dad and brother in the 90s. Lots of happy memories. Well, now I am the dad and my kids have gotten into my old game of HeroQuest! There were only two problems. First, we were missing the dwarf figure. Second, the heroes are all male, which didn't seem very fair to my daughter. So I decided to solve both problems with help from my collection of unpainted bones. First, the barbarian. My daughter requested a purple dress and blue hair. So how could I resist? She also asked for either a heart or flower pattern on the shield, so I decided to make a flower out of hearts. My son chose the dwarf, and wanted him kept fairly close to the box art. So I kept him in reds and browns, with a white beard. He made the base out of sculpey with a little help from me. He wanted lots of bones and stuff on the base, so I gave him an old skeleton mini and let him cut it up and glue the bits onto the base. The elf I had already painted, but my daughter thought she was "the most beautiful" so I just touched her up a bit and attached her to a new base. Unfortunately she went on just a little crooked. The wizard was also already painted, and just got a touch up and a new base. My son requested a bit of scroll on the base, and I'm happy with the way it turned out. All the bases were done in sculpey and painted to look like squares from the HeroQuest game board. I can't wait to play our first game with the new party! Comments and criticism appreciated :).
  8. The roots of my obsession can be traced back to this glorious game, this box of wonder and enchantment that combined adventure in a magical dungeon with cool little figures and furniture. It was like a Hyborian Age doll's house, but you got to play a game with it, too! So naturally, as soon as I was all grown up with a job and access to internet auctions, I bought copy of HeroQuest to recapture the magic of my youth. Then another two copies, because reasons. Plus some expansions. Anyway, this is what I've got: That's three copies of the base game (one of which came with triple the cards), Wizards of Morcar and two copies of Against the Ogre Horde. With a couple of exceptions, all the minis are unpainted. I plan to paint them all. I've gone this far without painting any of the minis, but I'd started to paint a spare Chaos sorcerer (to use as a lich king for Kings of War) and painting it got me thinking that now I could actually get some good results from them. So, I've not gotten very far yet, just an undercoat on the heroes and the Chaos warriors. I'm already a bit stuck on how I want to paint the Chaos warriors, though. I've undercoated them with Army Painter metallic primer (which covers amazingly by the way), but I don't know if I want to have them with plain iron armour, or try some coloured inks to tint the plates, and if I do go for tinting do I do them all the same or different colours? The wizard is also a bit of a puzzle. I'd like to do something a bit unexpected with him, maybe a darker and more sinister look than the box art. I do have three of each hero, so I can afford to do some experimenting. In any case, your thoughts and comments are appreciated.
  9. Hi ! Just for fun, a old Heroquest mini tabletop :) (I loveeee oldies mini ;))
  10. For those familiar with Heroquest this should be pretty easy to read, for those who aren't, it may be a bit hard, but just give it a try. I'll include enough information to play without Heroquest assuming it gets somewhere. Heroes Heroes will be essentially the same 4 basic classes that Heroquest initially had. There will be a Warrior, Rogue, Adept, and Wizard. There is no leveling in a normal sense, instead characters can spend X gold to buy new abilities. Abilities are located on a simple chart and you roll to see what you get. I know some won't like random, but some abilities are just better than others and I find its fun. You'll also have a selection of equipment that you can buy as one would expect, this will be expanded from Heroquests list. Monsters The enemies are set up nearly identically to Heroquests, though I am giving them all a level as well as everything gets a special ability of some sort, the level is to help design encounter charts. Here is a look at the cards I had designed. I might be able to arrange for these to have a POD source. Rather then designing a bunch of quests and such, I'll leave that up to the GM, there are some many places to buy dungeon tiles and such, I'd rather not restrict it. And that would be a ton more work for me. I will help with some encounter charts though, so that if the players walk into a room, you can just roll and see what is in there. Using the leveled monsters it should be pretty easy to generate a generic one. Quests I'm not going to design tons of quests and such, though it would be pretty easy to make a room designation system, where a person can design a quest, and have Room A, 4 kobolds and 2 Dire Rats, and then when the GM builds his map, he can assign letters to the rooms he has to work with. Towns One of the ideas would be that players have a variety of towns they can access, each town will have different equipment and stuff to buy, different magic to learn, and different abilities to learn. Either the GM can control this or you could roll to see where you wind up between quests. Well hopefully you can see what I am thinking, here is a a link to my Google Drive folder that has a large quantity of this information in more detail. https://drive.google.com/#folders/0B_dGQQhS2y0vMmowZHFUN3F5dU0 If anyone wants to help with the monster statting in particular, that one is gonna be a killer to do, I'd just ask that you are familiar with Heroquest and on board with how I am laying things out. Adding all the figures from Bones will be insanely difficult to do for one person. I am also fine with adding other figures from Reapers line-up, but that is far from priority. Later, Glenn
  11. As one of my many ongoing projects, I'm stripping and repainting some old original HeroQuest minis. I don't have a complete set anymore (gave almost all of mine away, including all the expansions), but recently got a second hand set that had some Testors (or similar) slapped on it, and it makes for a fun project to try to recover lost detail. The dwarf in particular was pretty caked up. Being the iconic White Dwarf model, I took some extra time on him, really trying to elevate what are essentially pretty detailless models by modern standards. The gang: Anyway, pretty easy to say they turned out better than my first attempts at mini painting way back then when I was using toothpicks as brushes and second hand craft paints...
  12. I stumbled upon this whilst perusing the internets today... Apparently there is a Spanish company that has (who knows how?) obtained the license to redo Heroquest for distribution in Spain. Their plan is to only sell in Spain, but release the game in several languages. So, a person might be able to order the game from any online retailer in Spain. Here is a link to the company, Gamezone Miniatures. Their minis look decent and they definitely have the 'not gw' thing down. They are supposed to be putting up a Heroquest dedicated webpage in October sometime. The rumors (news?) seem to be originating from this blog post. You will have to read Spanish or have google do something similar to translating it for you... This would be awesome if it pans out. It's a classic game that I'd probably go in for. There is also a rumor that the company may try to use crowd-funding to get the game going. I'm not sure how that would work for out of Spain backers though?
  13. Alright, so I spent a considerable amount of time on the HeroQuest elf. The main focus of my time with him was to try and suss out how to do proper eyes, I did a little working with the gem stuff, and I was trying to make shadows and highlights that were believable and semi-attractive (I felt this was a wash. I did some decent coloring, but either my technique for blending was bad and caused some blotching, or my craft paints just aren't good enough for this). I also tried my hand at some freehand on his capelet. They look decent in hand, but this photo definitely reveals some messiness I hadn't seen. So here he is, my Elfy Butterfutts
  14. Here are a couple of minis I did this afternoon I attempted a speed paint, so I only allowed myself 40 minutes per figure because I'm hoping to improve my time/mini in preparation for the mini-ganza I'll be doing in March! I also tried out doing some NMM on the weapons and a bit on the armor of the Chaos Knight. I feel like I did alright for a quickie, especially the Fimir. The Chaos Knight took longer than I was aiming for because of the NMM attempts, and finding out too late that red NMM is only red and gray/black, and not white for highlights. I am a fool! Also, I dipped the knight because I thought the glossy look worked for his armored self, but not so much for the lizardy Fimir. ETA: Okay, the Fimir is now dipped, and dullcoted. I also added an iris to his eye, touched up a few places, and put in some faint highlights on his head, shoulders, thighs and forearms. Oh, and I painted his nails, so he can be beautiful for the boys!
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