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Found 6 results

  1. So I have been working on this guy since the middle of April, and finished his base and final assembly tonight, So I give you The Hobgoblin Cheiftain & Death Chicken! I am taking many pictures to try and find flaws, as well as to solicit opinions as to the best way / angle / composition because Infamy miniatures is holding a painting contest for this figure, and I can only send them 6 pics. (PS if you have this mini, just entering the contest will net you a store voucher of 10 GBP! Entries by 30 June) I will likely post more pics when I get a better idea of what to do.... Thanks for looking, and critiquing! Special Thanks to those that followed along in the WiP, as well as the Hangouts for all the encouragement and suggestions! George
  2. OK folks, I need some help... As most of you know, I am going to enter this guy in the Infamy painting contest, and I would like to make the best showing I can, so here are a bunch of pics, please choose the ones you think show him off the best! (I can send 8 pics total....) So please choose your favorite 8 pics and help me decide! Thanks! George
  3. So I am trying to clean up my painting area so that I can fit my new air brushing station in somewhere I can use it without contortions, and I came across a chest of drawers that I used to store paints in. As I am shifting away from GW paints to Scale 75, Vallejo, and Reaper, I thought that I could put them into the chest, still there if I need them and organized, but not sprawled all over the place. So I took the drawers out and emptied all the old stuff onto a table, and started checking to see if any were salvage-able. To my surprise, out of 104 assorted bottles of paint, 62 seemed salvage-able, maybe. 42 are dead, dead, dead. All the metallics were extinct, except for Ral Partha Silver... Some of the bottles still had price tags on them, $1.99! wonder when I bought them all... Between c1980 and 1990? When did Floquil stop making those things? And the Ral Partha's likely between 1989 and 1993? Some one had recently posted that they experienced the same issue, and I am wondering if they were able to ressurect anything? I normally use water and flow improver as my thinning agent, and have recently started experimenting with matte medium as well... Anyone have some suggestion? Pics: Man, did they have interesting names for some of those Polly S paints! And odd ideas about colors and creatures! Were flesh is a deep Grey, Dwarf flesh is a pale grey, Ogre flesh is almost aqua (maybe thy meant Merrow?) etc One of the colors that I was able to salvage was my Goblin Flesh! It is an orange color, and all my goblins and hobgoblins have been painted in this color for 30 years! Don't plan on changing.... Thanks for the input all! 8) George Is that the pitter patter of flat goblin feet sneaking around my paint vault I hear?????
  4. Finished up the Vourgha the Ogre late last night, and based him this afternoon. So here he is! Pic's Some close ups of his face: This was the 1st time I tried '5 O'Clock shadow' on a figure, and I thought it came out well... At least 1 of the close ups seems to be in focus Comments Welcome! 8) George Of to Irrisen in Golarion now for a few hours...
  5. So after seeing people posting more old school minis, I broke out my PC case and started taking some pics, and thought these would be a good place to start! I painted these the year they came out (88, 89, 90?) when the price was using Polly S and Ral Partha paints when I was in college.... I tried to stay as true to the cover art of all the books / box sets / Accesories that had the picture of the figure(s). For some reason, I never painted the Elminster figure, he is still kicking around in the pile of unpainted stuff, along with about 10 more FR minis... Someday, I'll paint them too... We don't play in the Realms anymore... so no hurry to paint the others up.... Thnderstorm, From the cover of the FR box sets: I thought the spear shaft he had was to thick, so it got replaced with a wire shaft from a different 'Partha' mini Always wanted a mounted version of this guy, surprised they never made one... The Magister, From the cover of The Magister: Tristan, From the cover of Black Wizards: The figure comes with a bow in his left hand, and I thought, and still do, that the bow needs to go away if you are sword fighting, so he got a hand axe instead. I have another lead copy of him, as well as a Partha Pewter of him as well... The cut off bow got attached to his back under his cloak by the quiver... Robyn, also from Black Wizards: Alias, From the Cover of Azure Bonds: Didn't have the confidence to try and paint the tats... Dragonbait, also from Azure Bonds: Bruenor Battlehammer, From the Crystal Shard, Wulfgar, also from Crystal Shard: Drzzt Do'Urden, also from Crystal Shard: Shaerl Rowenmantle Amcathra: (11-056) Fzoul Chembryl: (11-050) Always liked this mini, might have to re do him someday... Szass Tam, Zulkir of Necromancy, Red Wizard of Thay: (11-051) Another someday re do.... I was SO proud of the paint jobs back then..... Thanks for looking! George
  6. Hey all! Been working on and off on this guy, he won't make the August cut, but... I recently got new brushes, and am learning to wet blend and layer so he is a transition figure... The furs, hair and boots were worked on in my old paint, wash, high light style, now I guess that will end up forming the base coat for my new learning works in wet blending, layering, use of a wet palette and all these other new tips and tricks... His skin is GW Tanned flesh, Layered up with GW Dwarf Flesh. His eyes were done with the 'Bette Davis' eyes tutorial from 'The Craft' section. Just a couple pics for comments: Thanks! 8) George
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