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Found 3 results

  1. While I'm fairly certain you can have too many Pumpkin Headed Horrors, I can never seem to make too many of the Seedy Guys. SO today I started on the next batch/patch/whatever. These are more typical of my work in that they are being done for no particular reason or person other than for the pure joy of it all.This mornings work: ...a Pistol Packing Pumpkin sans base. Without the base, you get a better idea what the true color is: ...the Pumpkin Pistoleer with a possible base: ...Crossbow O'Lantern: ...the Gang at High Noon: ...AND later (about an hour later) the same day, a Swashbuckling Pumpkin Head: ...with the updated Gang: ...PLUS a Pumpkin Shaman waiting for his Green Stuff to dry: ...seen here with a possible base...or not: ...this could be FUN...well, for me at least.
  2. Since these are pieces that, while in the same silly vein as those in The Last Hurrah Thread, they really wouldn't work in that setting & are a dead end project. I thought a new thread might be appropriate. The Last Hurrah will still be the ongoing thingy. One of the Folk on the Reaper Forum posed the question to the community at large: "Do you have a favorite Army?". Photos were requested. I just happen to have the remains of a nice undefeated Night Goblin, Troll, & Giant Army packed up & sitting in a cardboard box under my work table. They are the last Army I painted & will likely remain so. I was merrily adding to the Beasty when G.W. made some changes, added a new rules book, & hoisted interest in War Hammer at my the local hobby/games store on their own petard....ergo my Army remains undefeated aka never played. It was originally going to be a (American) White Dwarf Skirmish Game Army, but it grew. When I arrived here in Texas it became apparent that gaming was not in my future. SO friend Edwin "Mordheimer" Molina offered to eBay the lot. I shipped it off to him. He took some photos & sold a couple of the units...the price he got was low enough for me to call the selling off. He returned the remains, which have lurked in their box under the work table, all wrapped up ever since. SO I posted Edwin's photos & the thought that perhaps I should finally unpack the Lads & take some photos popped unbidden into my head. Ergo, I did, AND will momentarily inflict both Edwin's & my own photos upon you, Gentle Readers. This is the remains of the Army, fresh fro their box: ...next I'll post the Molina Files & some more detailed pics of the still around crew.
  3. SO I started making some Pumpkin Heads on request a couple of months ago. They are, as you may know, highly addictive. I have one Gang, Von Kurst & Company, with only a few things to add ready to show you. There is a second Group, The Witch's Hunters, underway as well...more of them at some future date. Here's the Von Kurst Gang on the Work Table: AND in The Spooky Woods: ...zooming in...I LOVE zooming in: ...the Shaman: ...the Lads with the point things up front: ...followed by a Seedy Little Guy & Long Scythe Guy: ...the Long Scythe Guy: ...Von Kurst & Witch: ...Von Kurst alone: ...meanwhile off the the side, a second Witch is doing some recruiting: ...I call this one "Good Things from the Garden"...that kept playing through my head as I painted it: ...there you have it...so to speak. Individual W.I.P. & completed photos can be see here among other places: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72302-pumpkin-heads-part-ii/page-7
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