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Found 3 results

  1. MOON COMMIES were promised, and MOON COMMIES you shall have! Before the Last World War and the subsequent unification of the Earth Government, the Soviets established two off-world colonies. One, on Mars, used the advanced local technology and Martian social philosophy to create a pretty functional egalitarian society, where worker-owned hypertractors eke a living out of the Martian desert. Colloqually, Earth humans refer to these colonists as the Reds. They are a peaceful bunch, if given to proselytizing and boastfulness. The other colony entrenched itself on the far side of the Moon. Like the Reds, they correctly inferred that human-created systems will be subject to human failures. So instead of putting their planned economy in the hands of fallible humans, they put it under the control of the most advanced economy-planning machine possible: an artificial intelligence. The High Commissar, dozens of cubic meters of vacuum tubes and hundreds of kilometers of tape. Its judgments are infallible, its calculations unquestionable to the nth decimal place. It is also programmed to be absolutely ideologically correct. You can TRUST the High Commissar. The High Commissar is the Working-Man's Friend. You can probably guess the rest. Around the time the Last World War broke out, the High Commissar concluded that all Earth transmissions were bourgeois capitalist propaganda and shut off all communications. The lunar base is on perpetual alert, ever vigilant for saboteurs and agitators. Happiness is mandatory in the Workers' Paradise; unhappiness and poor hygiene is Counterrevolutionary Activity. The wretched inhabitants of *this* colony are known informally on Earth as "the Lunatics." Here are some citizens with Yellow clearance; trusted enough for oversight and maintenance. Their morale bolstered by a level of decoration precisely calculated to uplift the human spirit. And here is another Yellow Clearance hero engaged in needed repairs (due, no doubt, to Earth saboteurs and saboteuses). "Welp, comrades, here is problem." The figures are Heresy Miniatures Bureaucrats. The boots and coveralls and beautifully conveyed levels of job satisfaction seemed perfect for a PARANOIA-style setting.
  2. I finished Mr. Decker, and he's doing swell! Goals with him: Pinstripe pants. Patterned tie. Two-hue hat band. Stubble. In these regards, I think he's a success! I also experimented with different shading methods on the coat and the shirt. I think the shirt kinda came out textured, and that's okay. Only the base, coat, and hat have been sealed (adds a slightly satiny finish that I didn't want on the rest). This is also the first figure I've used a stamp for - in the future I'll be making the greenstuff stamped area thinner. This isn't quite horizontal. He'd be an excellent piece for a diorama, but he's going to a friend in Minnesota instead. Perhaps I'll paint him again in the future for one. Story for his belt: that's his homicide detective belt. When the belt matches the hat, there's been some bad broccoli around that needs his inspection. Actual reason: I wanted more contrast areas and liked it. Story thus far by @Glitterwolf and @SisterMaryNapalm in the WIP below: Without further ado.... here he is. C&C always welcome!
  3. This is a figure for a hat-friend. I did a base that wasn't just default, go me? I don't usually do that. I am going to try to give him pinstripe pants.
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