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  1. This has been a bit more challenging than usual. I almost got myself permanently attached to this miniature. New Super glue flows a lot faster than I realized ! I used the Joker from a deck of cards to make the tile floor ! Every Minute of painting this has been a joy.
  2. Since I complete my last mounted Noble Oak Guard I needed to find something to paint. Fortunately, six more figures showed up yesterday, and I started cleaning up the Red Knight. He's been filed, primed, and I decided that I was going to do something different than I normally do. I left off the black lining, and started layering in a dark pumpkin mix of dusky flesh, and fire orange. Then added some brown to make a richer brown undercoat, and painted it onto the figure. I will gradually add reds to fulfill his name, but this is learning, and playing. I really like where this is heading. So, a new beginning! And I can make a real base for him on the standing figure
  3. Completed the Mounted Noble Oak Elf by Tom Meier. This Miniature proved a lot more difficult than I anticipated. Had to paint most of the elements separately, then glue them together. I found balancing the colors, and keeping dark areas in control hard to do when things aren't attached. The camera isn't doing credit to the gray blending into the shadows. They're there. So.. Here is the finished Elf.
  4. Just Based and Photographed the Compliment to my prior showoff posting. This is the Mounted Version of the Elf Champion. This has been a labor of extreme joy. I will post six photos (since I learned my lesson the last time)..chuckle. Hope my enjoyment of it shows, and you let me know what you think.
  5. Here is my attempt to paint the Elf Champion by Tom Meier. The incredible detail, complexity, and beauty of this work is daunting. It is a challenge ! With all that said; keep in mind it is 30mm. Here is my attempt to do it some sort of justice. Here are three more photos... Sorry, I can be as dumb as a rock sometime. I added 039 which shows the landscape on the other side of figure.
  6. Had a lot of fun painting this one in Greens, after painting the mounted version in Oranges. Finally catching on to the basing concepts. So here is Sir Percevale dismounted. I modified the previously entered photos in favor of some that I had NOT reduced. So these photos have only been cropped. Hopefully these are a better quality, while I transition to using a REAL digital Camera, and set up !
  7. I have been experimenting a lot on this mini. These 25mm (one inch) miniatures are a bit of a challenge; but they are carved so well you can stretch yourself a bit. I've been mixing my colors ON the horse while it is wet. Its a gamble, you can really make mud very quickly. I'm rather delighted, and happy with how this turned out. I've developed a lot of pleasure from doing these, and am grateful for all the assistance this forum has provided me as I learn the ropes, and develop my personal style. Here are two Sir Balyne photos.
  8. Amazing, I just finished this Miniature. As Willen, and Ub3r-N3rd say.. you start out a total noobie, and then you learn step by step to do this basing trip. So here is the Thunderbolt Mountain Herald, painted, and with a base on him ! Remember this is 25mm. (one Inch Tall) Has been a blast to paint. The sculpts are really very detailed, and don't be afraid of their size; you really can amaze yourself with the level of complexity you can achieve. Great way to enhance your hand, eye, mind control. There are a couple of spots that look like voids on right arm, its the camera, not the paint !
  9. Wanted to create a thread so I could let those of you that asked about my trip could see some of the photos. aha; I have to get images from another location to post. I'll solve that problem tomorrow, little too late to be hunting for the photos. Jay
  10. This is what I have been calling Lance II, since my original miniature was replaced due to a problem. I've had him sitting around waiting, and decided to paint him up, and since he didn't come with a base, I had to create my own base this time (this is a first). So without a whole lot of commentary; here is lance, going up the ruined stairs with his mace in hand. Has been fun, I'm rather delighted with the way this turned out. (my original base was far too complex, and large, and had to be removed). Gotta make mistakes to learn ! Oh..Lance II is a 25mm Mini (should call it a "Micro-Mini") !
  11. A stunned Jay sits here with two paint brush handles sticking from his teeth, realizing that this miniature is done. Finished. In one sense I am glad, in another I am sad. It has been a challenge, its been a lot of decisions, guess work, and "nope that didn't work, redo", I pushed my limits, and as the miniature shows, I stretched my palette. I can't believe I painted a black horse also ! So my little Nefsoker Captain is now called done. I honestly hope that someone else chooses to paint him, It's a great Miniature. Jay
  12. This is my fourth Thunderbolt Mountain Miniature that I have painted. 25mm is rather a small scale. I finished this yesterday, and it was a total delight to paint. So much detail, and so very well sculpted. It is a pewter Miniature. Here are four photos, with one of a Reaper Mini's next to the Thunderbolt Mountain one for size comparison. I'm really happy with the way this one turned out, and this is my first Show off piece after starting to paint in September
  13. :bday: Happy birthday and happy retirement! I hope you get to do something Norwegian. :bday:
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