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  1. [Edited to reflect a thread split.] After seeing some of the incredible WIPs here, I wanted to try doing some of my own. So, I decided to start with something simple: Kaladrax! Over the Christmas holidays, I went over and trimmed and sanded all the mold lines from the model. Kaladrax's details are rather soft, but that was an advantage here, as I didn't have to worry much about losing any detail as I trimmed. The base was annoying to clean up. Every time I looked, there was another mold line I missed. The spine cleanup was a multi-day nightmare. Remember, always c
  2. Kala gaps.. joint plugs probably need some trimming. two legs dont actually sit on the base..
  3. So I've decided I'm going to paint my Kaladrax using Quickshade. I'm sure there are a number of people out there that think this is some form of sacrilege, and part of me certainly agrees. However, I've recently been experimenting with Quickshade on bones, using my Bones minis as guinea pigs, and have decided that I really like the way it looks (see my Colossal Skeleton in the Show Off forum). Cleaned and Prepared Part of the decision was based on my very limited painting time, and I hope this will allow me to get it done quicker. I'm not aiming for a Buglips level of quick here, but
  4. So, I've been working on Kaladrax off and on since I finished Nethyrmaul, and I finally was able to finish him off! Now, I apologize for the lack of color depth to the pictures, I'm still working out the kinks for adjusting my camera to take decent pictures in a light box.
  5. Here is my somewhat finished Kaladrax. Unlike Buglips I took over 4 months and used all the shortcuts I could. I used Army Bone Primer for a basecoat, Army Strong Shader brushed on to age the bone. Front: Back: Statue: Most of the time was for inspiration. I waffled on how to paint the marble state and columns. I desided on Carrera Marble with no veining with Gilding on the leaf pattern on the column. It's not display quality but it is tabletop quality for me. I might go back and add glowing eyes, but the attempt at OSL glow from the non bone interior did not come off. I
  6. So I paint then assemble then put on the finishing touches, but while assembling, the male hip bone got stuck. It's about 3mm from being pushed through. I've tried putting nail polish remover into the bit, and I've immersed the entire thing in water over night but it hasn't budged. What can I try next? The only thing I can think of is to leave the hip hole blocked and cut off the male piece, then try to super glue the two hips on like that. Does anyone have a better idea?
  7. So I volunteered to experiment on my Kaladrax over in the http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/50151-spongey-bones-models/'>Spongey Bones Thread to see how paint sticks on the soft, bendable bones. I figured posting a bunch of pictures in a new thread over here would be better. Here goes. I washed head and tail first with warm water and dish soap. Painted with undiluted P3 white paint. Let it dry for about 24 hours (which is what I do for all my base coats, metal or bones, personal preference). I started with his tail. These were just the pictures I could get while holdi
  8. Just outside of registration, there are a couple of tables with a parade of Vampire bones (from the video) along with other Bones including Kaladrax and Nethermaul. Here are a few pictures. Kaladrax: Kaladrax from another angle: Nethermaul (who looks puny by comparison) and the Undead Giant (who looks really puny by comparison): The Parade of Bones: Ron
  9. Since the tail feels excessively long to me, I'm going to shorten it a bit. It should be easy enough since the tail bones don't change size very much bone to bone, just clip a vertebrae here and there, maybe add some floral wire to make the tail hold position. Though maybe rebuilding the tail with animal bones might work if my local supplier still stocks them. Anyone else have Ideas?
  10. Hi folks! Finally finished Kaladrax reborn!!!! If you have seen Kaladrax in the shop you will know that he is in fact a drcolich or skeletal dragon. Having already completed a Ral Partha dracolich I decided to try and reconstruct Kaladrax in life. This thread shows the development of the sculpt and below is him finished. http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/showthread.php?37982-Resurrection-of-a-dragon I went for a very naturalistic colourscheme like that of a crocodile. To be honest he looks better IRL than in these piccies. I think I overworked it slightly and perhaps my pain
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