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Found 35 results

  1. Sanael

    77032 Oxidation Beast

    While so many of y'all were out Denton way, having a grand old fooforaw at Reapercon, I decided to go ahead and paint a bit, too. Only finished two things, really; here's one. Very much "done now" quality. Had a little fun with color, nothing special.
  2. This is going to be one of the most ambitious projects I've ever attempted, so I thought making a WIP thread would be a good idea. If everything goes well, I plan to enter this beastie at ReaperCon this year, so fingers crossed! This is an idea I've had bouncing around in my head for awhile, and started gathering materials for it last year. My plan is to take this lovely critter: and rather than using the shipwreck as a base, use half of one of these: and paint the Kraken to look all spacey and such. So! To that end, I now have one of these! I'll just be using the top half for the base, though: Which means that the bottom hemisphere is available for...testing. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  3. Metalchaos

    77306, Translucent Slimes

    Like if it was not enough, a hideous green slime and a bright ochre jelly ooze down the walls of the cave where you have established camp for the night. Their many pulsating excrescences increases their disgusting infectious aspect. They both clearly avoid the light radiating from your improvised campfire, but still the yellow one slowly crawls towards you. The greenish atrocity is only lifting itself in a misshapen column that whips the air without precise direction. You understand the threat while moving closer to you, the amoeba jelly dissolve an empty leather quiver that you left on the ground. Here are the 77306, Translucent Slimes Dark Heaven Bones sculpted by Kevin Williams. I painted them using only yellow and green ink.
  4. Metalchaos

    77127, Vermin Beetles

    77127, Vermin Beetles Dark Heaven Bones sculpted by Kevin Williams painted as Giant Fire Beetles.
  5. Metalchaos

    77126, Vermin Spiders

    As you walk down the catacomb, two huge nightmare blue spiders sneak out from holes in the crumbled walls... 77126, Vermin Spiders Dark Heaven Bones sculpted by Kevin Williams.
  6. Schirf

    77522: Mi-go, Eldritch Horror

    Painted this guy up real quick for a game I'm playing in. This was my first real use of the airbrush and I had a few flubs with the blending but overall I'm good with the results.
  7. The Dragon Hatchling sculpts are cute, but the Bones casts are terrible. Due to this I didn't try to clean them up well and just put them on new bases. Either way it is two more models off the bench and painted to an acceptable toy box level...and so what if I painted the geen one red and the black one green! btw I touched up the splotchy black base rims after I took this picture. Comments encouraged, Mike
  8. Geoff Davis

    77185 Large Earth Elemental

    77185: Large Earth Elemental Kevin Williams This guy has been awaiting proper completion for about a year. Every time I had grey paint left over, I added it to him. I found him a struggle to complete because of his size and because of all the mold lines. Every time I turned him around I found more that I missed when prepping him. I finally gave up on trimming them and just gave him a proper base and a finished paint job. It's still a speed paint, but at least he's done and ready for use in my D&D game. Only 30 projects left on my shelf of shame!
  9. Metalchaos

    03477, Brain Horror

    Reaper Miniatures 03477, Brain Horror. Dark Heaven Legends model sculpted by Kevin Williams. This Aberration can also be found in the 10031, Dungeon Horrors Box Set. I used transparent blister plastic and Mod Podge to create the drool. I also covered the brain with two layers of Mod Podge to give it a slimy aspect. The stalagmites and base were carved out of green stuff to represent an oozing cave.
  10. canuckotter

    06202: Saproling Warriors (9)

    Super quick paint job for these guys... My son wanted them for the Dragon Rampant army I'm painting him for Christmas, and I've still got a lot more to do so I everything I do in the next while is likely to be a bit rushed. Base coat was Vallejo Model Air, Armour Brown, then drybrushed heavily with Desert Stone, lightly with Dirty Bone, then a little more heavily again with Olive Drab. The Olive Drab doesn't really show up in the picture but it's pretty decent in person - not overpowering, just enough to make them look more like old trees.
  11. I really like these elementals' pose and sculpting. So much more imposing and dynamic compared to most other elementals I have seen. Picking flowers... There are many more pictures at my blog Water Elemental was done as follows: first, an undercoat of clear matte varnish. This is key! I used Army Painter Anti Shine spray. Then some vallejo blue ink and when dry several light drybrushings with progressively lighter shades of pale blue up to almost pure white. Then some ancient citadel turquoise glaze here and there, all topped off with gloss varnish. I did some color shade variations all over this one, but I think maybe the gloss varnish fuffs it up so this can't really be seen in the pictures. Fire Elemental was done as follows: First the undercoat of clear matte varnish. Then several abortive attempts with yellow ink which did just not work until I abandoned that idea and undercoated it with three coats of opaque white. After that successive layers of heavy to light drybrush with bright yello - golden yellow -dark pink - dark red brown and finally black. It is important to let the colours dry a bit between coats to avoid tearing off the layer below when drybrushing. Finish with dotting in some blues for the eyes. When painting fire like this, it looks pretty terrible up to the dark red brown layer. Suddenly, it looks pretty sweet indeed. Earth Elemental was done as follows: black undercoart, then heavy drybrushed coat of dark green gray, followed by lighter coats of yellow sand and light grey white. A stone combo that I think works so much better than just shades of grey, grey and grey. I probably should have varied it more with different types and colours of rock represented. but I just could not be bothered as I just wanted it done at this point. I need my Bones 3 shipment to complete the set! When O when will it arrive? Wherefore art thou mine Large Air Elemental? 77311: Large Water Elemental Reaper Bones translucent blue from the second Bones KS unknown sculptor, as it is uncredited in the Reapermini.com listing. 77082: Large Fire Elemental Reaper Bones translucent orange from the first Bones KS sculpted by Julie Guthrie 77185: Large Earth Elemental Reaper Bones from the first Bones KS Sculpted by Kevin Williams all in Bonesium PVC 60mm Reaper display base .
  12. PurpleLlama

    03769: Ice Devil

    Hi all, I've been reading the forums for a couple months since I've started getting into painting miniatures. Here is my fourth one that I just finished up. Comments welcome!
  13. Metalchaos

    03483, Slime

    03483, Slime sculpted by Kevin Williams. Also available in in 10031, Dungeon Horror Boxed Set.
  14. hiddenone32

    03658: Ankheg

    Finally getting around to posting a couple of pics from the winter exchange. I snapped these right before I boxed it up and sent it out to Kangaroorex. I hope he enjoyed it. This was my first exchange project. It was also my first completed attempt at doing basing for a mini. I just did something fairly basic and I think it turned out okay.
  15. I have more orcs to paint, but I'm gonna switch it up for a bit and do some Spooky Scary Skeletons!
  16. Maledrakh

    Maledrakh's 77327 Hell Cat

    Next up is the Bones Hell Cat. Your typical molten lavacreature with broken crust exterior. In Bones the detail is a bit shallow for my taste, which makes it more difficult for me being a sloppy drybrusher to get a "clean" look to the crusty bits, especially when the topmost black coat was a tad too heavy. Not my finest work, but passable. It certainly looks much better when not magnified like in the pictures... 77327: Hell Cat Reaper Bones KS 2, "Devils" option Sculpted by Kevin Williams Bonesium PVC 40mm base
  17. Guindyloo

    77375: Mashaaf

    I did some reorganizing of my painting desk over the weekend and thus finally pulled out the lightbox that my friend gave me for my birthday back in August. So I took a few pictures of Mashaaf (ok, a lot of pictures ) so I thought I should do a show off thread for her. Here is her WIP thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/71909-guindyloo-vs-mashaaf-in-5-days/where I painted her in 5 days with a size 0 brush for OneBoot's Purple Cat Challenge. Thank you for scrolling through all of my many, many pictures. There's a few things I would've done differently had I not run out of time, so all comments and criticism are very welcome!
  18. SparrowMarie

    77375: Mashaaf

    I painted this up a few months ago. I've still been meaning to flatten out the base and paint it but here is everything so far. I had a lot of fun with this one.
  19. CoolAliasHere

    77306: Translucent Slimes

    No dungeon is complete without some oozey goodness! These two were done using paint thinned into a wash. I just applied several coats, and a layer or two of brush varnish in between. I love the way they came out. My wife said they look like candy. I give you, my purple and grey oozes! CAH
  20. I received this piece today from the Summer Mini Exchange. I apologize for not being 100% sure who sent it (I have a real name but not a screen name), but I can say I LOVE it! The pictures I took are the best I can do with my iPhone, and I am not sure I am really doing this piece justice. Both my wife and I commented on awesome choice of color pallet, and the great blending done throughout. There are subtle blends that are not being captured very well by the camera, but I assure you they are there. I can't wait to have this guy come through a door, and send sheer terror down the spines of my players. Thank you so much for the wonderful job! This will hold a place of honor on my mini's shelf in the living room! CAH
  21. canuckotter

    80040: Bathalian Primarch

    This guy turned out OK, but I could definitely do better. The edges of the armour plates on the back shade towards purple but it barely shows up at all in the pictures... and the belly plates are just the wrong colour entirely.
  22. canuckotter

    77272: Dragon Hatchling Green

    I actually painted this one last year, I believe during the summer, but then for some reason I never finished her base. Finally got that sorted out, so here she is! My first dragon. (So weak... So very weak...)
  23. Alrighty. This guy was on my wish list for a long time. I finally bought him and have been chattering about working on him to the annoyance of some (my poor family, even if they understand they still get tired of hearing about every single piece of progress). Anyways TGP suggested I post up this thread so I can be gloating on him. So far I have put the horse together and decided on a base (well unless I change my mind). Apparently he comes with two weapons. I settled on the spear/lance for the cool fire effect. I have major plans for him that should hopefully be fun (I already know they will frustrate me, but I am still gleeful at the idea of doing them). Second one is blurrier. I was feeling jittery. (and yes that is a mew card from the recent pokemon promo. and yes the code is claimed)
  24. This is the Secret Sophie miniature I painted for Generic Fighter. I removed the wings so they didn't block as much of the mohawk. This guy was fun to paint, though I forget how much longer larger models take sometimes. Sorry about that. Hope you enjoy him!
  25. SpiritOfMadness

    77183: Frost Wyrm

    I present my finished Frost Wyrm As this is my first somewhat larger mini, it took me a bit more time to get started and to make a choice of colors. There is still plenty of room for improvement, but all in all I am very pleased with the end result. Last night I deciced to make a stand alone base out of super sculpey to display the Frost Wyrm when it is not in its "still under construction habitat" of the ice cave. Any C&C is as always much appreciated