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Found 35 results

  1. Adrift

    03725: Moandain, Arch Lich

    Hello again friends, below is my vision for the new Moandain, Arch Lich. Not a huge fan of the name, but I loved the concept of the sculpt when I got it in my hands. A great opportunity to work on OSL painting. He was painted with all Reaper MSP and a Reaper Round#1 brush. I realize that he's a tad on the audacious side with respect to color but after all the bugbears I've been painting, I felt like letting this lich get his nobility on. Plus, I liked the idea of his emerging from the crypt and his color changing as his form regained a solid state; perhaps his phylactery has just reached a full reboot. I tried increasing the brightness of the photos better so as to get chaosscorpion off my back for a change.
  2. Finally getting caught up a little. This fellow's from the last batch I did, but I just finished his piddling base yesterday. Kevin Williams's Lesser Earth Elemental. I loooove this mini. Wish they made a larger version of him. Perhaps in a much-cheaper plaster material of some sort. Perhaps white. Anywho, I decided I didn't want to go gray. My rocks are always gray. Gonna try adding content here for the first time, as Photobucket's hit my last nerve. Thanks for looking!
  3. 03220 Barrow Wardens (2) by Kevin Williams
  4. Ludo

    06202: Saproling Warriors

    So neat byproduct of entering your minis into the ReaperCon Master Series Paint Contest is that they take really nice photos of your minis. Did these a few years ago but I've never entered before and they were one of the few painted pieces I inadvertently brought to the con. Several of the other forumites strong armed me into entering and I'm glad they did. These guys did suffer from the "Hey this is Gloss sealer, not Matte!" but other than that I'm still pretty proud of them.
  5. 03604 Billy and Earnest Zombies by Gene Van Horne and Kevin Williams
  6. Pingo

    77183: Frost Wyrm

    Recently I painted up some dragons and this critter. WIP thread here. This is about how big it is compared to Reaper's 02599 Frorigh: Frost Giant and 03135: B'thuhl, Bathalian Pirate:
  7. tiniest rhombus

    92669 Brass Bull

    My take on the Brass Bull. He seemed to cry out for a little Verdigris, so he got some. Inert for years, an adventuring party stumbles upon him, his eyes begin to glow as he detects movement nearby. The overgrown base was sculpted with milliput, I then added various flock, dried tea, Static grasses, and tufts. As always comments and criticisms welcome.
  8. A mini I very much enjoyed painting, Kevin Williams's Garrett Adventuring Cleric. He was pretty simple and quick--and, somehow, almost came out looking like he had properly painted eyes, which he most certainly does not. Anyway, great, fun sculpt; more bad pictures. I apologize for the fuzz on the mace in the first shot, but that's probably the best picture I managed, otherwise. Meh. Thanks for looking! Any suggestions and so on are welcome.
  9. So, one of my favorite creatures ever is the Remorhaz, possibly just because its name is so much fun to spell. Also possibly because it's a giant arthropoedic ice-snake. Which I guess just makes it an ice-centipede, but "arthropoedic" is also fun to spell. Anyway. So I think Remorhaz are totally cool, and I wanted to pick up this mini for years and years, but never did because, well, dolladollabills. Then Bones I happened, and my mad longing for armor-plated terror-worm action could be satisfied at last. So of course it sat for a couple years before I got around to painting it. Much like the Kraken of Bones II, this was the model that made me squee like a chibi banshee when it was announced during Bones I...much like this Remorhaz, the Kraken won't likely see paint for a while. So. Remorhaz are described as icy blue in color, but they glow reddishly from the heat they produce when agitated. How do they produce this heat? Who knows? It's an opportunity to play with some fun cool/warm contrast. I took some liberties with the actual colors, but feel OK about it. Here he is: I painted this guy up in a very Wappelish fashion, with quick-and-dirty basecoat transitions from shadow to highlight, then glazed the transitions. The armor scales are done that way, then hit with some fairly heavy ridge highlights to pop them back up. The stones are pretty well just a basecoat in grey, then purple and green glazes to put in the shadows, followed by a drybrushed highlight to pull out the texture (the stones themselves are broken-up bits of slate roofing tile). All told, I completed this paint job in somewhere between six and seven hours, mostly while rewatching Breaking Bad. So, let me know what you think! (anyone else bothered that tags don't support apostrophes?)
  10. 03165 Townsfolk IX Town Guard by Jim Johnson and Kevin Williams completed 3/5.