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  1. Finally getting around to posting a couple of pics from the winter exchange. I snapped these right before I boxed it up and sent it out to Kangaroorex. I hope he enjoyed it. This was my first exchange project. It was also my first completed attempt at doing basing for a mini. I just did something fairly basic and I think it turned out okay.
  2. I have more orcs to paint, but I'm gonna switch it up for a bit and do some Spooky Scary Skeletons!
  3. Next up is the Bones Hell Cat. Your typical molten lavacreature with broken crust exterior. In Bones the detail is a bit shallow for my taste, which makes it more difficult for me being a sloppy drybrusher to get a "clean" look to the crusty bits, especially when the topmost black coat was a tad too heavy. Not my finest work, but passable. It certainly looks much better when not magnified like in the pictures... 77327: Hell Cat Reaper Bones KS 2, "Devils" option Sculpted by Kevin Williams Bonesium PVC 40mm base
  4. I did some reorganizing of my painting desk over the weekend and thus finally pulled out the lightbox that my friend gave me for my birthday back in August. So I took a few pictures of Mashaaf (ok, a lot of pictures ) so I thought I should do a show off thread for her. Here is her WIP thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/71909-guindyloo-vs-mashaaf-in-5-days/where I painted her in 5 days with a size 0 brush for OneBoot's Purple Cat Challenge. Thank you for scrolling through all of my many, many pictures. There's a few things I would've done differently had I not
  5. I painted this up a few months ago. I've still been meaning to flatten out the base and paint it but here is everything so far. I had a lot of fun with this one.
  6. No dungeon is complete without some oozey goodness! These two were done using paint thinned into a wash. I just applied several coats, and a layer or two of brush varnish in between. I love the way they came out. My wife said they look like candy. I give you, my purple and grey oozes! CAH
  7. I received this piece today from the Summer Mini Exchange. I apologize for not being 100% sure who sent it (I have a real name but not a screen name), but I can say I LOVE it! The pictures I took are the best I can do with my iPhone, and I am not sure I am really doing this piece justice. Both my wife and I commented on awesome choice of color pallet, and the great blending done throughout. There are subtle blends that are not being captured very well by the camera, but I assure you they are there. I can't wait to have this guy come through a door, and send sheer terror down the spines of
  8. This guy turned out OK, but I could definitely do better. The edges of the armour plates on the back shade towards purple but it barely shows up at all in the pictures... and the belly plates are just the wrong colour entirely.
  9. I actually painted this one last year, I believe during the summer, but then for some reason I never finished her base. Finally got that sorted out, so here she is! My first dragon. (So weak... So very weak...)
  10. Alrighty. This guy was on my wish list for a long time. I finally bought him and have been chattering about working on him to the annoyance of some (my poor family, even if they understand they still get tired of hearing about every single piece of progress). Anyways TGP suggested I post up this thread so I can be gloating on him. So far I have put the horse together and decided on a base (well unless I change my mind). Apparently he comes with two weapons. I settled on the spear/lance for the cool fire effect. I have major plans for him that should hopefully be fun (I already know they wi
  11. This is the Secret Sophie miniature I painted for Generic Fighter. I removed the wings so they didn't block as much of the mohawk. This guy was fun to paint, though I forget how much longer larger models take sometimes. Sorry about that. Hope you enjoy him!
  12. I present my finished Frost Wyrm As this is my first somewhat larger mini, it took me a bit more time to get started and to make a choice of colors. There is still plenty of room for improvement, but all in all I am very pleased with the end result. Last night I deciced to make a stand alone base out of super sculpey to display the Frost Wyrm when it is not in its "still under construction habitat" of the ice cave. Any C&C is as always much appreciated
  13. Hello again friends, below is my vision for the new Moandain, Arch Lich. Not a huge fan of the name, but I loved the concept of the sculpt when I got it in my hands. A great opportunity to work on OSL painting. He was painted with all Reaper MSP and a Reaper Round#1 brush. I realize that he's a tad on the audacious side with respect to color but after all the bugbears I've been painting, I felt like letting this lich get his nobility on. Plus, I liked the idea of his emerging from the crypt and his color changing as his form regained a solid state; perhaps his phylactery has just rea
  14. Finally getting caught up a little. This fellow's from the last batch I did, but I just finished his piddling base yesterday. Kevin Williams's Lesser Earth Elemental. I loooove this mini. Wish they made a larger version of him. Perhaps in a much-cheaper plaster material of some sort. Perhaps white. Anywho, I decided I didn't want to go gray. My rocks are always gray. Gonna try adding content here for the first time, as Photobucket's hit my last nerve. Thanks for looking!
  15. 03220 Barrow Wardens (2) by Kevin Williams
  16. So neat byproduct of entering your minis into the ReaperCon Master Series Paint Contest is that they take really nice photos of your minis. Did these a few years ago but I've never entered before and they were one of the few painted pieces I inadvertently brought to the con. Several of the other forumites strong armed me into entering and I'm glad they did. These guys did suffer from the "Hey this is Gloss sealer, not Matte!" but other than that I'm still pretty proud of them.
  17. 03604 Billy and Earnest Zombies by Gene Van Horne and Kevin Williams
  18. Recently I painted up some dragons and this critter. WIP thread here. This is about how big it is compared to Reaper's 02599 Frorigh: Frost Giant and 03135: B'thuhl, Bathalian Pirate:
  19. My take on the Brass Bull. He seemed to cry out for a little Verdigris, so he got some. Inert for years, an adventuring party stumbles upon him, his eyes begin to glow as he detects movement nearby. The overgrown base was sculpted with milliput, I then added various flock, dried tea, Static grasses, and tufts. As always comments and criticisms welcome.
  20. A mini I very much enjoyed painting, Kevin Williams's Garrett Adventuring Cleric. He was pretty simple and quick--and, somehow, almost came out looking like he had properly painted eyes, which he most certainly does not. Anyway, great, fun sculpt; more bad pictures. I apologize for the fuzz on the mace in the first shot, but that's probably the best picture I managed, otherwise. Meh. Thanks for looking! Any suggestions and so on are welcome.
  21. So, one of my favorite creatures ever is the Remorhaz, possibly just because its name is so much fun to spell. Also possibly because it's a giant arthropoedic ice-snake. Which I guess just makes it an ice-centipede, but "arthropoedic" is also fun to spell. Anyway. So I think Remorhaz are totally cool, and I wanted to pick up this mini for years and years, but never did because, well, dolladollabills. Then Bones I happened, and my mad longing for armor-plated terror-worm action could be satisfied at last. So of course it sat for a couple years before I got around to painting it. Much li
  22. 03165 Townsfolk IX Town Guard by Jim Johnson and Kevin Williams completed 3/5.
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