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  1. "The focus of many a cautionary travellers tale, Nightmare Rams are said to inhabit the wild, lonely parts of the world. Appearing before lost travellers to offer their services as a guide, those who are foolish enough to accept their help are led deeper into the wilderness, never to be seen again. Occasionally, someone will seek out the truth behind these tales. Those who are unlucky to uncover the truth, and lack the strength to resist the strong hypnotic powers the Nightmare Rams possess, soon curse their curiosity, as they are swallowed whole and slowly become one with the Ram, their mind
  2. I've been missing having a WIP, so I'm having another go at one. This time though, I'm just picking one of the minis on my desk to chronicle, this guy:- "Hello there, I'm peculiar looking" Had to break out the green stuff to fill his gaps, first time I've done it and I think I did an okay job. Couldn't work out how to hold him while painting, so I'm getting him based first. However. He's a bit too big for his base, plus sticking to my Kingdom Death theme of having a statue head on the base somewhere really didn't help, but I got something cobbled together:- But then,
  3. Here is the second Warrior of the Sun that I got to paint up. After reading the fluff, I decided to take a Shadow Dancer style approach, and gave parts of his flowing robes a starscape effect. I feel like this worked out rather well for him in the end, and the lanterns on his belt were placed pretty well for a localized OSL effect. I've got to say, I'm really impressed with Kingdom Death's sculpting and resin casting. Here's hoping the plastics look just as good. I've stuck him up on CMON for anyone who cares to vote.
  4. Here is my interpretation of Kingdom Death's Warrior of the Sun. When I looked over the fluff around this character, I realized that she's sort of a Shadow Dancer, and I created the starscape on her robes to represent this. Kingdom Death definitely has some wonderful sculptors working on their resin line- the details were stellar and the mini was a joy to paint. It is a shame that they're pretty much never in stock, but here's hoping the plastic versions look just as good in person as they do in the pictures. Overall, I was very happy with how she turned out.
  5. 'He cannot give into hopelessness, he must save his people whatever the cost.' These are the thoughts that continue to push him in his fight against a great evil, an evil that destroyed both him and his people long ago... Still can't take decent pictures. Any ways, I present my latest mini Kingdom Deaths Gold Smoke Knight (I started working on him about here in my WIP thread), didn't quite turn out how I envisioned it (I wanted him to be a bit battered looking, but didn't have the guts to tackle any weathering), but I'm still really happy with how he turned out. All comments or
  6. Aw, what the heck, I haven't posted in show-off in about a month. Here's Kingdom Death's Grand Mother. I have to say, she's a freaky model. I used some secret weapon skulls on the base. I also tried out a new steel recipe. The hardest part was pinning those darn wings. Enjoy!
  7. Painting Death Nov 2013 - Jan 2014 edit: The Results! The challenge: 1. Paint any Kingdom Death model. Completely open challenge, keep it simple or go nuts. No restrictions on basing or modification, but do restrict it to Kingdom Death models. The object is to paint up some KD in advance of the release of Kingdom Death: Monster. 2. (optional) Include a short paragraph of prose about your entry. 3. Post your entry to this thread by midnight CST on January 20, 2014. Anyone can enter at any time before this deadline. After the deadline I will set up a poll to see w
  8. So The Inner Geek brought up an interesting idea in my Workbench thread. I've been needing a kick in the pants to start painting my Kingdom Death stuff, and Trystan can use a kick in the butt to finish painting his I hope we can get enough people to make this interesting. I think setting it up like the Beauty Pageant would be easiest unless there is enough interest to maybe solicit judges. One idea would be to group paint the same model, again ala Inarah's Pageant. Given the subject matter, the most disturbing things are out for the Reaper forums. Also, no T though I'm not sure where
  9. So, I'm working on the Savior pin-up from Kingdom Death. If I finish her in time, I'll enter her into the Painting Death contest. Pics are linked for probable NSFW-ness. As you can see, she needed a little filling on the top of her head. There were probably some air bubbles in the mold. Whatever. It's Poots Magic™. .
  10. I intend to reshoot the pics, this was a quick shoot before anything else broke on it...I had a few more things to paint and tweak but the sword broke in a pretty bad place and the trophy is precariously glued in, so I'm not sure how much more I want to fool with it. WIP here
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