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Found 144 results

  1. So my warband is complete! The snow effect is still drying as I took these pics, but I don't expect it to change to much.... (I will need to go around the bases with Black paint to cover the water effect smears....) Thanks to all those that followed along in the WiP! Can't wait to play a game now...... WiP here
  2. So I am getting ready to finish up my Wizard and Apprentice for Frostgrave, and I am wondering if there is a standard base size for the warband minis.... The pics in the main rulebook (the only book I have so far) doesn't mention anything as far as I can tell, and the Frostgrave minis pictured in the book look like they have their version of 'broccoli' bases, fitted to the mini... So before I mess this up, can anyone tell me what size I should use? Thinking 25 or 30mm would be best for the humans..... Thanks! George
  3. So Vegas Cat sent me 2 of these, and as I am going to paint day tomorrow, I washed and Primed it, as I find that doing things that do not require finesse, helps me to get more done at paint days.... Thanks for looking!
  4. So I put the Secret Weapon Crushed Glass Snow effects on their bases, and here they are, Ejrvindr the Far Seeing and his apprentice, Dagrun Arnholdt'sdottir... Thanks for looking! Comments and Critiques Welcome! George WiP found Here
  5. These 2 also got their Secret Weapon Crushed Glass Snow, and, Barring some base touch ups, are Done! Red Gunhildr Little Svein Swiftfoot Thanks for following along and Looking! WiP here Now on to the thugs and the warband will be done! (for now...)
  6. So I did not get these guys during the kickstarter, thinking that the guys with the shields would be more appropriate for Frostgrave, as I did NOT have the rule book at the time.... OOPS.... So I got them later, when I found out that the Njorn Hirdmen were a LOT more expensive! Another batch of things primed to start base coating at paint day tomorrow! These guys come in 4 parts, heads, bodies, right and left hands / weapons. Kind of fiddly assembly, and some green stuff gap filling required..... Thanks for looking!
  7. Just wondering, when I signed up for the forums last year, I posted quite a few pics in the Inspiration Gallery that were taken with an old camera, and were not edited in any way.... (Reaper minis mainly painted prior to joining....) I am just wondering, as I now have a decent camera, and photo editor, is it worth editing the original 'posts' to put in better pics? Or would I be better off deleting and re posting? Or just double up? Thanks! George
  8. So last Paint day at the Citadel in Groton CT, I picked up the OOP Chainmail Mini Orc Druid, because folks on the hangouts were talking about him... 88713 Orc Druid So I spoke to Dilvish, Chaoswolf, & Pezler, (and David Brawley), and most of us have him, (David has an Orc Champion) and we decided to have a Hangout Group Paint of this guy, for the Month of February. Now Dilvish still needs to get one, and the Citadel still has a few extra.... So if you have this figure, or a Chainmail or other Orc Spell Caster, Join in and paint with us! This is not a contest, or any type of pressure event, it is just something for a bunch of folks to do and talk about while we are hanging out.... So Join in if you like... Watch if you like! George Current Hangout link: https://hangouts.goo...3ogteaq4nokgdae Edit: I plan on doing my own WiP Thread, and using my placeholder below to put 1 pic of the latest sessions work..... Edit #2 Should we pick one night a week for working specifically on this mini on the hangouts? If so, what night is best? (Obviously, this isn't any kind of mandatory thing, It would just be set up for everyone to be able to show off their work, as well as asking each other's opinions about things, as well as the "Does anyone know what that doohickey on his belt is????" type questions....) Edit #3 For those of you who don't have, or want to get the Chainmail figure, Reaper makes this guy: 02980: Quosk Ravensire, Half-Orc Druid ($4.99) James van Schaik
  9. So at some point this graced a fish tank, with fish in it, but that was long ago... So now, instead of going in the trash, It will become a Statue for Frostgrave! Material is resin, and I needed to fill some holes with Pro-Create. I also Bulked out the attachment point for the wings, as they were hitting him in the head... Raw state, with pin and Pro-Create: Primed with Duplicolor Black Sandable primer: Not sure if I will paint the foliage as stone or as living plants, and I am thinking Verdigrised Copper/Brass for the Bowl he is holding.... Thoughts and comments welcome! George
  10. So I rescued an old aquarium decoration, and painted it up as a statue for the planed New England Miniature Painters Association Frostgrave campaign.... Hope you like it! WiP here George
  11. So I finished this by adding some static Grass..... A piece of scatter terrain for games.... Thanks for looking! George
  12. So these 2 are being done concurrently with the 2 archers for my Frostgrave warband, so there will likely be overlap with the colors used in the 2 WiPs.... So I started doing the flesh on the next parts of my Frostgrave warband, Red Gunhildr the Barbarian, & Little Svein Swiftfoot the Thief.... GW Scorched Brown, Reaper Linen White & SC75 Tesla Blue for the eyes..... Arabic Shadow, Arabic Shadow and Basic Flesh 50%, Basic Flesh, Basic Flesh and Golden Skin 50%, Golden Skin, Golden Skin and Light Skin 50%, light Skin, and a glaze of Golden Skin and Basic flesh 3/2... Gunhildr's hair started with Abyssal Blue.... Svien: Thanks for looking, and Comments and Critiques welcome!
  13. So I started doing the flesh on the next parts of my Frostgrave warband, Hawkeyed Arvid & Pretty Laerke... GW Scorched Brown, Reaper Linen White & SC75 Tesla Blue for the eyes..... Arabic Shadow, Arabic Shadow and Basic Flesh 50%, Basic Flesh, Basic Flesh and Golden Skin 50%, Golden Skin, Golden Skin and Light Skin 50%, light Skin, and a glaze of Golden Skin and Basic flesh 3/2.. Arvid's hair with MSP Auburn Shadow, Laerke's with VMC Black Brown... Arvid: Laerke: Thanks for looking! George
  14. knarthex

    I am IMMORTAL!

    So as some of you know, I have been feeling pretty crummy for the past few days, between life and being ill... Well that came to a SCREECHING HALT, when I opened the package I got in the mail today.... With a backdrop I think I know now how some of the other folks around here must feel.... ​I am Immortalized in Miniature! Also a surprise I get to paint a Malefactus' Original!!!! Thanks so much Mal! I love them to pieces!!!!!! _____ [LIKE] <---<<< My own personal 'LIKE' button! You can all use it if you like as well!!!!! George
  15. So I finished up the bases on these 2, so they will be my last show offs for 2016.... They were nice clean sculpts, and seem to follow the pic in MMI from back in the day... Thanks for looking and Happy New Year to All! And much pleasant painting! George
  16. So I am going to scroll back through the years RPChallenge to see what I got done... January: Archway (03684) Takhisis (1926 of 5000) February: Barbarian Queen (DSM 7523) {Takhisis in Human Form} (Silver Medal, Painter's Category, Reapercon 2016) Ivan, Vampire Wizard (02866) Mathias the Twisted (02867) March: Balto Burrowell FD Bar-Igura (x3)(OPDM41) FD Bodak (OPDV34) JR Miniatures Tents (x2) April: FD Barbhast Devils (x3)(OPDV23) Reaper Gothic Archway (02703) Ral Partha Goblins (11-432)(x5) May: Ral Partha Wolf 02-508C Ral Partha Maglubiyet 10-521 Some Barrels (x4) Bombshell Minionbot June: Infamy Goblin Chieftain on Death Chicken Oathsworn Wood Elf Ranger in sensible boots Duck into Platypus (Team Frog mini) (Bronze Medal, Open category, Reapercon 2016) July: Otherworld Xorn Ral Partha Xorn Grenadier Brazier (No show off done) Drow Takky August: Grenadier Cave Fisher Show Off Sir ForScale (Garrick The Bold 77008) Show Off The Ranger Josey Wales (DSM Male Ranger (7403))Show Off Sir ForScale of Tabletop (Garrick The Bold 77008) Show Off September: "The Councillors" (4 minis from the diorama)October: FR-1 Diorama (5-7 minis) (Bronze Medal, Diorama category, Reapercon 2016) Super Duper Secret Secret Project Bombshell Geirahod, The Spear of Battle (10016) November & December: 6 Battlefront 15mm M1 Abrams tanks 2 Battlefront 15mm Huey Cora Helicopter Gunships (Show Off for 1&2) Ejrvindr the Far Seeing (Red Box) Dagrun Arnholdt'sdottir (Red Box) (Show Off for 3&4) Kane (Bronze Age) (show off) 4 Battlefront 15mm M163 PIVAD (Product Improved Vulcan Air Defense) WiP (Consolidated Battlefront WiP)(no show off yet) 2 Intellect Devourers (Dreamscarred Press) Show Off So it looks like I got 65 minis done in 2016, some bigger, some smaller... some better, some not... Looking back over the list, I seem to have done a bit of putty pushing, starting with GAP filling on Takhisis, to adding armor to a mini, and doing some serious mods to some other things in my diorama.... Had some fun making Forumites in 28mm too.... Overall, I learned a lot of stuff from you folks, and am grateful for all the comments and critiques that you have given me over the past year. Thanks for those and keep them up! Paint On! George
  17. Since our Wizard Most Wild started painting his Mind Eater, I decided that I should work on the ones that I started earlier... So these 2 guys were used as the mold master for the heads of my Intellect Devourers, in my Reapercon '16 Diorama entry, as well as color scheme test beds.... From that Wip thread: So tonight I added some Deep Blue to their legs... Hopefully will get these two done by the end of the year.... Thanks for looking!
  18. “Men told that Kane was a giant in stature, more powerful than ten strong men. In battle no man could stand before him, for he fought with a sword in either hand - wielding easily weapons that another warrior could scarcely lift. His hair was red as blood, and he feasted on the still-beating hearts of his enemies. His eyes were the eyes of Death himself, and they cast a blue flame that could shrivel the souls of his victims.†― Karl Edward Wagner, Darkness Weaves So I finished Kane..... His base is from my Secret Weapon Bag O Crap, with a couple of tufts, some Fine Turf, Earth color, and some fine grey ballast... (the plinth under the base was only used for the pics, and is not part of the mini) He was interesting to paint, and there were a few things I should have done earlier in the process... I should have chosen the base, and drilled the holes prior to painting, as I kept rubbing the paint off his beard.... and I should have fitted the shield to his left hand better before painting, as it was a tight fit, and I should have put the hole in better place that I drilled to hold the shield whilst painting, because if you look carefully, it can be seen.... All in all, I am pleased as to how he came out, and would recommend the mini to anyone who is a fan of the stories, or just likes a cool mini! (And if you like anti heroes, read the novels....) George WiP here Pic of Molly Hatchet's Flirting with Disaster album In the Frazetta Museum: ART PRINT NO. 69 - DARK KINGDOM
  19. A little while ago I purchased Hasslefree's "Fairies Wear Boots" piece. The Gothic Punk like Fairy stomps on candy. Now I kept thinking that it would be fun to have her chasing little Imps and stomp those into the ground. So I got me some little familairs and stuff from Reaper. Then Malefacus ( Al) send me a wonderful Mushroom he sculpted. To top things off, Knarthex ( George) send me some stuff including a nice oval wooden plinth. Thinking about it all, I realised I now have the ingredients to start on this piece. The Idea is the Fairy chases Imps and Stomps a few into the ground. Maybe she swallowed a growth potion or something. Now she can finally have her revenge on those pesky Imps! The Mushroom watches the whole scene in horror. I will not use all these Imps/Demons, but I will take my pick which will suit the scene best. To complement the large Shroom, I will include some smaller resin mushrooms. Painting will follow later, but here are the ingredients:
  20. So whilst pulling out Red Box Games recent KS to start on my Frostgrave Warband, this guys stared at me with lurid blue eyes.... He is from Bronze Age Minis, and is a Frazetta inspired mini... He is on the cover of Dark Crusade by Karl Edward Wagner, and Flirting with Disaster by Molly Hatchet... So he comes in 3 parts, and will start getting some love... Not sure if I will add the sword, as it is absent in the pic, and is supposed to go on his right hip... Now Kane is left handed, so the mini was switched, but the sword is still on the wrong side, which is why I am strongly thinking of skipping it.... Thanks for looking!
  21. Bravo 66, This is Bravo 36, SITREP, over This is Bravo 66, Send it This is Bravo 36 Have occupied forward positions in the outskirts of Gelnhausen, Negative enemy contact, over This is Bravo 66, continue to observe, Be aware that friendly Snakes will be passing through the area, over This is Bravo 36, Wilco, out So some wolf asked that I take some pics of the M1 Abrahms tanks and other Flames of War models I am painting for a friend... I set up a small bit of terrain, about 2' by 3' And placed the models in it... Company HQ section and M577 Command post objective: 2nd platoon: Snakes, ie Huey Cobras The buildings are from Sentinal Miniatures, and come apart so as to be able to put infantry inside. The trees are from Woodland Scenics, The Green Mat from GW I can't remember the company the roads come from... The green fel represents the actual area that is 'woods' for game purposes. the trees are moved when models need to move through the space. Everything else terrain -wise is scratch built. Thanks for Looking! SGT George WiP Here
  22. So I am finally starting to work on my Warband, using the minis fro Tre Manor's Warriors of the Frozen North... Never having played Frostgrave before, I am starting out with the Wizard and his apprentice, as those 2 I know I will need.... Wizard is Ejrvindr the Far Seeing: Apprentice is Dagrun Arnholdt's dottir: Not sure what the rest of the band will be.... 2 archers, a thief, a Barbarian, and 4 thugs is my thought right now.... Suggestions???? Thanks for looking! George
  23. So I started these to have some things not requiring a lot of fiddly work last NEMPA paint day, (19Nov) and finished them up last night. The Nest: I added a few small tufts of Autumn Buffalo Grass, a bit of Fine Earth Turf Flock, and some Fine Light Green Turf Flock. The Treasure pile: A few touches in the coins with Elven Gold... I dumped some of the Silver colored Glass Glitter onto this to see what it would look like, But as the glitter was NOT round, it looked kinda like someone had shattered 3 or 4 mirrors onto the pile, so it was removed.... These wre the first time I tried out my new Warcolours paints, using Violet 5 to 1 on the 'robe' Emerald 5 to 1 on the shield Yellow 5 to 1 on the Feur-di-lis and Ochre 5 to 1 on the eggs... Very different from other paints I have used... Nice fun pieces to paint! Thanks Oathsworn! George WiP here
  24. So I backed both of Oathsworn's Heroines in Sensible Shoes kick starters, and got a free resin piece in each one. The nest in KS1, The Treasure Pile in KS2... I brought them with me to paint day, as I have discovered I get more accomplished if I am doing non detail oriented work there.... I figure that the can be treasure tokens for my Frost Grave warband.... Nest: Basecoat of GW Graveyard earth, eggs are Warpainter Ocher 5, 4, & 3 Clothing is WP Violet 5 Bones, skull, & scroll are Iroku Backpack is 50% Black and Brown Leather... Treasure pile: Chest bands are Necro Gold, Dwarven Gold, Elven Gold, with Agrax Earthshade Chest wood is a white with a wash of Walnut, and Agrax Earthhade Coins are Necro gold and Viking gold Shield is WP Emerald 5, & 4 Sword Scabbard and Handle the 50% mix of Black and Brown leather Thanks for looking!
  25. To all of my fellow forumites, near and far, Have a happy and Safe Thanksgiving! Just please take a moment or two, to think about those in the Armed Forces, posted far from their loved ones and families, doing their jobs and keeping us Free.... And to those of you around the world that don't celebrate this holiday, or like our northern neighbors in Cannuckistan that have already had theirs, May you to have a wonderful day, surrounded by friends, family, and good food... George
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