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Found 2 results

  1. So after over two years of regular painting, it looks like my Winsor and Newton Series 7 size 2 brush has finally reached that point where it's going to be put out to pasture. I'll still use it some for base coats and stuff, but for detailed work I'm breaking out my last reserve size 2 Dick Blick Kolinsky. This is especially painful with the knowledge that Kolinsky sable doesn't seem to be able to be imported into Gringolandia these days, so I'm going to have to start coming up with some kind of plan after this brush loses its point. I'm hoping that won't happen for a few years. I got two Size 2 brushes either two or three Christmases ago, and have been using the one as my regular go-to work horse, with smaller detail like eyes often being handed over to my size 1. But recently the point hasn't been holding too well, so it's time to let old Bessie rest I guess. I want this new brush to last as long as possible, so regular Pink Soap baths are going to become the order of the day. I always rinsed out my paint brushes with water, but I think after a good session I'm going to do the Pink Soap bath too. I really need this brush to last because who knows when the next one is going to come along. I also need to start planning for new brushes, so I'm hoping either this import embargo will end or I'll be able to find some good substitute brushes.
  2. Okay, so I've been using synthetics for a while - and not expensive ones either. Cheap ones. These ones, which I actually love quite a bit, and need to order a few new sets of - but I want to upgrade. I started painting minis about two months ago, but I've always been obsessed with them; I just never had the $ before... Now that I'm in college, I've got loads of cash, strange as it may seem to say! So anyways - I'm in the hole ~700$ for KS2, and after Christmas I plan to see if I can scrape together the scratch for either the 52-paint set or all of the L2PK, so I was thinking I should look into a new brush as well. I want to try one, to start, and then get a few more as I get used to them, although I might pick up a liner brush as well... Now my question is this. I want to try a W&N Kolinsky Sable - the one that Buglips and co. are always raving about. But I've been seeing a few people saying they've been shipped bum ones lately, so I'm wondering if I should buy from a store. This place: http://www.alvinco.com/~TheLilyPad/Shop/Products.aspx?IID=45218 Is local to me - a five minute walk away - and so I was wondering if I should go there to buy, so I can see the brush before I buy it, or if there's somewhere cheaper online that's reliable? I've got a little list of questions, so I'll toss them here: 1) This is the right one, right? Not a "student's line", or anything? They're right down the street from the school, so... 2) Is 25$ a reasonable price for this brush? 3) Brush care... I know I need shampoo for them. Any favorite brands here, or just whatever's cheapest at the shop? 4) These. Anybody used them & want to offer a review? I could probably spring for one of the sables, and get one of these too... If I did, what would be the best size? 5) About those L2PK... Does anyone have a list of what you get if you get all 5 of them? I know people said you get whole bottles, but I've not seen a list of exactly what those bottles are - anyone have a list of colors, so I don't accidentally overlap if I get the 52-set and the L2PK? (Finances... sometimes, they work well for me. Sometimes, things are lean... It's a complicated algorithm based on a base of 200/month, less groceries, less textbooks (once per semester) and the rest is my hobby money. Don't drink, so... Minis it is! How many just depends on the number of days I want to eat well vs mac&cheese & chicken thigh nights...) Anyways, answers for any of these'd be great. I'm looking forward to next semester - every night is ramen night ATM because I'm scrimping & saving for KS2; I want to be able to toss in around 800 at Christmas - and I'm looking forward to the summer even more - I want my minis! Hopefully, Reaper was being conservative in their shipping dates - I'm EB, so if you could get those out by July, I'd be happy to bring mine to Connecticon and advertise for you there! :D Anyways, I'm rambling. Thanks for your help, guys!
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