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Found 8 results

  1. Got a second wing of skimmers to get together and a few more conversions to hack up but the Kulathi Horde is starting to take shape ... 3 strike units to the left, 3 fire units to the right, 2 hound assault up front, 2 heavy weapon teams and 3 command elements in center with skimmer fire support wing around back (skimmer assault wing and ace special in the works) ... Some paint and basing to go ... Thank you again Bob Ridolfi for the Kulathi and Kevin Williams for the Hounds of Tindalos ... im sooo glad you can sculpt better than I (try to) paint.
  2. With a certain sale going on at a certain large toy store I took a look at what I might stumble across ... and at less than one dollar each ... Skylanders jet stream ... Yeah it will need a new paint job ... and a flight stand ... but a few attack wings could round out my Kulathi army ...
  3. Wail waiting on more Kulathi to appear in my mail box I decided to unpack my Growlers and give them a once over ... The alpha, bulls, and one horns are a bit scratched up after a poorly packed 4 state move ... took the opportunity to grind down a few so-so joints for some green stuff practice patching ... Momma and pups not so well .. 4 pup limb remount and momma got her hand back ... I like the Grey and metallic color scheme but they are moving to Kuden , tans might be in order ...
  4. Kuden is a living planet, with a full eco system , the sand worm represents the alpha roaming hunter ... the sand Sifter is the alpha ambush hunter, it finds a game rich area and digs in to thin the herd ... The build starts simple enough ... Add a lil cardboard and hot glue ... Start the paper towels and water/white glue to build up strength and round out shape ... It's at this stage I realized I covered all the base ... I want a lil for a rimmed of terrain so ... All the wile I'm working up some tentacles in the background. .. I need more tentacles ... lots more ... a few more big ones with more angles and some smaller feeder ones ... this guy is going to be nutzo ...
  5. Had a go at converting a Kulathi to wield a heavier gun ... something to shoot up opposing armor ... the smaller arms did not turn out well ... I going to try clipping at the elbow for the next one. Looks food from above, going to have to work n the underside ...
  6. It's hard to have a desert planet without a sand worm ... but after buying a load of Kulathi and hounds of Tindalos my stash of doubloons are stretched thin so I turned to GM Scotty and his youtube channel "theDMsCraft" (two tentacles up) for a cost effective option ... after viewing his techniques in video #74 DIY purple worm cheap and easy and his video #129 how to make the watcher in the water from LotR ... I'm ready to start crafting ... Started with a basic TP tube frame and a lil hot glue ... followed with a paper towel and white glue wrap, not all at once as I did not want it to melt into mush, I covered no more than half, spread out, and let dry (the hard part) before applying the next layer , with a few hot glue bridges to help round things out ... At the same time I started twisting up the tentacles, then reinforced them with hot glue, as well as shaping and reinforcing the teeth ... glued body to a base to match my Kuden terrain set (could have used cardboard as I made sure it was balanced naturally) then hot glued on teeth cut tenticals to mount at nice angles and ready for next step ...
  7. With the arrival of a load of bases my growing Kulathi force have started to take shape and I thought I'd share the frce development ... starting with the command section... To the right the yet to be painted artillery observer and spotter ... to the left medic and orderly ... center is the force commander and aid ... Next up inter basic grunts, the Strike teams ... with more waiting fore base coat ... Then we have the Fire teams, supporting the strike teams advice. .. Sweeping around the flanks or charging up through cover is the Hound teams ... with specially bread and trained Kulathi to keep up with the hounds greater speed on the battle field ... A most resent development are Kulathi heavy gunners ... packing heavy fire power for structure breaching or armored vehicle hunting ... a preview below ... Striking with ruthless determination and single minded ferocity thr Kulathi have quickly established a reputation as deadly and efficient combatants on almost any battlefield.
  8. Started building a Kulathi battle force and colony outpost for their Kuden-3 outpost, in the Beehive star cluster, in the crab nebula ... Having 3 fingers a hand and 6 limbs the number system fore the Kulathi is based on 6 ... with 2,3 and 4 also prominent, so I based there units on 6 ... An officer (2 pistols = smg) 3 left hand smg and 2 right hand automatic rifles make a strike team ... no other unit types teams can exceed the number of strike teams. The fire team has 1 officer 1 smg and 4 auto rifles ... a longer ranged bite. I'm also adding a few hound of Tindalos units (4 with 1 smg and 1 officer kulathi) with bigger things in the works ...
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