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Found 6 results

  1. OK, I'm officially excited. I posted in another thread that I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the LTPKs I ordered just before Christmas. Lo and behold, when I went to the Post Office this afternoon, they had arrived. (Many thanks to the American and Australian postal services.) What do I like about them? Nice sturdy carry cases. LTPK1 painting guide includes a copy of the MSPCore and MSPHD paints swatches - very handy! And the first guide (haven't read the second) looks like a nice, logical and step-by-step introduction to minis painting, complete with piccies. 3 Bones minis in ea
  2. Here is a selection of Bones I have painted so far. I bought five original ones prior to the bones being shipped to see what they are like. Here is the ghost. Here is the werewolf, I quite like how he came out. My Ogre Chieftain Here is Garrik the Bold Here is Fimbur the Dwarf This is the first lot. More to come as I have now finished some of the Vampire set. If its ok to post directly from the IPhone? Update11/9/13 - I have just posted the right links for the pictures to appear. Also seen some of the pictures aren't great so will replace at some poin
  3. So, as a Christmas gift I presented a box of minis to a friend, told him to pick one for a character, and I would paint it. I don't have a huge selection, but thanks to three LTPKs and the stocking stuffer, I do have a fair variety. He plays a paladin, so he chose the Anhurian Swordsman from LTPK1. I was kind of hoping he would choose Halbrand (he played a Cleric in a game we did a while back,) but he doesn't play a cleric any longer, so c'est la vie. Besides, the Anhurian is a very easy paint. I did a little bit of work on him on Thursday, but most of him was done on Friday. Yeste
  4. Hey all, I just started painting again about a month ago. When I was in highschool and a bit younger (too long ago) I tried a little bit - I MAY have primed, and MAY have used more than 1 colour paint... but I'm not sure. I found out about the second kickstarter, and figured I should get some practice in before that. I have the first Learn to Paint kit, and a few mega minis that I grabbed before they closed. There was a lot I found frustrating, and a lot that I picked up along the way. 1) I'm never doing eyes last again. Ever. (They still kill me, even though I've read and watche
  5. When I was in highschool, I learned the basics of mini painting. Ordering most of my minis from Wargames & West, and using (what I have now learned are called) craft paints. Before highschool was over, I had gotten out of it, and some time during my college years, I lost all the minis I had painted. This August, I picked up the Learn to Paint Kits #1 and #3. (Try as I might, I could not get #2! What techniques does #2 cover?) I already knew about washes and dry-brushing, but I never had much of an elegant hand for it. I do love it though. I love that the sculptor did so much of the
  6. I finally got around to teaching myself how to paint with the LTPK's. I've done 4 or 5 mini's "borrowed" from Fanguad, but this is the first one I've done with my paints and minis. I must say I found the Bones a bit easier to paint, as I noticed a few spots that the primer missed as I was painting. I did not post in the LTPK WIP's, since I wanted to concentrate on painting and less on documenting my progress.
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