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Found 11 results

  1. Presenting Astri, a large scale mini from Kingdom Death. Had a couple issues with this one. Wish I could've done a better job on her eyes (They look terrible in hand), and she came mostly in one piece, so there's lots of spots under her cape I just couldn't get to with a brush (You can't see them, but I know they're unpainted and it annoys me!), but overall I'm really pleased with how she turned out. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  2. I found myself rather fond of this sculpt when I found out about it, but I wanted to go with basing that was different than what seems to be the usual, or hinted at in her renders. I'm still tempted to do a second rendition of her later on, and I even have an idea for such, but we shall see what comes of it, since I only have so much room to display things. Anyways! After a bunch of thinking, and trying out a few different scenes and angles, I've narrowed things down a fair bit to hopefully tell a good story of things - one of Oleana stepping into an ancient, sacred grove, with Japanese influences. Many things were tried, but some things have been removed or narrowed down in the process to try and keep things less cluttered. Originally I wanted two Inari statues, as such is tradition, however I didn't want to compromise on the water feature, as well as the whole... Oops, it really does conflict with her spear issue. But yes, the water feature (aka sacred grove) is one that I wanted this to be centered around, and preferably with the bonus of the scene being visible AND viable from two different angles. So here we are, at its fourth? incarnation, the second of which has had Play-Doh used to build and shape a temporary base to verify the flow and design of things... Because it's a lot easier to modify this way, and there's very little pressure, so one can experiment a fair bit. So here's where we are now, with the general basics temporarily laid out with Play-Doh. Hoping to actually get started with the air dry clay in the next few days.
  3. Athalia The Winged Sorceress Another project by Printomancer. This time it's a 1:12 scale, 240mm to the top of the wings statue. As usual you can add on any of the old KS campaigns.
  4. New Kickstarter coming from Durgin Paint Forge for a set of large scale (75mm) resin minis:- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/durginpaintforge/adventurers-of-inneath Launches on the 14th I think. Unfortunately, I can't back it (Can't use Kickstarter anymore), so hopefully it's successful and I can get the couple I want at retail!
  5. Working on something new. I don't paint many large scale minis, so thought I'd make a thread. Like all the newer Kingdom Death holiday releases, you get a large display mini and a smaller gaming mini, in this case it's range regular Aya as some sort of adventuring barmaid. I made a little start to the larger Aya:- Working on her barrel as it will involve lots of messy drybrushing. So far the barrel has had a basecoat of Parasite Brown/Ochre Yellow, the barrel stand is a base of Parasite Brown/Scarlett Red and the fancy end is Bronze. It then all got a good coat of Brown Wash.
  6. Tuma Windrider from Legendarion. Another joy to paint with much detail. For those interested my WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62313-xherman1964-paints-tuma-windrider-legendarion-bust/ Hope you like him. Personally I was more satisfied with my job on the Hyena then on this one, but he was fun.
  7. Hi, I think there must be a thread somewhere about this, but I can't find it. Occassionaly I paint busts and large scale figures. Until now they were mostly beastmen, undead and such, just one ( it was my first) human and she had warpaint covering her eyes. I have seen some stuff about painting human faces on this scale, dividing the face in a yellow, a red and a green/grey zone. Could anyone explain this some more? Do you basecoat the face in 3 different colours and then glaze over it with skincolours? What is the right approach? And if it is a large scale figure with bare arms and legs, do these zones need to be applied on the limbs too? And how? I would really want to learn more about this since I have some more busts waiting ( among others, A French Imperial Guard,A Centurion, A Crusader, A Pirate Girl, A Beserker, A Viking Girl, A Hoplite and A Celt) I would like to be able to paint more realistic faces with shadows, stubble, and such. Preferable using Reaper and Scale 75 paints. If possible give me a hint which colours to use in what stage? I would appreciate a nice tutorial or examples, if possible mentioning paint colours/brands.. Thanks in advance.
  8. http://imgur.com/79LQKMJ Presenting Falena, a weird, Fairy-hunting, human/insect hybrid from Aradia Miniatures (plus a fancy resin base from Micro Art Studio). Her WIP thread can be found here. Rather pleased with this, I don't have the best track record with large scale minis, it either goes horribly wrong and I never want to go near it again, or I get bored and never manage to work up enough enthusiasm to get back to it, so its nice when I actually manage to finish one! As always, any comments or criticisms are greatly appreciated.
  9. Another project I'm going to slowly nibble away at, when I'm in the mood. Due to her bare boobies, most of the piccys on this one will have to be linked off-site, but it should still make for an interesting WIP. http://imgur.com/ngQTQQN So far she's been assembled and I'm waiting for a bit of green stuff work to dry. Super impressed by the casting, virtually no moldlines, only one bubble and most pieces fitting together seamlessly (there were minor gaps on her human arms), it's my new benchmark for what a good resin mini should be like. Next job will be to get her primed and then start on her skin (without using my Fleshshade Wash, the horror!).
  10. Here is Capt. Amelia Steam from Scale 75. It's 75mm and all metal. The basic sculpt was fine, but I thought the hair was a bit 'ropey'. Overall good casting - no short shots or pitting in my piece, but there was some trash in the hair. The pipes going from the arms to the jet-pack must be bent to fit. Floquil Model Railroad Gray Primer (brushed on) and Reaper MSP acrylics. Questions and comments are welcomed; no secrets here... Cheers, Glen
  11. This is (1 of 5) Inquisitor figures I have in this series. When I have a " dullness " in my fantasy painting/creation ideas, I turn to one of these figures to paint as a change of pace. I do not consider these figures to be in the same category as my dislike for painting space marines.
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