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Found 5 results

  1. Well I have been continuing to paint and just been slack about posting updates here. All these models are part of my Legion of Everblight force from Privateer Press, I even managed to eek out a win with them in a tournament! (Took 5 games to get a win. :)) I did get a bit of a burst of inspiration while painting the Soldier so he is actually oddly the one I consider best finished of these models. Just going for table top standard and so the pictures are presented for interest sake. If you have questions I'm happy to answer. Vayl Ogryn Warspears Nephilim Soldier
  2. Another nine points for my Legion army. These have all been featured at least somewhat in my Legion WiP thread. Harriers: These come in a pack of two. Although I'm unlikely to ever field more than that in most situations, I may want as many as three in some lists, so I'll likely paint two more of these at some point. These two are Orville and Wilbur; the next two will be Amelia and Chucks (yes, plural...there are two big-name Charleses in American aviation...). Loads of fun to paint, and I really love the way the wings look. These guys show up on the table nicely. The Forsaken: an unfortunate, mutated beast-woman able to feed off the ferocious energies of Legion warbeasts. I will eventually need at least two more of these...as half-winged, angry ladies that will generally serve to torture my opponents, I thought harpies a good place to look for inspiration, so the first is named Ocypete...Aello and Caelano will come later. I know there's at least a fourth named harpy in Homer somewhere, and I may need a fifth if I really want to do stupid tier lists with pAbsylonia, so I'll have a bit of research to do when I get to that point. But for now, Ocypete is enough. I really dig her wing, and I think the back view is pretty great. Her front side could have used a bit of lining, I think, between the wing and chest. But it shows up well enough: Beast Mistress: I'm really happy with how she came out. I tried a new order-of-operations for painting her skin, which is a bit high-contrast/stark-transition up close but works nicely on the table. This is a really nice sculpt by Patrick Keith and I'm not upset that I'll eventually paint two more of her, actually I'm looking forward to eventually revisitng it. The flag above her head will be orange (like the harriers' wings) on one and purple (like the shadows on the beasts) on the third. Also from Greek myth, Enyo is the name of a goddess of destruction; she ran with Eris and co. during the war for Troy. Please let me know what you think, especially with the Beast Mistress. Thanks for looking!
  3. First, as always, thank you Reaper for letting us post non-Reaper things to this forum. Second: I have finally painted my battlegroup for Legion of Everblight! I've only had it for two years. A few friends and I are planning a casual journeyman league, so I figured I should at least have the initial group painted...it's only 13 points of the 113 I own, so I still have plenty of "hobby points" to earn if I paint things during the league, and it's nice to have this much done. The Carnivean (the big dude on the right) was done some time ago; you can see his Show Off thread here. I'm quite pleased by Lylyth's cloak; the freehand symbol of the Legion came out pretty well and stands out on the table pretty clearly. The colors for the army work well, and although it drives me crazy to have some really rough blends on these, it only took me about 6 hours of total work to paint all four Shredders and the two Stingers that I've posted in this other thread. So yes...some rough spots, but they look nice at arm's length, and an hour per model is really really fast for me. Army painting is hard, as there are things I keep seeing, starting to fix, and then telling myself not to worry because those transitions will look fine at arm's length. For those unfamiliar with Privateer Press' Warmachine/Hordes games, the diamonds, lines and triangles on the bases show the front arc and center-front of each mini, which is important for the mechanics of the game. The writing you can see on the Shredders are their names, so it's easy to tell the similar units apart. The shredder's names are Happy, Hoppy, Beggy and Bargey. Lylyth, the Warlock (leader), is not labeled because she's completely unique in the army, and the carnivean isn't labeled yet (his name is Midway, because he's a carny). As always, C&C welcome!
  4. More Legion of Everblight, this time the stingers, a pair of lesser warbeasts. This brings my total painted force up to 19 points. If you like, you can see the base battlegroup here. The stinger is a fun little beast...he can spit caustic fire at range and in melee, he's got a barbed tail that deals poison. I decided to have some fun with color on those tails. If unfamiliar, the markings on the base help show facing. I've also named the similar models in my force to help differentiate; the stingers are Boffo and Barfo. As always, C&C are welcome.
  5. decided the color scheme so far. for the skin im going to use Bloodthirsty Red triad for the skin http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/triad/latest/09745 And for the bone and cloth for units and warbeasts is going to be Stone Triad http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/triad/latest/09729 if there is something anyone thinks better for the colors make a suggestions. Next Post will be of a unit of warspears when i get them prime.
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